January 1951 calendar

January 1951

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in January 1951.
The US president was Harry S. Truman (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Clement Attlee (Labour), Pope Pius XII was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on January 1951: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of January 1951?


  • 01 Jan 1951 Massive Chinese/North Korean assault on United Nations-lines.
  • 03 Jan 1951 9 Jewish Kremlin physicians exposed as British / US agents
  • 04 Jan 1951 During Korean conflict, North Korean forces capture Seoul.
  • 06 Jan 1951 Pardon Our French closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 100 performances
  • 08 Jan 1951 Thought extinct since 1615, a Cahow is rediscovered in Bermuda.
  • 09 Jan 1951 Life After Tomorrow, 1st film to receive an X rating, premieres
  • 10 Jan 1951 United Nations headquarters opens in Manhattan, New York, USA.
  • 12 Jan 1951 Ezzard Charles TKOs Lee Oma in ten rounds for heavyweight boxing title.
  • 13 Jan 1951 German General F Christian freed early from Dutch prison.
  • 14 Jan 1951 NFL Pro Bowl: first since 1942, Americans beat Nationals 28-27.
  • 15 Jan 1951 Ilse Koch, ''The Witch of Buchenwald'', wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp, is sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in West Germany.
  • 16 Jan 1951 Viet Minh offensive against Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • 17 Jan 1951 China refuses cease-fire in Korea.
  • 18 Jan 1951 1st use of lie detector in the Netherlands
  • 20 Jan 1951 Avalanches in the Alps kill 240 and bury 45,000 for a time in Switzerland, Austria and Italy.
  • 22 Jan 1951 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Johncrowe Ransom.
  • 23 Jan 1951 3rd Emmy Awards: Alan Young Show, Alan Young and Gertrude Berg
  • 24 Jan 1951 Dutch government Drees-van Schaik resigns.
  • 25 Jan 1951 Dutch author Anne de Vries releases the first volume of her novel ''Journey Through the Night'' (''Reis door de nacht'') set during World War II.
  • 26 Jan 1951 Mel Ott and Jimmie Foxx elected to Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • 27 Jan 1951 Peter Pan closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 320 performances
  • 28 Jan 1951 La Vie Commence Demain, which depicted artificial insemination and is the 1st X-rated movie, opened in London
  • 30 Jan 1951 Belgium refuses to allow communists to make speeches on radio.
  • 04 Jan 1951 Korean War: Chinese and North Korean forces capture Seoul for the second time.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in January 1951?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Frosty the Snowman
  2. - So Long (It's Been Good to Know Ya)
  3. - If
  4. - If
  5. - I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in January 1951?

The Spanish Gardener by A.J. Cronin

The Spanish Gardener


He is making a fresh start when Mr Harrington Brande and Nicholas, his son, move to San Jorge, a beautiful house in the Spanish town.

Behind The Flying Saucers by Frank Scully

Behind The Flying Saucers


Hardcover copy in excellent condition. Ex-library copy. Ex-library copy. Jacket spine and back cover in good condition. Front of cover missing.

Across The River And Into The Trees by Ernest Hemingway

Across The River And Into The Trees


HEMINGWAY'S POIGNANT STORY OF A LOVE FOUND TOO EARLY Set in Venice at the end of World War II. Across the River, into the Trees is the bittersweet tale

The Lady'S Not For Burning by Christopher Fry

The Lady'S Not For Burning


"A three-act romantic comedy, written in verse. It is set in Middle Ages. It reflects the world's exhaustion and despair’ after World War II. The soldier in it is a war-weary soldier.

The Greatest Story Ever Told by Fulton Oursler

The Greatest Story Ever Told


Fulton Oursler’s classic, The Greatest Story Ever Told, is a powerful and timeless story about the life of Jesus Christ. It is simple and powerful, but it is set against a rich and precise background.