October 2008 calendar

October 2008

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in October 2008.
The US president was George W. Bush (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Gordon Brown (Labour), Pope Benedict XVI was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on October 2008: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of October 2008?


  • 01 Oct 2008 Russia's supreme court has declared the imperial dynasty victims under political repression. This marks the official rehabilitation of the house Romanov. This decision reverses a lower court ruling which classified the killings plain murder and exonerates Emperor Nicholas 2 and his family from the alleged crimes that the Bolshevik regime used as justification for their execution.
  • 02 Oct 2008 The U.S. Senate votes with 74 to 25 for a revised US$700billion bank bailout plan. The Treasury will buy bad loans from institutions. The House rejected the plan earlier and it was reworked to include a tax cut as well as extended federal protection for bank depositors.
  • 03 Oct 2008 The modified US$700billion bank bailout plan is approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. 263 votes were cast in favor and 171 against. The bill was quickly signed by President George Bush.
  • 04 Oct 2008 The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls below 10,000
  • 05 Oct 2008 The Clone Wars is an animated TV series that debuts in the USA.
  • 06 Oct 2008 Another earthquake of magnitude 6.4, with two aftershocks of magnitude 5., strikes Damxung in Tibet, People's Republic of China. There are conflicting reports about casualties ranging from 9 to 30.
  • 07 Oct 2008 New York stocks fell for the fifth consecutive day. This resulted in the Dow Jones Industrial Average's largest five-day point drop ever. It lost more than 1400 points or almost 13 percent.
  • 08 Oct 2008 For the first time, central banks across the globe cut their interest rates in unison. Financial policymakers made the coordinated rate cuts in response to the global credit crisis. The main lending rates of the USA, China and Europe were all reduced by half a percent.
  • 09 Oct 2008 General Motors Corp shares drop to US$4.65, their lowest level since 1950. The market capitalization falls to US$2.6billion, lower than the value of $4billion in March 1929.
  • 10 Oct 2008 110 people were killed and 200 injured in the Orakzai bombing on October 10, 2008.
  • 11 Oct 2008 After Robert Mugabe took control of the ministries that command the military or the police, the Movement for Democratic Change's former president Thabo Mbeki will act as mediator between Mugabe and his government. This is a move that is allegedly in violation of the power-sharing agreement that was reached last month.
  • 12 Oct 2008 Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes win the 2008 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 Ford and Triple 8.
  • 13 Oct 2008 The Dow Jones Industrial Average has recouped 936.42 point, almost doubling its largest daily point gain in historical times. This brings the index back to 9,000 points. Based on a 9.3 percent record gain in the MSCI global equity index, stocks worldwide have added more than US$1.7 trillion.
  • 14 Oct 2008 Henry Paulson, U.S. Treasury Secretary, announces plans for taking equity stakes in financial institutions totaling $250 billion.
  • 15 Oct 2008 The US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Swiss National Bank announced that they will allow unlimited loans in US Dollars.
  • 16 Oct 2008 Citigroup, the second-largest bank in America, posts a fourth consecutive quarterly loss of $13 Billion due to credit losses and write-downs. Over five quarters, the bank has suffered losses of US$71 billion.
  • 17 Oct 2008 Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, withdraws tacit support to the Quebec sovereignty movement that some of his predecessors showed during a visit in Quebec City.
  • 18 Oct 2008 NASA launches Interstellar Boundary Exploration satellite, which will study the edges of the solar system.
  • 19 Oct 2008 Officials in Afghanistan claim that Taliban officials have executed up to 30 of 50 people who were captured on a bus in Kandahar Province.
  • 20 Oct 2008 Sri Lankan Civil War - The Sri Lankan military reports they have broken a critical defensive line close to the Tamil Tiger headquarters in Northern Sri Lanka.
  • 21 Oct 2008 Global financial crisis of September/October 2008: Iceland's Kaupthing Bank fails its bondholders in Japan with 50-billion yen (US$493 Million) interest.
  • 22 Oct 2008 Wachovia Corp reported a loss of US$23.9billion in its third quarter, an unprecedented quarterly deficit for a bank company during the global credit crisis.
  • 23 Oct 2008 New York City Council votes 29-22 for extending the term limit on Mayor Bloomberg's office to three consecutive four year terms, instead of two consecutive four-year terms. This allows Michael Bloomberg, the current mayor of New York City to run again for office in the November 2009 mayoral election.
  • 24 Oct 2008 Many stock exchanges around the world experienced the worst declines in history on Friday, with a drop of approximately 10% in many indices.
  • 25 Oct 2008 War in Darfur: Human Rights Watch reports that over 40 civilians were killed in an attack by pro-government Arab militias in South Darfur on rebel-held villages.
  • 26 Oct 2008 American commandos raid a farm in Syria across from Iraq. Eight civilians were killed by the Syrian government.
  • 27 Oct 2008 Ted Stevens, an Alaska senator, is found guilty of all seven counts related to lying in financial documents for the United States Senate.
  • 28 Oct 2008 The Dow Jones Industrial Average gains 889.35 points or 10.88 percent to 9,065.12, making it its second-largest point gain. Standard & Poor’s 500 Index increases 91.59 point, or 10.79%, to 940.51, its second largest point gain. The Nasdaq Composite index rises by 143.57 points (9.53 percent) to 1,649.47.
  • 29 Oct 2008 Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries is selling a US 1868 3-cent rose George Washington stamp with "B” grill embossing. It sells for US$900,000. (US$1,035,000 plus buyer's fees). This stamp is one among four.
  • 30 Oct 2008 The World Series of Baseball was won by the Philadelphia Phillies, their first win since 1980. They defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in four games. Rain forced Game Five to be suspended in the sixth inning, and the score was tied at 2-2.
  • 31 Oct 2008 Libya has paid US$1.5 billion to compensate for terrorist attacks on the United States in the past. This will allow for normal diplomatic relations between the two countries.
  • 07 Oct 2008 Asteroid 2008 TC3 impacts the Earth over Sudan, the first time an asteroid impact is detected prior to its entry into Earth's atmosphere.
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Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in October 2008?

A Most Wanted Man by John le Carré

A Most Wanted Man


A major movie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rachel McAdams stars Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright - the acclaimed bestseller about spies in "The War on Terror"

Heat Lightning by John Sandford

Heat Lightning


A killer leaves a puzzled calling card in the minds of his victims. Virgil Flowers of Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was caught in the middle of a Minnesota summer.

Indignation by Philip Roth



NATIONAL BESTSELLERIn 1951 (the second year of Korea War), Marcus Messner, a youngster from Newark in New Jersey who was law-abiding and focused, starts his second year at the conservative, pastoral campus

A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire

A Lion Among Men


Gregory Maguire returns to a darker Oz. Maguire's acclaimed and New York Times bestselling series The Wicked Years is now available in A Lion Among Men. This third volume offers a richer, more complex story.

Bad Money by Kevin Phillips

Bad Money


Kevin Phillips, the author of American Theocracy, warned about the dangers of financial recklessness and debt. He also warned about the rising cost (and increasing scarcity) oil.