April 1934 calendar

April 1934

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in April 1934.
The US president was Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Ramsay MacDonald (Labour), Pope Pius XI was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of April 1934?


  • 06 Apr 1934 418 Lutheran ministers are arrested in Germany.
  • 07 Apr 1934 In India, Mahatma Gandhi suspends his campaign of civil disobedience.
  • 12 Apr 1934 The strongest surface wind gust in the world at the time of 231¬†mph, is measured on the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire. It has since been surpassed.
  • 13 Apr 1934 US Congress passes Johnson Debt Default Act.
  • 18 Apr 1934 First "Washateria" (laundromat) opens (Fort Worth, Texas).
  • 19 Apr 1934 Shirley Temple appears in her 1st movie, Stand Up & Cheer
  • 20 Apr 1934 Heinrich Himmler becomes inspector of Prussian secret state police.
  • 21 Apr 1934 Moe Berg, Washington Senators' catcher, plays American League record 117th consecutive errorless game.
  • 22 Apr 1934 John Dillinger and two others shoot their way out of an FBI ambush in northern Wisconsin.
  • 28 Apr 1934 FDR signs Home Owners Loan Act
  • 30 Apr 1934 The first S-train line in Copenhagen is opened. The Line started in Klampenborg and ended in Frederiksberg.
  • 21 Apr 1934 The "Surgeon's Photograph", the most famous photo allegedly showing the Loch Ness Monster, is published in the Daily Mail (in 1994, it is revealed to be a hoax).


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