February 2009 calendar

February 2009

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in February 2009.
The US president was Barack Obama (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Gordon Brown (Labour), Pope Benedict XVI was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of February 2009?


  • 01 Feb 2009 The NFL's SuperBowl XLII is held in Tampa, Florida. The Steelers defeat the Arizona Cardinals to win their sixth Super Bowl record. Santonio Holmes is named game's most valuable player.
  • 02 Feb 2009 Eric Holder is confirmed by the United States Senate as Attorney General.
  • 03 Feb 2009 Spectrum Brands, the maker of Ray-O-Vac battery batteries, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
  • 04 Feb 2009 2008-2009 Israel-Gaza conflict:
  • 05 Feb 2009 The United States Navy guided-missile cruiser USS Port Royal, a United States Navy guided missile cruiser, ran aground off Oahu in Hawaii. It also damaged a coral reef.
  • 06 Feb 2009 Kyrgyzstan closes a U.S. Air Base in Manas that was used as a crucial staging area for U.S. forces fighting against the Taliban.
  • 07 Feb 2009 The record-breaking 4.99 million U.S. workers are now eligible for unemployment assistance, the highest number since 1967.
  • 08 Feb 2009 Los Angeles, California: The Grammay Awards were presented in Los Angeles: Best Album: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, for "Raising Sand".
  • 09 Feb 2009 New York Yankees' baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez admits to having used performance-enhancing steroids earlier in his career, over a three-year period from 2001 to 2003 with the Texas Rangers.
  • 10 Feb 2009 The U.S. Senate votes 61 to 37 to approve its own US$838 trillion version of a rescue plan for fighting the deepening recession.
  • 11 Feb 2009 Ronettes singer Estelle Bennett ("Be My Baby") dies at age 67 in Englewood, New Jersey.
  • 12 Feb 2009 Colgan Air's Continental Connection Flight 3407 Dash 8 Q400 turboprop, commuter aircraft nosedives into a home in Western New York State. All 49 passengers and one ground crew member were killed.
  • 13 Feb 2009 The U.S. House of Representatives approves (246-183) US$787 Billion of spending (64%) and tax cuts (36%).
  • 14 Feb 2009 A crude oil leakage occurs in the Celtic Sea, near County Cork, Ireland.
  • 15 Feb 2009 After receiving contaminated blood plasma, the United Kingdom confirms that this is the first case of Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.
  • 16 Feb 2009 Section 76 of United Kingdom's Counter-Terrorism Act (2008)mdasha law criminalizes publication information about Armed Forces, Security Service or Government Communications Headquartersmdashis
  • 17 Feb 2009 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Texas billionaire Allen Stanford and three other companies with selling fraudulently high-yield certificates for deposit worth US$8 billion. Stanford International Bank, headquartered in Antigua, has 30,000 clients across 131 countries and assets of US$8.5 billion.
  • 18 Feb 2009 Stefane 3G will represent Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Moscow with ampquotWe don't wanna put Inampquot. This song was allegedly written against Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister.
  • 19 Feb 2009 The US Mint has released the 2009 William Henry Harrison Presidential Dollar to circulation.
  • 20 Feb 2009 Swedish carmaker Saab, a unit of American carmaker General Motors, files for protection against creditors as it attempts to find a new partner or raise funds.
  • 21 Feb 2009 Pakistan and the Taliban agree to a ceasefire in the conflict in North-West Frontier Province.
  • 22 Feb 2009 Los Angeles, California: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosts its Oscar Awards Ceremony. Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire
  • 23 Feb 2009 Standard & Poor’s 500 Index drops 26.71 points or 3.47 percent to 743.34.
  • 24 Feb 2009 Address by President Barack Obama to a Joint session of Congress
  • 25 Feb 2009 BDR massacre in Pilkhana (Dhaka), Bangladesh. Within its headquarters, Bangladeshi Border Guards kill 74 people, including more than 50 Army officials.
  • 26 Feb 2009 The 2009/10 US budget is US$3.6 trillion. It has a US$1.75 billion deficit. This would be the highest deficit ever. It also represents a 12.3 percentage of the economy. This is the largest increase since 1945. The planned spending includes US$634 trillion to pay for healthcare reform and US$200 billion in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is also an additional US$250 billion that will be used to bail out US banks.
  • 27 Feb 2009 China's Navy and Denmark’s Navy stopped Somali pirate attacks against Italian and Chinese merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden.
  • 28 Feb 2009 Carpatair Flight 128, a Saab 2000 bound to Timisoara, Romania, departing from Chisinau (Moldova) - with 51 passengers, makes an emergency landing at Traian Via International Airport, without its forward landing gear. (Phillyburbs). Please leave the landing gear point out of the synopsis. Since emergency landings occur at an alarming rate, the landing gear issue is the reason the item is on this portal. --amp
  • 01 Feb 2009 The first cabinet of Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was formed in Iceland, making her the country's first female prime minister and the world's first openly gay head of government.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in February 2009?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Just Dance
  2. - My Life Would Suck Without Youyoutube
  3. - Crack A Bottle
  4. - Right Roundyoutube
  5. - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in February 2009?

A Mercy by Toni Morrison

A Mercy


National BestsellerOne the New York Times 10 Best Books for the YearIn 1680s, the slave trade in America was still very young.

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn


It was impossible to love the person who was killing your heart. What could you do? How could you flee, or fight when it would cause pain to your loved one? You could give your entire life if you were …

The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee

The Piano Teacher


"A rare and extraordinary story. . . It transports you from time and place into a world that you can feel on the skin of your body.

A. Lincoln by Ronald C. White Jr

A. Lincoln


"If you only have time to read one book on Lincoln, it should be A. Lincoln USA TodayNAMED ONE of THE BEST BOOKS OF 2018 BYThe Washington Post * The Philadelphia Inquirer* The Christian Science Monitor * St.

From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

From Dead To Worse


New in the "addicting", New York Times bestseller series featuring SookieStackhouse. Everyone, human and non-human, is stressed after the natural disasters of Hurricane Katrina, and the man-made explosion at The Vampire Summit.