Popular movies week 16 September 1973

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 16/September - 22/September - 1973. Do you remember A Doll's House by Joseph Losey or L'automne starring Michael Lonsdale, Tamia ?

A Doll's House

Directed by: Joseph Losey

Starring: Jane Fonda, Edward Fox, Trevor Howard, Delphine Seyrig


Directed by: Marcel Hanoun

Starring: Michael Lonsdale, Tamia

Fantastic Planet

Directed by: René Laloux

Starring: Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Drake, Eric Baugin, Jean Topart

Country: United States


Directed by: Eberhard Schröder

Starring: Rinaldo Talamonti, Eva Mattern, Franz Muxeneder, Walter Feuchtenberg

Crypt of the Living Dead

Directed by: Julio Salvador, Ray Danton

Starring: Andrew Prine, Mark Damon, Patty Shepard, Teresa Gimpera

Bituing marikit

Directed by: Leonardo L. Garcia

Starring: Victor Wood, Norma Ledesma, Darius Razon, Lirio Vital

Shi duan gao shou

Directed by: Tso Nam Lee

Starring: Chao-Hsiung Hung, Te-Ren Liu, Hsin Tang, Ping An

Les anges

Directed by: Jean Desvilles

Starring: Bruno Pradal, Didier Haudepin, Corinne Le Poulain, Madeleine Ozeray

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