September 1950 calendar

September 1950

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in September 1950.
The US president was Harry S. Truman (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Clement Attlee (Labour), Pope Pius XII was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of September 1950?


  • 01 Sep 1950 13 North Korean divisions open assault on UN lines
  • 03 Sep 1950 ''Nino'' Farina becomes the first Formula One Drivers' champion after winning the 1950 Italian Grand Prix.
  • 04 Sep 1950 D McI Hodgson of St. Ann Bay, Nova Scotia catches a 997 lb tuna
  • 05 Sep 1950 64th US Womens Tennis: Margaret Osborne duPont beats D Hart
  • 07 Sep 1950 Monasteries shut down in Hungary
  • 08 Sep 1950 The Defense Production Act is enacted into law in the U.S., shaping American military contracting for the next 60 years.
  • 09 Sep 1950 Massive arrests of communists in France
  • 10 Sep 1950 Joe DiMaggio becomes first to hit three home runs in a game at Griffith Stadium.
  • 11 Sep 1950 Beetle Bailey comic strip debuts
  • 12 Sep 1950 Belgian government dismisses all communist civil servants
  • 14 Sep 1950 Western allies rearm West Germany
  • 15 Sep 1950 East German Premier Grotewohl pleads for German reunification
  • 16 Sep 1950 Viet Minh-offensive against French bases in Vietnam
  • 17 Sep 1950 San Francisco 49ers (formerly AAFC) play first NFL game, lose 21-17.
  • 18 Sep 1950 Nakagawa Soen, Zen teacher, receives dharma transmission
  • 19 Sep 1950 European Payment Union forms in Paris
  • 20 Sep 1950 In Murray, Kentucky, USA, several buildings are struck by falling meteorites.
  • 22 Sep 1950 Nobel peace prize awarded to Ralph J Bunche
  • 23 Sep 1950 Patty Berg wins LPGA Sunset Hills Golf Open
  • 24 Sep 1950 Operation Magic Carpet - 45,000 Jews from Yemen move to Israel.
  • 26 Sep 1950 Australia wins Davis Cup tennis tournament
  • 27 Sep 1950 Dr Ralph Bunche receives Nobel Peace Prize
  • 28 Sep 1950 Indonesia joins the United Nations.
  • 29 Sep 1950 Tin Pan Alley TV, last airs on ABC-TV
  • 30 Sep 1950 WSM TV channel 4 in Nashville, TN (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • 19 Sep 1950 Korean War: An attack by North Korean forces was repelled at the Battle of Nam River.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in September 1950?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Can Anyone Explain
  2. - Cincinatti Dancing Pig
  3. - All My Love
  4. - Our Lady of Fatima
  5. - Harbor Lights


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in September 1950?

The Mature Mind by Harry Allen Overstreet

The Mature Mind


This book was first published in 1949. It is still highly regarded and frequently cited as one of their best ever books.

White Witch Doctor by Louise A. Stinetorf

White Witch Doctor


Ellen Burton was a medical missionary who arrived in Congo to study medicine. She had little knowledge of theology and medicine. However, she did have a sense for humor and a knack for praying with others.

Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl



Kon-Tiki, now a major motion picture is the record for Thor Heyerdahl’s incredible three-month journey across the Pacific. It covers 4,300 nautical mile.

Across The River And Into The Trees by Ernest Hemingway

Across The River And Into The Trees


HEMINGWAY'S POIGNANT STORY OF A LOVE FOUND TOO EARLY Set in Venice at the end of World War II. Across the River, into the Trees is the bittersweet tale

The Little Princesses by Marion Crawford

The Little Princesses


This touching and groundbreaking account of Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth's childhood with their nanny is a moving and heart-warming one. It includes a foreword from Jennie Bond, former BBC Royal Correspondent.