Thursday August 12, 2004: Zodiac, Events, Birthdays and Holidays

US date format: 8/12/2004, UK date format: 12/8/2004

August 12th, 2004 was the 225th day of the year 2004 in the Gregorian calendar, under the sign of Leo. The day of the week was Thursday.

Famous birthdays on this day include Mykayla Sohn .

The number one song in US was Slow Motion by Juvenile. Thunderbirds / 3AM by Busted was #1 song in the UK.

Shattered Glass, directed by Billy Ray, was one of the most viewed movie released in 2004 while Homegrown Democrat by Garrison Keillor was one of the best selling book.

On TV people were watching Epitafios. If you liked videogames you were probably playing Echo Night: Beyond or Dirt Dragons.

The US president was George W. Bush (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Tony Blair (Labour), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened that day: find out below.

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August 12, 2004 Events

What happened on August 12, 2004?

Historical Events

  • James McGreevey, the Governor of New Jersey, has announced that he is a "gay American" and will be resigning effective November 15, 2004.
  • As the third Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong has been sworn in.
  • New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey has resigned his position effective November 15. He stated that his extramarital homosexual affair would make his office "vulnerable" to allegations, threats and disclosures. ".
  • The California Supreme Court unanimously ruled that San Francisco's same sex marriages were illegal. It voted 5-2 to annul all 4,000 of these marriages.
  • Jose M. Durao Barroso, President-designate of the EU Commission, announces the portfolios that have been assigned to his new European Commission members.
  • After allegations of sexual impropriety, a Roman Catholic seminary at St Poelten, Austria was closed.
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August 12, 2004 Famous Birthdays

Who was born on August 12, 2004?

Other August 12th famous birthdays

See all famous people born on August 12th

How old am I?

If August 12, 2004 is your birthday you are 19 years old. Find out how old you are in years, months, weeks and days and how long until your next birthday on August 12.

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August 12, 2004 Famous Deaths

Who died on August 12, 2004?

Other August 12th famous deaths

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August 12, 2004 Zodiac

Western Zodiac - Astrological Sign

 zodiac sign


Leo personality

Who should a Leo marry?

Babies born in August are either Leo or Virgo. People born before August 22nd are Leo, while people born from August 23rd have the sign of Virgo

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Chinese Zodiac

Monkey chinese zodiac sign

Sign: Monkey

Element: Wood

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August 12, 2004 Day of the Week and Calendar

What day of the week was August 12, 2004?

The day of the week was Thursday.

August 12th marks the 224th day of the Gregorian calendar for the year 2004.

There are 141 days remaining until the end of the year. Calculate the number of days between two dates.


August 12, 2004 Holidays and Observances

What is special on August 12, 2004?


  • International Youth Day
vinyl songs

Music charts

What was the number one song on August 12, 2004? Which were the top hits on August 12, 2004?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Slow Motion
  2. - Lean Backyoutube
  3. - Confessions Part IIyoutube
  4. - Turn Me On
  5. - Sunshine

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Thunderbirds / 3AM
  2. - Dry Your Eyes
  3. - Baby Cakes
  4. - Lola's Theme
  5. - These Words

Top #5 R&B songs

  1. - Lean Backyoutube
  2. - Jesus Walks
  3. - Diary
  4. - Slow Motion
  5. - Sunshine

Top #5 Latin songs

  1. - Que De Raro Tiene
  2. - Duele El Amor
  3. - Soy Tu Mujer
  4. - Vivo Y Muero En Tu Piel
  5. - Como Tu

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Which were the most popular Movies released in those months?
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See other popular movies of the week

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass

Release year: 2004

Directed by: Billy Ray

Starring: Hayden Christensen, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Zahn, Peter Sarsgaard

Country: United States of America

Runaway Jury

Runaway Jury

Release year: 2004

Directed by: Gary Fleder

Starring: John Cusack, Rachel Weisz, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman

Country: United States of America

The Interpreter

The Interpreter

Release year: 2004

Directed by: Sydney Pollack

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, Jesper Christensen

Country: United States of America

Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds

Release year: 2004

Directed by: David Caesar

Starring: Bryan Brown, Toni Collette, John Goodman, Sam Neill

Country: United States of America

Transporter 2

Transporter 2

Release year: 2004

Directed by: Louis Leterrier

Starring: Jason Statham, Amber Valletta, Kate Nauta, Alessandro Gassman

Country: United States of America

TV Series

Which were the most popular TV Series released in those months?
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Release year: 2004

Directed by: Jorge Nisco

Beauty School

Beauty School

Release year: 2004

Directed by: Amy Nicholson



Release year: 2004

Written by:

Directed by: David Frankel

Starring: Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara

Country: United States of America

Salem's Lot

Salem's Lot

Release year: 2004

Directed by: Tobe Hooper

Magazine Covers

What news were making the headlines those days in August 2004?


Which were the most popular books released in the last weeks?
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Homegrown Democrat by Garrison Keillor

Homegrown Democrat


This book, which is thoughtful and personal, by one of America's most beloved voices, is a great example of how a national voice can take the plunge into politics.

Second Chance by Danielle Steel

Second Chance


Fiona Monaghan, editor-in-chief at New York's top fashion magazine, was completely content with her life. She traveled between Manhattan and Europe until the scorching day John Anderson.

Imperial Hubris by Anonymous

Imperial Hubris



To Be The Man by Mark Madden

To Be The Man


Excellent Book

My Life by Bill Clinton

My Life


My Life of President Bill Clinton is a striking portrait of a global leader who chose to dedicate his intellectual and political talents, as well as his extraordinary ability to work hard, to the service and benefit of the public.

Birth chart on this day

Discover the planets positions on August 12th, 2004 as well as what the sky looked like at your place

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What videogames would you be playing back in the days?

Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night: Beyond

Platform: PlayStation 2

Genre: First-person adventure Survival horror

Publisher: JP FromSoftware; NA Agetec; EU Indie Games

Dirt Dragons

Dirt Dragons

Platform: PC

Publisher: Stampede Entertainment

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X

Genre: Massively multiplayer online role-playing

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Fight Club

Fight Club

Platform: PlayStation 2 Xbox Mobile phone

Genre: Fighting

Publisher: VU Games

Arunodoyer Agnishikha

Arunodoyer Agnishikha

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Genre: War, Adventure

Publisher: SHOM Computers Ltd.


August 12, 2004 Lunar and Planetary phase

Lunar phase

New Moon

The moon phase for August 12, 2004 is New Moon.

See Moon rising and setting times on August 12, 2004

Sport Games on August 12, 2004

Sport Games on August 12, 2004

Division 2

Football (France)
  • Guingamp - Brest : 1 - 2
See all Football game results of August 12, 2004

Financial News

Stock Markets and Exchange Rates

Stock Markets

  • ExxonMobil XOM: opens at $45.00
  • Apple AAPL: opens at $30.46
  • Microsoft MSFT: opens at $27.24
  • General Electric GE: opens at $31.98
  • International Business Machines IBM: opens at $83.05

Exchange Rates

  • 1 USD = 110.83 JPY
  • 1 USD = 1.3313 CAD
  • 1 USD = 1.2558 CHF
  • 1 EUR = 135.63 JPY
  • 1 EUR = 0.6718 GBP

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