Financial news on February 1st, 2011

Business and Financial news
A Passport Is the Easy Part

As international business travel begins to rebound, fliers’ to-do lists get longer, including international cellphone coverage, credit card notifications and security. Read more..

By JULIE WEED - The New York Times

Crisis Management for Travelers in Egypt

Demand for any available airplane in Europe and the Middle East is ferocious, and companies are chartering planes to get employees to London and Dubai. Read more..

By JOE SHARKEY - The New York Times

Despite Posting Losses, Chrysler Says It Will End 2011 With a Profit

The carmaker lost $199 million in the fourth quarter and had a loss for 2010, but it pledged to return to profitability on the strength of new products. Read more..

By BILL VLASIC - The New York Times

Exxon’s Profit Rises in Quarter, Helped by Higher Oil Prices

Oil companies have benefited not only from strengthening oil prices but also from improved margins in their refinery businesses. Read more..

By CLIFFORD KRAUSS - The New York Times

Fish Farming Overtaking Traditional Fisheries

But a scientist at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says aquaculture cannot continue growing indefinitely at the current pace. Read more..

By DAVID JOLLY - International Herald Tribune

India Approves Long-Delayed Steel Mill Project

The project, proposed by the South Korean company Posco, is seen as a way to gauge India’s interest in big foreign investment. Read more..

By VIKAS BAJAJ - The New York Times

Intel, Finding a Chip Flaw, Expects to Lose $1 Billion

Intel said that 5 percent of the Series 6, or Cougar Point, chipset, which recently started shipping, might fail over the next three to five years. Read more..

By VERNE G. KOPYTOFF - The New York Times

Morning Take-Out

Highlights from the DealBook newsletter. Read more..

By DEALBOOK - The New York Times

The Paradox of Corporate Taxes

With one of the world’s highest corporate tax rates, the United States still raises less revenue from corporations than it used to. The reason is in the tax code. Read more..

By DAVID LEONHARDT - The New York Times

W.T.O. Is Said to Affirm That Boeing Got Improper Subsidies

The confidential finding was in response to a longstanding complaint by the European Union over United States support of Boeing. Read more..


Stock Markets

Values are reported in US Dollars

StockTicker symbolOpenHighLowCloseVolume
General ElectricGE20.3820.9020.3020.8068.3M
Cisco SystemsCSCO21.2721.5621.2621.4740.5M
Oracle Corp.ORCL32.1733.4332.1133.2432.6M
Wells Fargo & Co.WFC32.6133.4932.5333.4431.4M
JPMorgan ChaseJPM45.2046.0045.1645.9328.3M
General MotorsGM36.9337.2336.1336.4528.1M
Abbott LaboratoriesABT45.1845.4545.0845.2327.7M
AT&T Inc.T27.9227.9227.6427.8726.4M
Verizon CommunicationsVZ36.2836.3435.9036.2716.4M
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ59.7060.7459.7060.6314.8M
Procter & GamblePG63.4363.6162.7262.9214.6M
HP Inc.HPQ46.0846.6045.9046.5214.5M
Wal-Mart StoresWMT56.3756.5855.9156.3312.9M
Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY25.3525.4425.2125.2710.5M
Home DepotHD36.9437.1336.5036.999.62M
Walt Disney & Co.DIS39.0439.9539.0439.889.28M
UnitedHealth GroupUNH41.3642.1841.2942.079.07M
Gilead SciencesGILD38.7438.7938.2838.508.83M
International Business MachinesIBM162.11163.94162.00163.565.83M
Berkshire HathawayBRK.B82.0683.5082.0683.354.63M
United TechnologiesUTX81.6382.0681.4381.833.52M
Union PacificUNP95.3896.0094.8595.432.88M
Exchange Rates of February 1st, 2011
CurrenciesExchange Rates
US DollarJapanese Yen1 USD = 81.340 JPY1 JPY = 0.012 USD
US DollarCanadian Dollar1 USD = 0.991 CAD1 CAD = 1.010 USD
US DollarSwiss Franc1 USD = 0.935 CHF1 CHF = 1.069 USD
US DollarChinese Yuan1 USD = 6.595 CNY1 CNY = 0.152 USD
EuroJapanese Yen1 EUR = 112.480 JPY1 JPY = 0.009 EUR
EuroPound Sterling1 EUR = 0.856 GBP1 GBP = 1.168 EUR
EuroAustralian Dollar1 EUR = 1.367 AUD1 AUD = 0.731 EUR
EuroCanadian Dollar1 EUR = 1.370 CAD1 CAD = 0.730 EUR
EuroSwiss Franc1 EUR = 1.293 CHF1 CHF = 0.773 EUR
EuroChinese Yuan1 EUR = 9.120 CNY1 CNY = 0.110 EUR
Japanese YenPound Sterling1 JPY = 0.761 GBP1 GBP = 1.314 JPY
Japanese YenAustralian Dollar1 JPY = 1.215 AUD1 AUD = 0.823 JPY
Japanese YenCanadian Dollar1 JPY = 1.217 CAD1 CAD = 0.821 JPY
Japanese YenSwiss Franc1 JPY = 1.150 CHF1 CHF = 0.870 JPY
Pound SterlingAustralian Dollar1 GBP = 1.597 AUD1 AUD = 0.626 GBP
Pound SterlingCanadian Dollar1 GBP = 1.599 CAD1 CAD = 0.625 GBP
Pound SterlingSwiss Franc1 GBP = 1.510 CHF1 CHF = 0.662 GBP
Pound SterlingChinese Yuan1 GBP = 10.648 CNY1 CNY = 0.094 GBP
Australian DollarCanadian Dollar1 AUD = 1.002 CAD1 CAD = 0.999 AUD
Australian DollarSwiss Franc1 AUD = 0.946 CHF1 CHF = 1.058 AUD
Australian DollarChinese Yuan1 AUD = 6.674 CNY1 CNY = 0.150 AUD
Canadian DollarSwiss Franc1 CAD = 0.944 CHF1 CHF = 1.059 CAD
Canadian DollarChinese Yuan1 CAD = 6.657 CNY1 CNY = 0.150 CAD
Swiss FrancChinese Yuan1 CHF = 7.049 CNY1 CNY = 0.142 CHF

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