March 6 Zodiac, Events, Birthdays and Holidays

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened throughout history on March 6. From 1900 until now. March 6 is under the sign of Pisces. Famous birthdays on this day include Tyler The Creator (1991), David Gilmour (1946) and Shaquille O'Neal (1972). Several movies were released around March 6 over the years, such as School Spirits in 2023 directed by Allison Eckert and Rain Dogs in 2023 directed by Robbie Moffat.
But much more happened on March 6 over the years: find out below

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Which were the most popular Movies released around March 6 over the years?
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School Spirits

School Spirits

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Allison Eckert

Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Robbie Moffat



Release year: 2023

Directed by: Michael E Cullen II

Our House

Our House

Release year: 2022

Directed by: Anthony Scott Burns



Release year: 2021

Directed by: Vince Di Meglio


Historical Events

Which were the important events of March 6?


  • In Ghana, - The National independence day.
  • Casimir Pulaski Day in Illinois (2006, first Monday of March).
  • Saint Chrodegang
  • Saint Fridolin
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  • 2019 At least two people are killed by flooding in Indonesia's Citarum River.
  • 2018 Kamwina Nsapu Rebellion: According to the UN Refugee Agency, more than 900,000.00 people have been displaced as a result of fighting between government forces and militias in central DR Congo since 2016.
  • 2017 Myanmar's internal conflict: At least 30 people were killed in an attack by the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (Laukkai) on several government buildings, police and military installations. Four other police officers were also taken hostage.
  • 2016 Iraqi Civil War (2014-2017: A suicide bomber causes at least 60 deaths and injures 70 others by driving his explosives-laden truck through a security checkpoint at the entry to the Iraqi city, Hillah. It happened south of Baghdad. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
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vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in that special week of March 6 over the years?

Top #1 songs in the USA

  • 2018 - God's Plan
  • 2017 - Shape Of You
  • 2016 - Work
  • 2015 - Uptown Funk!
  • 2014 - Dark Horse
  • 2013 - Harlem Shake
  • 2012 - Part Of Me
  • 2011 - Born This Way
  • 2010 - Imma Beyoutube
  • 2009 - Right Roundyoutube
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Top #1 Rock songs

  • 2017 - Heathens
  • 2016 - Stressed Out
  • 2015 - Take Me To Church
  • 2014 - Pompeii
  • 2013 - Ho Hey
  • 2012 - Lonely Boy
  • 2011 - Shake Me Down
  • 2010 - Your Decision


Which were the most popular books released around March 6 over the years?
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In Someones Shadow by Rod McKuen

In Someones Shadow

Year: 1970


McKuen, Rod. In Someone's Shadow.

A Passion For Excellence by Tom Peters and Nancy Austin

A Passion For Excellence

Year: 1986


For people who are looking to make a difference in their careers, A Passion for Excellence is the most important, inspiring and career-transforming book that has ever been published.

Hollywood by Gore Vidal


Year: 1990


"Wicked and provocative...Vidal's purview of Hollywood in one of its golden ages is fascinating." --Chicago TribuneGore Vidal's brilliant, dazzling novel sweeps us into one the most fascinating times in Hollywood.

Remembrance by Danielle Steel


Year: 1982


After World War II, the Italian homeland of her beloved Serena, Principessa Di San Tibaldo was destroyed. Her name, her ancestry, is all that remains.

The Hat On The Bed by John O'Hara

The Hat On The Bed

Year: 1964


First Edition. First Printing (STATED). Attractive Book. Tiny tears for DJ. On the front page, a date christmas inscription was written to a friend. Christmas stamp from 1963, glued to a top price DJ sleeve.

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