May 1960 calendar

May 1960

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in May 1960.
The US president was Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Harold Macmillan (Conservative), Pope John XXIII was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of May 1960?


  • 01 May 1960 Russia shoots down American pilot Francis Gary Powers' U-2 spy plane over Sverdlovsk.
  • 02 May 1960 Harry Belafonte 2nd Carnegie Hall performance
  • 03 May 1960 The Off-Broadway musical comedy, The Fantasticks, opens in New York City's Greenwich Village, eventually becoming the longest-running musical of all time.
  • 04 May 1960 1st great Delta dam closes, North-South Beveland
  • 06 May 1960 English Prince Margaret marries Antony Armstrong-Jones
  • 07 May 1960 Christine closes at 46th St. Theater NYC after 12 performances
  • 08 May 1960 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Betsy Rawls Peach Blossom Golf Open.
  • 09 May 1960 US send U-2 over USSR
  • 10 May 1960 John F Kennedy wins primary in West Virginia
  • 11 May 1960 French liner France launched
  • 12 May 1960 Elvis Presley appears on a Frank Sinatra special
  • 13 May 1960 WOLE TV channel 12 in Aguadillo, PR
  • 14 May 1960 At the Drop of a Hat closes at John Golden NYC after 216 performances
  • 15 May 1960 KHVO TV channel 13 in Hilo, HI (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • 16 May 1960 Big four summit in Paris, France collapses as USSR levels spy charges against USA.
  • 17 May 1960 First atomic reactor system to be patented, JW Flora, Canoga Park, California, USA.
  • 18 May 1960 Eillen Fulton begins playing Lisa on As the World Turn
  • 19 May 1960 DJ Alan Freed is accused of bribery in radio payola scandal
  • 20 May 1960 Baseball game in Milwaukee postponed due to dense fog
  • 21 May 1960 86th Preakness: Bobby Ussery aboard Bally Ache wins in 1:57.6.
  • 22 May 1960 Virtually all coastal towns between 37th and 44th parallels severly damaged by tsunami that strikes Hilo, Hawaii at 01:04 AM
  • 23 May 1960 Got A Girl by The Four Preps hits #24
  • 24 May 1960 1 millionth Dutch telephone installed
  • 27 May 1960 1st use of oversized catching mitt (Baltimore Oriole Clint Courtney)
  • 28 May 1960 Greenwillow closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 95 performances
  • 30 May 1960 Cemal Gürsel forms the new government of Turkey (its 24th government, composed mostly of so-called quottechnocratsquot)
  • 23 May 1960 A tsunami caused by an earthquake in Chile the previous day kills 61 people in Hilo, Hawaii.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in May 1960?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Stuck On You
  2. - Cathy's Clown
  3. - Greenfields
  4. - Sink The Bismarck
  5. - Sixteen Reasons

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Cathy's Clown
  2. - Someone Else's Baby
  3. - Handy Man
  4. - Do You Mind?
  5. - Sweet Nothin's


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in May 1960?

All The Day Long by Howard Spring

All The Day Long


Book by Spring, Howard

The Lincoln Lords by Cameron Hawley

The Lincoln Lords


THE LINCOLN LORDS tells the story of Lincoln Lord and Maggie, their marriage and Lincoln's involvement with many institutions and organizations that influence our lives.

Meyer Berger'S New York by Meyer Berger

Meyer Berger'S New York


Meyer (Mike) Berger is one of the most important journalists of the century. He was a reporter and columnist at The New York Times for 30 years. In 1950, he received the Pulitzer Prize.

The Enemy Within by Robert F. Kennedy

The Enemy Within



I Kid You Not by Jack Paar

I Kid You Not


Jack Parr: Who are you? Jack Parr has the inside scoop on this question.