Monday March 21, 1932: on this day

March 21, 1932 was the 81st day of the year 1932, under the sign of Aries and the day of the week was Monday.

Is March 21, 1932 a day special to you? If so you may like to discover what happened on that day, the zodiac sign and moon phase on March 21, 1932, who was born and died on March 21, 1932, what holidays and observances are celebrated on March 21, 1932, which were the most popular songs, movies (e.g. Scarface, directed by Howard Hawks, Richard Rosson), TV series books and videogames back then.

On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about March 21st, 1932 to help you enjoy your trip down memory lane.


What day of the week was March 21, 1932?

March 21, 1932 was a Monday and it was the 81st day of the year 1932 in the Gregorian calendar.

March 21, 1932 can also be written as 3/21/1932 in the US and as 21/3/1932 in UK and Europe.

March 21, 1932 in March 1932 calendar


March 21, 1932: What is The Zodiac Sign for that day?

 zodiac sign

The Zodiac and Astrological sign for March 21st is Aries.

Aries is the 1st sign in the Western Zodiac. People born between March 21st and April 19th belong to the Aries sign: discover Aries personality and who should a Aries marry.

Babies born in March are either Pisces or Aries. People born before March 20th are Pisces, while people born from March 21st have the sign of Aries.

Discover the personality of March born.

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March 21, 1932: What is the Chinese Zodiac Sign for that day?

Monkey chinese zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac sign for March 21, 1932 is Monkey and the associated element is Water.

Discover the Monkey personality and how the Water Element might affect a person's traits and compatibility with other signs according to the Chinese zodiac.

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Birth chart on this day

Discover the planets positions on March 21st, 1932 as well as what the sky looked like at your place

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March 21, 1932: What was the moon phase on that day?

Moon phase


The moon phase on March 21, 1932 was Full Moon.

The moon phase refers to the appearance of the Moon in the night sky on March 21, 1932 and is determined by the portion of the Moon's illuminated surface that is visible from Earth.

An observer located in New York City on March 21, 1932 at 10pm, would see the moon, being 100% full, rising at 05:22 pm and setting at 05:55 am.

The previous full moon was on Feb 22, 1932 while the next full moon would come on Mar 22, 1932.

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Who was born on March 21, 1932?

Famous people born on March 21, 1932:

  • Walter Gilbert

    Nobel prize winner for physics and chemistry in america.

  • Joseph Silverstein

    American violinist and conductor (d. 2015).

  • Joseph Silverstein in Detroit

    Michigan, usa; violinist (denver symphony orchestra).

  • Pierre Grillet

    France sport champion.

  • Jacques Stern

    French engineer and entrepreneur who specializes in computing.

  • Gianfranco Funari

    Italian tv presenter, commentator, and comedian.

  • Marco Vianello-Chiodo

    Italian international lawyer who was deputy executive director (external relations) at unicef from 1987 to 1993.

  • Henri Poirier
  • Nicholas Bianco
  • Narciso Donzelli
  • Giovanni Battista Zorzoli
  • Nino Defilippis
  • Carlos Artigas
  • Nassio

Whose famous birthday is on March 21st?

Famous individuals and celebrities born on March 21st:

  • Matthew Broderick
    Matthew Broderick

    Matthew broderick is a well-known american actor, best known for his roles in ferris bueller's day off and the producers.

  • Gary Oldman
    Gary Oldman

    An english actor, musician, and filmmaker best known for his portrayals of sometimes villainous characters.

  • Rosie O'Donnell
    Rosie O'Donnell

    American comedian, actress and talk show host.

  • Françoise Dorléac
    Françoise Dorléac

    French actress and older sister to catherine deneuve.

  • Timothy Dalton
    Timothy Dalton

    Timothy dalton is a british actor known for his portrayal of james bond in two films during the late 1980s.

  • Marie-Christine Barrault
    Marie-Christine Barrault

    French actress, on television, stage, and film, she is the daughter of max barrault (jean louis brother).

  • Eddie Money
    Eddie Money

    American composer and musician.

  • Scott Eastwood
    Scott Eastwood

    Scott eastwood is an american actor known for his roles in movies such as the fate of the furious and suicide squad.

  • Russ Meyer
    Russ Meyer

    American screenwriter and producer (d. 2004).

  • Virginia Weidler
    Virginia Weidler

    American child star, who was four years old when she first appeared in "surrender.

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March 21, 1932: How old are you if you were born on that day?

You are 92 years 1 month old,

or 1105 months and 1 day old,

or 4805 weeks

or 33635 days old,

if you were born on March 21, 1932.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane: discover what the world looked like when you turned 18 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old

How many days until your next birthday if you were born on March 21, 1932?

There are 333 days until your next birthday, which will occur on Friday March 21st 2025.

What generation do you belong to if you were born on March 21, 1932?

You belong to the Silent Generation if you were born on March 21, 1932.


March 21, 1932: What famous people died on that day?

Famous people died on March 21, 1932:

  • Maurice Beaudier
  • Rama Varma XVI
  • Henri Sauvage

What famous deaths happened on March 21st?

Famous deaths on March 21st:

  • Ludmilla Tchérina
    Ludmilla Tchérina

    French actress and choreographer, ballerina (d. 2004).

  • Dack Rambo
    Dack Rambo

    American actor who has worked steadily since he was in highschool.

  • Ernie Wise
    Ernie Wise

    British comedian for over 40 years, who was partnered with eric morecambe from the time he died on 5/28/1984.

  • Michael Redgrave
    Michael Redgrave

    Bristol, england -- actor (browning version lady vanishes).

  • Lili Damita
    Lili Damita

    At 89, errol flynn's wife (bridge of san luis rey), is killed.

  • Alberta Watson
    Alberta Watson

    Canadian actress (d. 2015).

  • Anthony Steel
    Anthony Steel

    London, england -- actor ("malta story, wooden horse").

  • Lilyan Tashman
    Lilyan Tashman

    Actor (bulldog drummer), dies at 34.

  • Macdonald Carey
    Macdonald Carey

    American actor who acted primarily in movies and television series.

  • James Rebhorn
    James Rebhorn

    American actor (d. 2014.

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March 21, 1932: What are the Holidays, Observances and Saints celebrated on that day?

Holidays on March 21, 1932:

  • Blessed Clementia of Hohenberg
  • World Poetry Day - by UNESCO.
  • St. Nicholas of Flue
  • Astrology: First day of star sign Aries.
  • China: Chunfen.
  • Harmony Day in Australia.
  • World Down Syndrome Day
  • Earth Day.
  • Ostara - Neopagan festival of Ostara.
  • The third day of Quinquatria in ancient Rome, held in honor of Minerva.

Observances on March 21, 1932:

  • Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination, 21-27 March
  • International Day of Nowruz
  • International Day of Forests

Saints celebrated on March 21, 1932:

  • Saints Philemon and Domnin

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March 21, 1932: What were the most popular movies on that day?

The most popular movies on March 21, 1932 were the films released in theaters close to that day with the largest audiences and significant box office revenue, including:



Release year: 1932

Directed by: Howard Hawks, Richard Rosson

Starring: Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak, Karen Morley, Osgood Perkins

Country: United States of America

It's Tough to Be Famous

It's Tough to Be Famous

Release year: 1932

Directed by: Alfred E. Green

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Mary Brian, Harold Minjir, Emma Dunn

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Release year: 1932

Directed by: Harry Beaumont

Starring: William Haines, Madge Evans, Anita Page, Karen Morley

Love Affair

Love Affair

Release year: 1932

Directed by: Thornton Freeland

Starring: Dorothy Mackaill, Humphrey Bogart, Hale Hamilton, Halliwell Hobbes

Murders in the Rue Morgue

Murders in the Rue Morgue

Release year: 1932

Directed by: Robert Florey

Starring: Bela Lugosi, Sidney Fox, Leon Ames, Bert Roach

Country: United States of America


Who was the US President on March 21, 1932?

On March 21, 1932 the US President was Herbert Hoover (Republican).

Who was the UK Prime Minister on March 21, 1932?

On March 21, 1932 the UK Prime Minister was Ramsay MacDonald (Labour).

Who was the Pope on March 21, 1932?

On March 21, 1932 the Pope was Pius XI.


What is special about March 21st?

March 21st refers to a specific date on the calendar, which is the 21st day of the month of March. It is a date that occurs annually and is part of the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used around the world.

Over the years several events happened on March 21st, such as:

  • 2019 - War in afghanistan: six people die and 23 are injured in three explosions that occurred during nowruz celebrations in kabul, afghanistan.
  • 2018 - Saudi arabian-led intervention into yemen: houthis claim that they have shot down an f-15 royal saudi air force jet flying over sa'da province, yemen.
  • 2017 - War in somalia: at least five people are killed when a car bomb explodes near villa somalia, president of somalia mohamed abdullahi mohamed’s official residence in mogadishu.

Find out more about March 21st


What happened in 1932?

1932 was filled with very interesting events such as

  • John McGraw, who came to New York in 1902, resigns as manager of Giants
  • Von Hindenburg disbands German Parliament
  • 1st class postage back up to 3 cents from 2 cents

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What was the calendar for March 1932?

March 1932 followed the same calendar system as the rest of that year and the years surrounding it, with March being the 3rd month of the year. This calendar is characterized by 12 months, 365 days in a common year, and 366 days in a leap year, such as 2012.

Discover how March 1932 calendar looked like.

Monday March 21, 1932