Popular movies week 29 March 1992

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 29/March - 04/April - 1992. Do you remember Article 99 by Howard Deutch or La neige et le feu starring Vincent Perez, Géraldine Pailhas, Matthieu Rozé, François Caron ?

Article 99

Directed by: Howard Deutch

Starring: Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker, Lea Thompson

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La neige et le feu

Directed by: Claude Pinoteau

Starring: Vincent Perez, Géraldine Pailhas, Matthieu Rozé, François Caron


Directed by: Ravi Raja Pinisetty

Starring: Brahmanandam, Kallu Chidambaram, Venkatesh Daggubati, Meena


Directed by: Ram Mukherjee

Starring: Samit Bhanja, Arjun Chakraborty, Biplab Chatterjee, Prasenjit Chatterjee


Directed by: Geoff Murphy

Starring: Emilio Estevez, Mick Jagger, Rene Russo, Anthony Hopkins

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La belle histoire

Directed by: Claude Lelouch

Starring: Gérard Lanvin, Béatrice Dalle, Vincent Lindon, Marie-Sophie L.

The Secretary

Directed by: David Voda

Starring: Susan Karlin, Anna Lank, Morrow Wilson, Douglas Gibson

In the Soup

Directed by: Alexandre Rockwell

Starring: Steve Buscemi, Seymour Cassel, Jennifer Beals, Pat Moya

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