Financial news on February 23rd, 2008

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2 Ex-Marsh Officials Convicted on Antitrust Charge

Two former executives of Marsh Inc., the insurance broker, were convicted Friday on an antitrust charge involving a bid-rigging case brought by New York State prosecutors. Read more..

By DOW JONES/AP - The New York Times

Fraud Case Tied to Enron Ends in Prison for 3 Men

Three former British bankers were sentenced on Friday to 37 months each in prison for their role in a fraud related to Enron. Read more..

By KATE MURPHY - The New York Times

Health Coverage Often Stops at the Campus Gate

Parents often do not think twice about health coverage when their children head to college, but it might be advantageous to take a second look. Read more..

By TANYA MOHN - The New York Times

Insurer Works to Prevent Ex-Chief From Seeing Files

The American International Group is pulling out the stops to try to prevent its former chief executive, Maurice R. Greenberg, from seeing confidential internal documents. Read more..

By LYNNLEY BROWNING - The New York Times

Liechtenstein Looks to Move Beyond Tax Feud

Liechtensteiners are eager to show that there is a lot more to their little country than secretive banks and foundations. Read more..

By ERIC PFANNER - The New York Times

On Clothing Racks, Inflation Is the Hot Trend

The great clothing price deflation — brought on in part by China’s entry into the world economy — may be over. Read more..

By FLOYD NORRIS - The New York Times

Sentence in Volkswagen Scandal

On Friday, a court handed sentenced Volkswagen’s former top labor leader to nearly three years in prison. Read more..

By MARK LANDLER - The New York Times

Suburbia’s March to Oblivion

The mortgage crisis has put “for sale” signs in front of houses across the country — including so-called McMansions — the large, expensive, often tasteless homes that have taken up so much suburban space over the last couple of decades. Read more..

By DAN MITCHELL - The New York Times

The Conflict of Spending and Candor

I felt guilty, angry and unrepentant all at once — and realized that we had stubbed our toes against a much larger issue: I hate to tell my husband what I spend. Read more..

By M. P. DUNLEAVEY - The New York Times

Troubled Firm to Close 2 Funds Worth $4 Billion

D.B. Zwirn, a New York hedge fund that has been plagued by accounting irregularities, is closing two of its largest funds after investors demanded the firm return $2 billion. Read more..

By JENNY ANDERSON - The New York Times

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