Popular movies week 3 March 1985

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 03/March - 09/March - 1985. Do you remember Mannen från Mallorca by Bo Widerberg or Blood Theatre starring Mary Woronov, Jenny Cunningham, Jonathan Blakely, Andrew Cofrin ?

Mannen från Mallorca

Directed by: Bo Widerberg

Starring: Sven Wollter, Tomas von Brömssen, Håkan Serner, Ernst Günther

Blood Theatre

Directed by: Rick Sloane

Starring: Mary Woronov, Jenny Cunningham, Jonathan Blakely, Andrew Cofrin

A Test of Love

Directed by: Gil Brealey

Starring: Angela Punch McGregor, Drew Forsythe, Liddy Clark, Monica Maughan


Directed by: Neer Bikram Shah

Starring: Harihar Sharma, Neer Bikram Shah, Sharmila Malla, Hari Bansha Acharya

Godzilla 1985

Directed by: Koji Hashimoto, R.J. Kizer

Starring: Raymond Burr, Keiju Kobayashi, Ken Tanaka, Yasuko Sawaguchi


Directed by: Bobby Roth

Starring: Peter Coyote, Nick Mancuso, Carole Laure, Max Gail


Directed by: Alan Parker

Starring: Matthew Modine, Nicolas Cage, John Harkins, Sandy Baron

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Playa prohibida

Directed by: Enrique Gómez Vadillo

Starring: Sasha Montenegro, José Alonso, Jaime Garza, Óscar Alejandro

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