Wednesday October 09, 1935: on this day

About October 9th, 1935, in brief:

  • Day of the week: October 9th, 1935 was a Wednesday
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra (in western zodiac), Pig (in Chinese zodiac)
  • Famous Birthdays: John Lennon, Sean Lennon
  • Moon Phase: Full Moon
  • Popular movie: The Lady in Scarlet directed by Charles Lamont

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What day of the week was October 09, 1935?

October 09, 1935 was a Wednesday and it was the 282nd day of the year 1935 in the Gregorian calendar.

October 09, 1935 can also be written as 10/9/1935 in the US and as 9/10/1935 in UK and Europe.

October 09, 1935 in October 1935 calendar

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October 09, 1935: What is The Zodiac Sign for that day?

 zodiac sign

The Zodiac and Astrological sign for October 9th is Libra.

Libra is the 7th sign in the Western Zodiac. People born between September 23rd and October 22nd belong to the Libra sign: discover Libra personality and who should a Libra marry.

Babies born in October are either Libra or Scorpio. People born before October 22nd are Libra, while people born from October 23rd have the sign of Scorpio.

Discover the personality of October born.

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October 09, 1935: What is the Chinese Zodiac Sign for that day?

Pig chinese zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac sign for October 09, 1935 is Pig and the associated element is Wood.

Discover the Pig personality and how the Wood Element might affect a person's traits and compatibility with other signs according to the Chinese zodiac.

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Birth chart on this day

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October 09, 1935: What was the moon phase on that day?

Moon phase


The moon phase on October 09, 1935 was Full Moon.

The moon phase refers to the appearance of the Moon in the night sky on October 09, 1935 and is determined by the portion of the Moon's illuminated surface that is visible from Earth.

An observer located in New York City on October 09, 1935 at 10pm, would see the moon, being 94% full, rising at 03:46 pm and setting at 04:01 am.

The previous full moon was on Sep 12, 1935 while the next full moon would come on Oct 12, 1935.

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Who was born on October 09, 1935?

Famous people born on October 09, 1935:

  • Prince Edward

    Duke of kent.

  • Don McCullin

    English journalist and photographer.

  • Jules Croiset

    Dutch actor (help, doctor verzuipt!).

  • Paul J M Beers

    Dutch actor (mother courage & her children).

  • Edward GNPP

    English prince/duke of kent.

  • Edward

    British royalty, the son of george, duke of kent.

  • Prince Edward Duke of Kent
  • Piero Ostellino
  • duca di Kent Edward
  • Silvio Liotta
  • Edward de Kent
  • Paul Channon

Whose famous birthday is on October 9th?

Famous individuals and celebrities born on October 9th:

  • John Lennon
    John Lennon

    British singer, lennon is an icon in popular culture.

  • Sean Lennon
    Sean Lennon

    American musician, yoko ono is the son of john lennon, rock 'n' roll superstar, and his second wife.

  • Mona Singh
    Mona Singh

    Mona singh is an indian actress known for her role in the popular tv show jassi jaissi koi nahin.

  • Danièle Delorme
    Danièle Delorme

    French actress and producer of film, the daughter a noted painter and resistance worker andra (c) girard.

  • Tony Shalhoub
    Tony Shalhoub

    American actor best known for his roles as neurotic men in the tv series "monk", and "wings".

  • Scott Bakula
    Scott Bakula

    American actor and star of the tv series "quantum leap," and "star trek enterprise.

  • Brian Blessed
    Brian Blessed

    British actor, stage and screen, well-known for his aggressive portrayals.

  • Joe McFadden
    Joe McFadden

    Scottish actor.

  • Lila Kedrova
    Lila Kedrova

    Russian-born actress (born 1918).

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How old is someone born on October 09, 1935?

Someone born on October 09, 1935 is:

88 years 7 months old,

or 1063 months and 15 days old,

or 4624 weeks and 2 days old,

or 32370 days old,

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How many days until your next birthday if you were born on October 09, 1935?

There are 138 days until your next birthday, which will occur on Wednesday October 9th 2024.

What generation do you belong to if you were born on October 09, 1935?

You belong to the Silent Generation if you were born on October 09, 1935.


October 09, 1935: What famous people died on that day?

Famous people died on October 09, 1935:

  • Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern
  • John Cunningham McLennan
  • Pierre Nommesch

What famous deaths happened on October 9th?

Famous deaths on October 9th:

  • Jacques Brel
    Jacques Brel

    Belgian-born french composer and lyricist, as well as singer.

  • Jean Rochefort
    Jean Rochefort

    Jean rochefort was a french actor known for his roles in popular french films such as the hairdresser's husband and ridicule.

  • Roy Black
    Roy Black

    German pop singer who sings romantic songs.

  • Miriam Hopkins
    Miriam Hopkins

    American actress and brittle leading woman of the '30s, who made many films.

  • Carol Bruce
    Carol Bruce

    American actress and singer (d. 2007).

  • Marie Doro
    Marie Doro

    American actress (born in 1882).

  • Jan Hooks
    Jan Hooks

    American actress and comedienne (b. 1957).

  • David Dukes
    David Dukes

    San francisco, california -- actor.

  • Oskar Schindler

    Czech businessman who joined nazi party and became double agent.

  • Jacques Derrida

    French-algerian educator and philosopher who taught at both the sorbonne 1960-1964, and at the ens 1965-1965.

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October 09, 1935: What are the Holidays, Observances and Saints celebrated on that day?

Observances on October 09, 1935:

  • World Post Day

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October 09, 1935: What were the most popular movies on that day?

The most popular movies on October 09, 1935 were the films released in theaters close to that day with the largest audiences and significant box office revenue, including:

The Lady in Scarlet

Release year: 1935

Directed by: Charles Lamont

Starring: Reginald Denny, Patricia Farr, Jameson Thomas, Dorothy Revier

The New Frontier

Release year: 1935

Directed by: Carl Pierson

Starring: John Wayne, Muriel Evans, Warner Richmond, Al Bridge

Barbary Coast

Release year: 1935

Directed by: Howard Hawks, William Wyler

Starring: Miriam Hopkins, Edward G. Robinson, Joel McCrea, Walter Brennan

Country: United States of America


Release year: 1935

Directed by: Richard Boleslawski

Starring: Lawrence Tibbett, Virginia Bruce, Alice Brady, Cesar Romero

The Last Days of Pompeii

Release year: 1935

Directed by: Ernest B. Schoedsack, Merian C. Cooper

Starring: Preston Foster, Basil Rathbone, Alan Hale, John Wood


Who was the US President on October 09, 1935?

On October 09, 1935 the US President was Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat).

Who was the UK Prime Minister on October 09, 1935?

On October 09, 1935 the UK Prime Minister was Stanley Baldwin (Conservative).

Who was the Pope on October 09, 1935?

On October 09, 1935 the Pope was Pius XI.


What is special about October 9th?

October 9th refers to a specific date on the calendar, which is the 9th day of the month of October. It is a date that occurs annually and is part of the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used around the world.

Over the years several events happened on October 9th, such as:

  • 2018 - American music awards 2018: taylor swift, an american singer, wins four trophies including artist of the year. she also holds 23 american music awards. whitney houston was beaten by taylor swift.
  • 2017 - Nobel memorial prize in economic sciences: the nobel prize committee awards american richard thaler, the sveriges rinksbank prize in economic sciences in memoriam alfred nobel, "for his contributions in behavioral economics." his research focuses on the psychology and conflict between what we plan to do for the financial future and what we plan to do for the present. (nobel,
  • 2016 - Conflict between kurdish and turkish kurds (2015-present). a pkk car bomb killed at least 17 people in turkey's southeast hakkari province.

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What happened in 1935?

1935 was filled with very interesting events such as

  • Eastern Airlines hires Eddie Rickenbacker as GM
  • 5th Ryder Cup: US, 9-3 at Ridgewood Country Club - New Jersey
  • Bruno R Hauptmann trial begins for kidnap-murder of Lindbergh baby

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What was the calendar for October 1935?

October 1935 followed the same calendar system as the rest of that year and the years surrounding it, with October being the 10th month of the year. This calendar is characterized by 12 months, 365 days in a common year, and 366 days in a leap year, such as 2012.

Discover how October 1935 calendar looked like.

Wednesday October 9, 1935