Popular movies week 24 May 1925

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 24/May - 30/May - 1925. Do you remember The Re-Creation of Brian Kent by Sam Wood or Love Sick starring Arthur Lake, Beth Darlington ?

The Re-Creation of Brian Kent

Directed by: Sam Wood

Starring: Kenneth Harlan, Helene Chadwick, Mary Carr, Zasu Pitts


Love Sick

Directed by: Charles Lamont

Starring: Arthur Lake, Beth Darlington

Riders of the Purple Sage

Directed by: Lynn Reynolds

Starring: Tom Mix, Beatrice Burnham, Arthur Morrison, Warner Oland

Breaking the Ice

Directed by: Alfred Santell

Starring: Ralph Graves, Thelma Parr, Marvin Loback, Dot Farley

A Tough Night

Directed by: Ralph Whiting

Starring: Jimmy Callahan

Tragedy of the Sea

The Going of Cumming

Directed by: Del Andrews

Starring: Alberta Vaughn, George O'Hara

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