December 30: Zodiac, Trivia, Birthdays and Holidays

December 30th marks the 364th day of the Gregorian calendar year (or the 365th in case of leap years). There are 1 days remaining until the end of the year. People born on this day are under the sign of Capricorn. Famous birthdays on this day include LeBron James (1984), LeBron James (1984) and Tiger Woods (1975).
But much more happened on December 30 over the years: find out below

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December 30th Famous Birthdays

Who was born on December 30th? Here’s a shortlist of celebrities born on this day

  • Kristin Kreuk

    TV Actress.

  • Patti Smith

    American poet, singer, songwriter, and punk princess from New York.

  • Ellie Goulding

    British singer.

  • Eliza Dushku

    American actress, who started performing professionally at the age of 11 when her first film, "One Hot Summer", was released in August 1992.

  • Tyrese Gibson

    American Grammy-nominated R&B singer and songwriter, actor/writer, author, TV producer, former fashion model, and MTV VJ.

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December 30th Famous Deaths

Who died on December 30th? Here’s a shortlist of celebrities died on this day

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Trivia and Events

What happened on December 30th in history? Here’s the historical highlights:

  • Dec 30th, 2018 Afghanistan War: Taliban refuse peace talks with Afghan government
  • Dec 30th, 2017 Insurgency in Egypt (2013)-present: Three militants are killed, and ten more are detained by Egyptian security forces at Giza.
  • Dec 30th, 2016 Lukasz Urban's funeral, the driver who was killed during last week’s attack on Berlin's Christmas market, will be held in Banie, near the German border. A German diplomat and President of Poland Andrzej Da attend.
  • Dec 30th, 2015 Syrian Civil War: 2015 al-Qamishli Bombings: A number of suicide bomb attacks on Assyrian Christians celebrating New Year's Eve in restaurants in Al-Qamishli Governorate, Kurdish-controlled Syria, left at least 16 dead and 35 others injured. These bombings are believed to have been orchestrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
  • Dec 30th, 2014 Iraqi insurgency. The Iraqi government forces and allied Shia militia retook Dhuluiya, Saladin Province, north of Baghdad from the Islamic State of Iraq.
  • Dec 30th, 2013 Volgograd bombings, Russia: In less than 24 hours, a bomb explodes in Volgograd, destroying a trolleybus in Volgograd. At least 15 people were killed in this second attack on the southern city.
  • Dec 30th, 2012 War in North-West Pakistan -: 19 killed in suicide bomber attack on Shiites in Balochistan Province.
  • Dec 30th, 2011 Five militants from al-Shabab were killed and one soldier of the Kenyan Army were injured in clashes.
  • Dec 30th, 2010 Youssoufou Bambo, the ambassador of Cote d'Ivoire to the United Nations, claims that the country is at the "brink of genocide"
  • Dec 30th, 2009 To help with mortgage losses, the U.S. Treasury has injected another US$3.8B into GMAC Financial Services. This makes the government (56.3%) the majority owner of the company.
  • Dec 30th, 2008 Eighteen of the eleven snowmobilers who were killed in avalanches in British Columbia (Canada) are now dead.
  • Dec 30th, 2007 Assassination of Benazir Bhutto: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's son is named her successor as chairperson of the Pakistan Peoples Party. Asif Ali Zardari, his father, is named cochairman.

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December 30th Day of the Year and Calendars

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