How old am I if I was born on April 25th, 1901?

If your birthday is on April 25th, 1901 you are:

120 years 1 month and 27 days

or 1441 months and 27 days

or 6269 weeks and 4 days

or 43887 days


You belong to the Interbellum Generation.

On your day of birth it was Thursday, (see April 1901 calendar). Planets were aligned according to April 25th, 1901 zodiac chart.

You share your birthday with some famous people such as:

  • Al Pacino

    American actor, one of the most accomplished stars of his generation who remains a private, enigmatic figure.

  • Renée Zellweger

    American Oscar-winning actress whose her big Hollywood break-through was the romantic interest in "Jerry Maguire," a 199...

  • Ella Fitzgerald

    American singer, a vocalist with an incredible velvety voice, producing equally beautiful sounds regardless of whether s...

  • Bertrand Tavernier

    French writer, publicist and film director.

  • Jason Lee

    American actor

In 1901 the most popular girl names were: Mary, Helen, and Anna and boy names were John, William, and James.

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