Popular movies week 8 September 1974

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 08/September - 14/September - 1974. Do you remember Il profumo della signora in nero by Francesco Barilli or The Last 4 Days starring Rod Steiger, Franco Nero, Lisa Gastoni, Lino Capolicchio ?

Il profumo della signora in nero

Directed by: Francesco Barilli

Starring: Mimsy Farmer, Maurizio Bonuglia, Mario Scaccia, Jho Jhenkins

The Last 4 Days

Directed by: Carlo Lizzani

Starring: Rod Steiger, Franco Nero, Lisa Gastoni, Lino Capolicchio

Return of the Dragon

Directed by: Celso Ad. Castillo

Starring: Ramon Zamora, Lotis Key, Leila Hermosa, Paquito Diaz

Dirty O'Neil

Directed by: Leon Capetanos, Lewis Teague

Starring: Morgan Paull, Art Metrano, Pat Anderson, Jeane Manson

Señora doctor

Directed by: Mariano Ozores

Starring: Lina Morgan, José Sacristán, Mari Carmen Prendes, Gemma Cuervo

Amazing Grace

Directed by: Stan Lathan

Starring: Moms Mabley, Slappy White, Rosalind Cash, Moses Gunn

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Carry on Dick

Directed by: Gerald Thomas

Starring: Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques

Zandy's Bride

Directed by: Jan Troell

Starring: Gene Hackman, Liv Ullmann, Eileen Heckart, Susan Tyrrell

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