Saturday April 11, 2020: on this day

April 11, 2020 was the 102nd day of the year 2020, under the sign of Aries and the day of the week was Saturday.

Is April 11, 2020 a day special to you? If so you may like to discover what happened on that day, who was born and died on April 11, 2020, what holidays and observances are celebrated on April 11, 2020, which were the most popular songs , movies (e.g. Onward, directed by Dan Scanlon), TV series (e.g. Two Degrees) and books back then.

On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about April 11th, 2020 to help you enjoy your trip down memory lane.

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What day of the week was April 11, 2020?

April 11, 2020 was a Saturday and it was the 101st day of the year 2020 in the Gregorian calendar.

April 11, 2020 can also be written as 4/11/2020 in the US and as 11/4/2020 in UK and Europe.

April 11, 2020 in April 2020 calendar


April 11, 2020: What happened on that day?


Who was born on April 11, 2020?

Whose famous birthday is on April 11th?

Famous individuals and celebrities born on April 11th:

  • Jeremy Clarkson
    Jeremy Clarkson

    Jeremy Clarkson is a British journalist known for co-presenting the popular TV show Top Gear.

  • Alessandra Ambrosio

    Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian model best known for her work with Victoria's Secret and her appearances in fashion magazines and on...

  • Nicoletta

    Nicoletta is a renowned Italian fashion designer known for her elegant and timeless designs.

  • Anton LaVey

    American founder of the Church of Satan (Born 1930).

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April 11, 2020: How old are you if you were born on that day?

You are 3 years 7 months old,

or 43 months and 24 days old,

or 190 weeks and 3 days old,

or 1333 days old,

if you were born on April 11, 2020.

How many days until your next birthday if you were born on April 11, 2020?

There are 128 days until your next birthday, which will occur on Thursday April 11th 2024.

What generation do you belong to if you were born on April 11, 2020?

You belong to the Gen Alpha generation if you were born on April 11, 2020.


April 11, 2020: What famous people died on that day?

What famous deaths happened on April 11th?

Famous deaths on April 11th:

  • Primo Levi

    Italian essayist, poet, scientist and novelist.

  • Jessica Dubroff

    At seven years old, an American pilot was aiming to become the youngest to cross the U.S.

  • Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet

    Advertising magnate, who dies at 89.

  • Harry Secombe
    Harry Secombe

    British entertainer, known as the "nicest man in British showbiz.

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April 11, 2020: What is The Zodiac Sign for that day?

 zodiac sign

The Zodiac and Astrological sign for April 11, 2020 is Aries.

Aries is the 1st sign in the Western Zodiac. People born between March 21st and April 19th belong to the Aries sign: discover Aries personality and who should a Aries marry.

Babies born in April are either Aries or Taurus. People born before April 19th are Aries, while people born from April 20th have the sign of Taurus.

Discover the personality of April born.

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April 11, 2020: What is the Chinese Zodiac Sign for that day?

Rat chinese zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac sign for April 11, 2020 is Rat and the associated element is Metal.

Discover the Rat personality and how the Metal Element might affect a person's traits and compatibility with other signs according to the Chinese zodiac.

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April 11, 2020: What are the Holidays, Observances and Saints celebrated on that day?

Holidays on April 11, 2020:

  • Juan Santamarfa Day, anniversary of his death in the Battle of Rivas (State holiday in Costa Rica).
  • The Feast Day of Martyr Antipas in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Saints celebrated on April 11, 2020:

  • Saint Stanislas
  • Saint Godeberta
  • Saint Gemma of Lucca
  • Saint Danidl of Grimbergen

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April 11, 2020: What were the most popular movies on that day?

The most popular movies on April 11, 2020 were the films released in theaters close to that day with the largest audiences and significant box office revenue, including:



Release year: 2020

Directed by: Dan Scanlon

Starring: Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer

Country: United States of America



Release year: 2020

Directed by: Stephen Gaghan

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent, Jessie Buckley, Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, Octavia Spencer, Ralph Fiennes, Tom Holland

Country: United States of America

The Grudge

The Grudge

Release year: 2020

Directed by: Nicolas Pesce

Starring: Andrea Riseborough, Lin Shaye, Betty Gilpin, Demian Bichir, John Cho, William Sadler, Jacki Weaver

Country: United States of America

The Hunt

The Hunt

Release year: 2020

Directed by: Craig Zobel

Starring: Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz, Ethan Suplee, Emma Roberts

Country: United States of America

High Fidelity

High Fidelity

Release year: 2020

Directed by: Stephen Frears

Starring: John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso, Jack Black

Country: United States of America

April 11, 2020: What were the most popular TV Series on that day?

The most popular TV Series on April 11, 2020 were the Televisions Series released on TV close to that day characterized by high ratings, critical acclaim and a large fan base.. They included:

Two Degrees

Two Degrees

Release year: 2020



Release year: 2020

Directed by: Fernando Di Leo

Making the Cut

Making the Cut

Release year: 2020



Release year: 2020

Directed by: Tim Kincaid

Extra Ordinary

Extra Ordinary

Release year: 2020

Directed by: Mike Ahern

Birth chart on this day

Discover the planets positions on April 11th, 2020 as well as what the sky looked like at your place

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Planetary positions on  - Geocentric view

April 11, 2020: What was the lunar phase on that day?

Lunar phase


The lunar phase on April 11, 2020 was Full Moon.

The moon phase refers to the appearance of the Moon in the night sky on April 11, 2020 and is determined by the portion of the Moon's illuminated surface that is visible from Earth.

An observer located in New York City on April 11, 2020 at 10pm, would see the moon, being 74% full, rising at 10:53 pm and setting at 09:40 am.

The previous full moon was on Apr 08, 2020 while the next full moon would come on May 07, 2020.

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Who was the US President on April 11, 2020?

On April 11, 2020 the US President was Donald John Trump (Republican).

Who was the UK Prime Minister on April 11, 2020?

On April 11, 2020 the UK Prime Minister was Boris Johnson (Conservative).

Who was the Pope on April 11, 2020?

On April 11, 2020 the Pope was Francis.


What is special about April 11th?

April 11th refers to a specific date on the calendar, which is the 11th day of the month of April. It is a date that occurs annually and is part of the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used around the world.

Over the years several events happened on April 11th, such as:

  • 2019 - The Sudanese army surrounds the capital Khartoum's presidential palace and takes control of state media buildings. This is amid protests against President Omar al-Bashir. A number of senior ministers, including Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, were reportedly detained.
  • 2018 - Yemeni Crisis (2011-present: Royal Saudi Air Defense intercepts an ballistic missile from Yemen that was fired over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This caused panic among residents. Houthis claim they launched several Burkan-2 missiles against targets in Saudi Arabia including oil facilities owned by Saudi Aramco. Two Qasef-1 drones operated by Houthis were also shot down by Saudi Air Defenses close to the border.
  • 2017 - Russian military intervention in Syria, Syrian Civil War: According to Russia's Defence Ministry, two soldiers were killed in a mortar attack in Syria. Another soldier was injured. The ministry didn't specify the date or location of the attack. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty). 18 members of Syria's Democratic Forces were mistakenly killed by an airstrike led by the US in an attempt to kill ISIS soldiers.

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What was the calendar for April 2020?

April 2020 followed the same calendar system as the rest of that year and the years surrounding it, with April being the 4th month of the year. This calendar is characterized by 12 months, 365 days in a common year, and 366 days in a leap year, such as 2012.

Discover how April 2020 calendar looked like.