Saturday May 14, 1983

US date format: 5/14/1983, UK date format: 14/5/1983

It was Saturday, under the sign of Taurus (see birth chart on May 14, 1983). The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican). Famous people born on this day include Amber Tamblyn and Anahí . In that special week of May people in US were listening to Beat It by Michael Jackson. In UK True by Spandau Ballet was in the top 5 hits. WarGames, directed by John Badham, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1983 while Heartburn by Nora Ephron was one of the best selling books. On TV people were watching No Excuses. If you liked videogames you were probably playing Enchanter or Epidemic!.
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Which were the most popular Movies released in those months?
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Directed by: John Badham

Starring: Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, John Wood, Dabney Coleman

Country: United States of America

Cross Creek

Cross Creek

Directed by: Martin Ritt

Starring: Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn, Peter Coyote, Dana Hill



Directed by: Nicolas Roeg

Starring: Gene Hackman, Theresa Russell, Rutger Hauer, Jane Lapotaire



Directed by: Jim McBride

Starring: Richard Gere, Valérie Kaprisky, Art Metrano, John P. Ryan

Country: United States of America



Directed by: Michael Dugan

Starring: Marjoe Gortner, Bobbie Bresee, Norman Burton, Maurice Sherbanee


Historical Events

Which were the important events of May 14, 1983?


  • St. Carthach the Younger
  • DubsDay in Dublin Ireland (14th of May in 2006).
  • Mother's Day in various countries (second Sunday of May in 2006).
  • Israel - Yom Ha'atzma'ut, or Israeli Independence Day. The observed date of this national holiday is determined by the Jewish Calendar.
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  • She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolby hits #5

Famous Birthday

Famous Deaths

TV Series

Which were the most popular TV Series released in those months?
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No Excuses

No Excuses

Directed by: Miguel Gaudencio

The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life

Directed by: H.C. Potter

Dream House

Dream House

Directed by: Jim Sheridan



Directed by: LLC RSquaredFilms

Gun Shy

Gun Shy

Directed by: Simon West

Magazine Covers

What news were making the headlines those days in May 1983?


Which were the most popular books released in the last weeks?
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Heartburn by Nora Ephron



Is it possible to write a sidesplitting novel about the breakup of the perfect marriage? If the writer is Nora Ephron, the answer is a resounding yes.

The Youngest Science by Lewis Thomas

The Youngest Science


From the 1920s when he watched his father, a general practitioner who made housecalls and wrote his prescriptions in Latin, to his days in medical school and beyond, Lewis Thomas saw

The Summer Of Katya by Trevanian

The Summer Of Katya


In the golden summer of 1914, Jean-Marc Montjean, recently graduated from medical school, comes to the small French village of Salies to assist the village physician.

Space by James A. Michener



Already a renowned chronicler of the epic events of world history, James A. Michener tackles the most ambitious subject of his career: space, the last great frontier.

The Lonesome Gods by Louis L'Amour

The Lonesome Gods


“I am Johannes Verne, and I am not afraid.” This was the boy’s mantra as he plodded through the desert alone, left to die by his vengeful grandfather.


What videogames would you be playing back in the days?


Platform: Apple II, Atari

Genre: Strategy Game

Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc.

Hard Hat Mack

Platform: Apple II (original) Amstrad CPC Atari 8-bit Commodore 64, Coleco Adam, MS-DOS

Genre: Platform game

Publisher: Electronic Arts


Platform: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, Apple II, Apricot PC Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Commodore 64, CP/M, DEC Rainbow, Kaypro II, Apple Macintosh, NEC APC, Osborne 1, MS-DOS, PDP-9, PDP-10, PDP-11, TI-99/4A, T

Genre: Text adventure

Publisher: Infocom

The Activision Decathlon

Platform: Atari 8-bit family, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, MSX

Genre: Sports

Publisher: Activision


Platform: Atari 8-bit

Genre: dungeon crawl, action-adventure game

Publisher: Atari Program Exchange

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