Popular movies week 3 April 1983

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 03/April - 09/April - 1983. Do you remember Olivia by Ulli Lommel or Ghazab starring Seema Deo, Dharmendra, Krishan Dhawan, Aruna Irani ?


Directed by: Ulli Lommel

Starring: Suzanna Love, Robert Walker Jr., Jeff Winchester, Amy Robinson

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Directed by: C.P. Dixit

Starring: Seema Deo, Dharmendra, Krishan Dhawan, Aruna Irani

Uchû senkan Yamato: Kanketsuhen

Directed by: Tomoharu Katsumata, Yoshinobu Nishizaki, Takeshi Shirato, Toshio Masuda

Starring: Kei Tomiyama, Yôko Asagami, Gorô Naya, Isao Sasaki

The Pirates of Penzance

Directed by: Wilford Leach

Starring: Kevin Kline, Angela Lansbury, Linda Ronstadt, George Rose

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Vividores de mujeres

Directed by: Icaro Cisneros

Starring: Jorge Lavat, Rebeca Silva, Norma Lazareno, Evita Muñoz 'Chachita'


Directed by: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

Starring: Dennis Baines, Mickey Clark, J.J. Davis, Jean Garrett

House of the Long Shadows

Directed by: Pete Walker

Starring: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Desi Arnaz Jr.

Die Insel der blutigen Plantage

Directed by: Kurt Raab

Starring: Udo Kier, Barbara Valentin, Tet Antiquiera, Karl-Otto Alberty

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