1969: On This Year


1969 (MCMLXIX in Roman Numerals) was the year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1969th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations.

Is 1969 a year special to you? If so you may like to discover what 1969 was famous for, who won the Oscars and the Nobel Prizes in 1969, who was Time's Person of the Year in 1969, which books, music and movies were top of the charts in 1969, what Chinese zodiac sign is associated to 1969, what babynames were most popular that year, what was the World population on that year and what happend in 1969.

On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about 1969 to help you enjoy your trip down memory lane.


What was 1969 known for ?

  • In addition to marking the passage between the 1960s and 1970s, the year 1969 also saw the presidential torch pass from President Lyndon Johnson to Richard Nixon.
  • The newly-minted President, along with other world leaders, claimed jurisdiction over a world population estimated at 3.6 billion people. The most popular names that year were Michael, for boys, and Lisa, for girls. Included amongst all these newborns were rappers, R. Kelly and Puff Daddy; drummer, Dave Crohl; and actresses, Jennifer Anniston and Renee Zelleger. Sadly, as we all know, life finds its balance in death. In these 12 short months, the world lost Dwight Eisenhower, Judy Garland, Rocky Marciano, and Ho Chi Minh.
  • Those sitting down for a moving picture had a chance to see True Grit, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Wild Bunch. For the more academically-inclined, popular novel choices included Slaughterhouse-Five, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and The Andromeda Strain. Keep skimming to find out how this year changed computers and helped open the world’s eyes to a new frontier.
  • Some notable firsts in 1969, aside from the July 20th lunar landing, included the first test flight of a supersonic jetliner, the first successful eye transplant, the first Woodstock festival, and the opening of the first Wendy’s Hamburgers.
  • Science helped open the way to the lunar module, laser printer, Taser, and mousepad. In addition to seeing the first man on the moon, this year also witnessed hard-pressed US forces capture Hamburger Hill. Shortly after that, those same troops began to withdraw from Vietnam.
  • The year 1969 also saw the US withdraw the 500, 1000, 5000, and 10,000 dollar bills from circulation and ended the Supreme Court ban on “obscene materials”. Lastly, for all the children of the world, this year gave two two notable gifts: Sesame Street and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Regardless of whether you scrutinize the moon landing for hoaxes, or recently travelled across the country in a Boeing 747, the year 1969 helped make it all possible.

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1969: Oscar Winners of the Year

In 1969, during the 42nd Academy Awards Cerimony, held on 07/04/1970 the following movies, actors, actresses and directors were awarded with the Oscar in 6 categories honoring the films released in 1969:

What movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 1969?

The Oscar for Best Movie went to Midnight Cowboy, directed by John Schlesinger, starring Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles, John McGiver produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Director Oscar in 1969?

The Oscar for Best Director went to John Schlesinger, for the movie Midnight Cowboy, starring Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles, John McGiver produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1969?

The Oscar for Best Actor went to John Wayne, for the movie True Grit, starring John Wayne, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell, Jeremy Slate produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Actress Oscar in 1969?

The Oscar for Best Actress went to Maggie Smith, for the movie The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, starring Maggie Smith, Gordon Jackson, Robert Stephens, Pamela Franklin produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1969?

The Oscar for Best Supporting Actor went to Gig Young, for the movie They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, starring Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin, Susannah York, Gig Young produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1969?

The Oscar for Best Supporting Actress went to Goldie Hawn, for the movie Cactus Flower, starring Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, Goldie Hawn, Jack Weston produced in the United States of America.
world population

1969: Who was Time's Person of the Year?

The Middle Americans
In 1969, The Middle Americans was named by TIME magazine as Person of the Year. Also referred to as the silent majority.

1969: What were the most popular books published that year?

The most popular and best selling books in 1969 were:

The Arms Of Krupp by William Manchester

The Arms Of Krupp


From the middle of World War II to the end, the Krupp family was the most prominent German arms manufacturer. They produced artillery pieces as well as submarines that set the benchmark for effectiveness.

The Salzburg Connection by Helen MacInnes

The Salzburg Connection


He requested the dispatch of two operatives with proper training to Salzburg. Extreme measures may be necessary. In 1945, their thousand-year-old empire was falling around them, and the Allies on the heels. The Nazis hidden a sealed chest in dark …

Papillon by Henri Charrière



Henri Charrière, known as "Papillon" due to a butterfly tattoo on his chest, was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1931 and sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colony of French Guiana. Despite numerous failed escape attempts over the years, …

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Left Hand of Darkness


The novel tells the story of a human emissary tasked with integrating an alien world, whose inhabitants exist without a gender, into an expanding intergalactic civilization. The emissary must navigate the vast cultural differences between his own perspective and that …

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.



"Slaughterhouse-Five," an American classic, is a seminal antiwar novel that combines historical fiction, science fiction, autobiography, and satire to depict the life of Billy Pilgrim, a character who experiences the devastating firebombing of Dresden during World War II and grapples …

Rooster chinese zodiac sign

1969: What was the Chinese Zodiac sign associated with the year 1969?

According to the Chinese Zodiac and Astrology 1969 was the Year of the Rooster.

Discover Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Personality Traits of people born under the Rooster sign.

Nobel Prize

1969: Nobel Prize Winners of the Year

1969: Who won the Nobel Peace Prize ?

In 1969 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to:
  • International Labour Organization
world population

1969: What were the most popular baby names in the USA that year ?

The 3 most popular baby names in 1969 were Michael, David and James for boys and Lisa, Michelle and Jennifer for girls according to the US Census Bureau historical records.

1969: What were the Top #10 male names given to baby boys that year?

The Top # 10 male names given to baby boys in 1969 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • Michael
  • David
  • James
  • John
  • Robert
  • William
  • Christopher
  • Mark
  • Brian
  • Richard

1969: What were the Top #10 female names given to baby girls that year?

The Top # 10 female names given to baby girls in 1969 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • Lisa
  • Michelle
  • Jennifer
  • Kimberly
  • Melissa
  • Amy
  • Angela
  • Mary
  • Tammy
  • Laura

vinyl songs

1969: What was the number 1 song in the USA that year?

The number 1 song in the USA in 1969, i.e. the best selling and most popular song of tha year, was Sugar, Sugar by The Archies

1969: What was the music chart in the USA that year?

The Music Chart in the USA in 1969 with the top 10 most popular songs, was:

  1. Sugar, Sugar by The Archies
  2. Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones
  3. Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) by The 5th Dimension
  4. I Can't Get Next To You by The Temptations
  5. Crimson And Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells
  6. In The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus) by Zager & Evans
  7. Dizzy by Tommy Roe
  8. Come Together by The Beatles
  9. Everyday People by Sly & the Family Stone
  10. Get Back by The Beatles

1969: What was the number 1 song in the UK that year?

The number 1 song in the UK in 1969, i.e. the best selling and most popular song of tha year, was Sugar Sugar by Archies

1969: What was the music chart in the UK that year?

The Music Chart in the UK in 1969 with the top 10 most popular songs, was:

  1. Sugar Sugar by Archies
  2. Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  3. Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) by Peter Sarstedt
  4. Albatross by Fleetwood Mac
  5. I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye
  6. Gentle On My Mind by Dean Martin
  7. Goodbye by Mary Hopkin
  8. Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
  9. Get Back by Beatles With Billy Preston
  10. Give Peace A Chance by Plastic Ono Band

1969: What were the most popular movies that year ?

The most popular movies and box office hits in 1969 were:

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Release year: 1969

Directed by: George Roy Hill

Starring: Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross, Strother Martin

Country: United States of America

Midnight Cowboy

Release year: 1969

Directed by: John Schlesinger

Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles, John McGiver

Country: United States of America

Easy Rider

Release year: 1969

Directed by: Dennis Hopper

Starring: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Antonio Mendoza

Country: United States of America

True Grit

Release year: 1969

Directed by: Henry Hathaway

Starring: John Wayne, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell, Jeremy Slate

Country: United States of America

Cactus Flower

Release year: 1969

Directed by: Gene Saks

Starring: Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, Goldie Hawn, Jack Weston

Country: United States of America

world population

1969: What was the world population that year?

The world population in 1969 was 3,625,680,627 people according to data by United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. This figure includes both urban and rural populations. The urban population at that time accounted for 36.0% of the total population, which is roughly 1.3 billion individuals.The annual population change in 1969 was an increase of +74.2 million people, representing a percentage increase of +2.09% over the previous year.The average population density in 1969 was 15 persons per square mile (or 24 persons per square kilometer).


What happened in 1969?

Here's what happened in 1969:

  • Jan 2, 1969: Fig Leaves Are Falling opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 4 performances
  • Jan 3, 1969: Rep Adam Clayton Powell Jr seated by Congress
  • Jan 4, 1969: Fig Leaves Are Falling closes at Broadhurst NYC after 4 performances
  • Jan 5, 1969: Maggie Flynn closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 82 performances
  • Jan 6, 1969: WLIW TV channel 21 in Garden City, New York (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Jan 7, 1969: US Congress doubles Presidential salary.
  • Jan 9, 1969: 1st trial flight of Concorde
  • Jan 10, 1969: Pirate Radio Station Free Derby begins operation by Northern Ireland
  • Jan 11, 1969: Hooked on a Feeling by BJ Thomas peaks at #5
  • Jan 12, 1969: Golden Rainbow closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 355 performances
  • Jan 13, 1969: Beatles release Yellow Submarine album
  • Jan 14, 1969: 25 members of US aircraft carrier Enterprise die during maneuvers.
  • Jan 15, 1969: Soyuz 5 launched by Soviet Union
  • Jan 16, 1969: Soviet Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 perform 1st transfer of crew in space
  • Jan 17, 1969: Beatles release Yellow Submarine album in the UK
  • Jan 18, 1969: Expanded four-party Vietnam peace talks begin in Paris, France.
  • Jan 19, 1969: AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 38-25.
  • Jan 20, 1969: University of Arizona reports first optical identification of pulsar (in Crab Nebula).
  • Jan 21, 1969: 22nd NHL All-Star Game: West beat East 3-3 at MontrTal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Jan 22, 1969: Celebration opens at Ambassador Theater NYC for 110 performances
  • Jan 23, 1969: Cream releases their last album Goodbye
  • Jan 24, 1969: Queen Juliana is appointed honorary citizen of Addis Ababa.
  • Jan 25, 1969: US-North Vietnamese peace talks begin in Paris, France.
  • Jan 26, 1969: Red, White, and Maddox opens at Cort Theater NYC for 41 performances
  • Jan 27, 1969: 14 spies hung in Baghdad
  • Jan 28, 1969: Barbara Jo Rubin becomes 1st woman jockey to win in North America
  • Jan 29, 1969: Sheahan and Connolly hang on for exciting draw Australia versus West Indies.
  • Jan 30, 1969: Beatles perform their last gig together, a free concert
  • Jan 31, 1969: Beatles perform last live gig
  • Feb 1, 1969: Jim Morrison arrested for exposing himself in concert
  • Feb 2, 1969: KMST TV channel 46 in Monterey-Salinas, CA (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 3, 1969: The Palestine National Congress appoints Yasser Arafat head of Palestinian Liberation Organization.
  • Feb 4, 1969: 41,163, then largest NBA crowd, watches doubleheader Cin-Det, SD-Bost
  • Feb 5, 1969: Turn-On, debuts and cancelled by ABC after flopping so badly
  • Feb 6, 1969: Dear World opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 132 performances
  • Feb 7, 1969: This Is Tom Jones, debuts on ABC TV
  • Feb 8, 1969: Last edition of Saturday Evening Post.
  • Feb 9, 1969: Boeing 747 made its 1st commercial flight
  • Feb 10, 1969: LSU Pete Maravich scores 66, despite losing to Tulane 101-94.
  • Feb 11, 1969: Diana Crump becomes first US woman jockey to ride against men, Hialelah.
  • Feb 13, 1969: Suriname government of Pengel resigns.
  • Feb 14, 1969: Vito Genovese, US mafia chief, dies at age 71.
  • Feb 17, 1969: Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash record an album (never released).
  • Feb 18, 1969: PLO-attack El-Al plane in Zurich Switzerland
  • Feb 19, 1969: 1st Test flight of Boeing 747 jumbo jet
  • Feb 21, 1969: Ted Williams signs five-year contract to manage Washington Senators.
  • Feb 22, 1969: Barbara Jo Rubin wins a United States thoroughbred horse race making history as the first woman to do so.
  • Feb 23, 1969: WWVU (now WNPB) TV channel 24 in Morgantown, WV (PBS) 1st broadcast
  • Feb 24, 1969: Mariner 6 launched for Mars flyby
  • Feb 25, 1969: Beatles begin recording Abbey Road album
  • Feb 27, 1969: US President Richard Nixon visits West Berlin.
  • Feb 28, 1969: Ladies Figure Skating Champion in Colorado Springs won by Gabriele Seyfert, German Democratic Republic.
  • Mar 1, 1969: Red, White, and Maddox closes at Cort Theater NYC after 41 performances
  • Mar 2, 1969: Chinese-Russian borders fight (approximately 70 die).
  • Mar 3, 1969: Apollo program: NASA launches Apollo 9 to test the lunar module.
  • Mar 5, 1969: Gustav Heinemann elected President of West Germany.
  • Mar 8, 1969: Marriage of 12 year old Marcella Rosciglione in Palermo
  • Mar 10, 1969: James Earl Ray pleads guilty in murder of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Mar 12, 1969: 11th Grammy Awards: "Mrs Robinson", "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" win.
  • Mar 13, 1969: Apollo 9 returns to Earth.
  • Mar 14, 1969: Barbara Jo Rubin becomes 1st woman jockey to win at Aqueduct
  • Mar 15, 1969: US Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas resigns.
  • Mar 16, 1969: 1776 opens at 46th St. Theater NYC for 1217 performances
  • Mar 17, 1969: Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Open.
  • Mar 18, 1969: Come Summer opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC for 7 performances
  • Mar 19, 1969: Chicago 8 indicted in aftermath of Chicago Democratic convention.
  • Mar 20, 1969: US President Richard Nixon proclaims he will end Vietnam war in 1970.
  • Mar 21, 1969: US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
  • Mar 22, 1969: Billy opens and closes at Billy Rose Theater NYC after 1 performance
  • Mar 23, 1969: Rally for Decency held in Miami, Florida.
  • Mar 25, 1969: Andes Pact signed in Peru.
  • Mar 26, 1969: Marcus Welby MD, a TV movie is shown on ABC-TV
  • Mar 27, 1969: Launch of Mariner 7, flies 2,190-mi above southern Mars
  • Mar 28, 1969: Pope Paul VI names JGM Willebrands Cardinal
  • Mar 29, 1969: The Eurovision Song Contest 1969 is held in Madrid, and results in four co-winners, with 18 votes each, from Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France.
  • Mar 30, 1969: Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Port Malabar Golf Invitational.
  • Apr 1, 1969: Seattle Pilots trade minor league outfielder Lou Piniella to Kansas City Royals.
  • Apr 2, 1969: Milwaukee Bucks sign Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor).
  • Apr 4, 1969: Dr. Denton Cooley implants the first temporary artificial heart.
  • Apr 7, 1969: Ted Williams begins managing Washington Senators, they lose to New York Yankees 8-4.
  • Apr 8, 1969: Expansion teams Royals, Expos, Padres and Pilots win their 1st games
  • Apr 9, 1969: Chicago Cubs' Billy Williams hits four consecutive doubles, beat Philadelphis Phillies 11-3.
  • Apr 11, 1969: South African President Frederik de Klerk marries Marike Willemse.
  • Apr 12, 1969: Simon and Garfunkel releases Boxer
  • Apr 13, 1969: 33rd Golf Masters Championship: George Archer wins, shooting a 281.
  • Apr 14, 1969: 41st Academy Awards - Oliver, Cliff Robertson, and Katharine Hepburn/ Barbra Streisand win.
  • Apr 15, 1969: North Korea shoots at US airplane above Japanese sea.
  • Apr 17, 1969: Bernadette Devlin elected to British House of Commons.
  • Apr 18, 1969: Melina Mercouri establishes Greek Aid Fund
  • Apr 20, 1969: 23rd Tony Awards: Great White Hope and 1776 win.
  • Apr 21, 1969: 73rd Boston Marathon won by Yoshiaki Unetani of Japan in 2:13:49.
  • Apr 22, 1969: Robin Knox-Johnston ends 312-day non-stop sailing.
  • Apr 23, 1969: ABC Masters Bowling Tournament won by Jim Chestney.
  • Apr 24, 1969: Gen Lin Piao succeeds Mao, is seriously wounded
  • Apr 25, 1969: BBC Radio serial Dales 5,400th and last episode
  • Apr 26, 1969: Celebration closes at Ambassador Theater NYC after 110 performances
  • Apr 27, 1969: Carol Mann wins LPGA Raleigh Ladies Golf Invitational.
  • Apr 28, 1969: Charles de Gaulle resigns as President of France.
  • Apr 29, 1969: Trumpets of the Lord opens at Brooks Atkinson NYC for 7 performances
  • Apr 30, 1969: WEDB TV channel 40 in Berlin, NH (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • May 1, 1969: 43 Unification church couples wed in New York City
  • May 2, 1969: The British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 departs on her maiden voyage to New York City.
  • May 3, 1969: Trumpets of the Lord closes at Brooks Atkinson NYC after 7 performances
  • May 4, 1969: Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Shreveport Kiwanis Club Golf Invitational.
  • May 5, 1969: Pulitzer prize awarded to Norman Mailer
  • May 7, 1969: Lieutenant General Robert E Cushman, Jr, US Marine Corp, becomes deputy director of US Central Intelligence Agency.
  • May 8, 1969: Pope Paul VI publishes constitution Sacra Ritum Congregation
  • May 9, 1969: BPAA All-Star Bowling Tournament is won by Billy Hardwick.
  • May 10, 1969: Turtles play White House, Mark Volman falls off stage 5 times
  • May 11, 1969: Carol Mann wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open.
  • May 12, 1969: Kenneth H Wallis achieves record speed for an autogiro-179 KPH.
  • May 13, 1969: Race riots, later known as the May 13 Incident, take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • May 14, 1969: Last Chevrolet Corvair car built.
  • May 15, 1969: Associate Justice Abe Fortas resigns from US Supreme Court.
  • May 16, 1969: Barbra Streisand appears at a Friars Club Tribute
  • May 17, 1969: My Wife, My Dog, My Cat, by Maskman and The Agents hits #92
  • May 18, 1969: Apollo 10 (Stafford / Cernan / Young) launched toward lunar orbit
  • May 19, 1969: Coleman Hawkins, American jazz saxophonist (Born 1901)
  • May 20, 1969: US troops capture Hill 937/Hamburger Hill Vietnam.
  • May 21, 1969: After 9,015 at bats Hank Aaron is lifted for a pinch hitter, Mike Lum, who doubled in a 15-3 victory over the New York Mets.
  • May 22, 1969: Stafford and Cernan pilot Apollo 10 LEM 9.4 miles (15km) above lunar surface.
  • May 23, 1969: Lauwerszee Dike in Holland closes.
  • May 25, 1969: Midnight Cowboy released with an X rating
  • May 26, 1969: Apollo 10 astronauts returned to Earth.
  • May 27, 1969: Jerry Lewis Show second run, last airs on NBC-TV
  • May 28, 1969: AC Milan wins 14th Europe Cup 1 in Madrid, Spain.
  • May 30, 1969: Derek Clayton runs world record marathon (2:08:33.6) at Antwerp, Belgium.
  • May 31, 1969: Dear World closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 132 performances
  • Jun 1, 1969: Tobacco advertising is banned on Canadian radio and TV.
  • Jun 2, 1969: Australian aircraft carrier Melbourne slices US destroyer Frank E Evans in half, killing 74
  • Jun 3, 1969: Last episode of Star Trek airs on NBC
  • Jun 4, 1969: 22-year-old man sneaks into wheel pod of a jet parked in Havana and survives 9-hr flight to Spain despite thin oxygen levels at 29,000 ft
  • Jun 5, 1969: Dutch Antilles government of Kroon resigns
  • Jun 6, 1969: Joe Namath resigns from NFL after Pete Rozelle, football commissioner, said he must sell his stake in a bar
  • Jun 7, 1969: Johnny Cash Show, debuts on ABC-TV
  • Jun 8, 1969: Smothers Brothers comedy Hour, last airs on CBS-TV
  • Jun 9, 1969: Brian Jones quits (sic) Rolling Stones because of his drug problems
  • Jun 11, 1969: The Ballad Of John andYoko by The Beatles hit #1 in the UK
  • Jun 13, 1969: Mick Taylor leaves John Mayall Band and joins the Rolling Stones.
  • Jun 14, 1969: Oakland Athletics Reggie Jackson gets 10 RBIs to beat Red Sox 21-7
  • Jun 15, 1969: Hee Haw with Roy Clark and Buck Owens premieres on CBS TV
  • Jun 16, 1969: US Supreme Court rules suspension of Adam Clayton Powell Jr from House had been unconstitutional.
  • Jun 17, 1969: Oh! Calcutta! opens in NYC (almost entirely in the nude)
  • Jun 18, 1969: June 22 ampndash The National Convention of the Students for a Democratic Society, held in Chicago, collapses, and the Weatherman faction seizes control of the SDS National Office. Thereafter, any activity run from the National Office or bearing the name of SDS is Weatherman-controlled.
  • Jun 19, 1969: State troopers ordered to Cairo, Illinois, to quell racial disturbances.
  • Jun 20, 1969: Georges Pompidou sworn in as President of France
  • Jun 21, 1969: John Pennel pole vaults world record (5.45 m)
  • Jun 22, 1969: Aretha Franklin arrested in Detroit for creating a disturbance
  • Jun 23, 1969: French government of Couve de Murville resigns
  • Jun 24, 1969: The United Kingdom and Rhodesia sever diplomatic ties.
  • Jun 25, 1969: Longest tennis match in Wimbeldon history, Pancho Gonzalez beats Charles Pasarell in 112 game marathon (5 hours 12 minues).
  • Jun 27, 1969: Honduras / El Salvador breaks diplomatic relations due to soccer match
  • Jun 28, 1969: Stonewall riots begin in New York City, marking the start of the Gay Rights Movement.
  • Jun 29, 1969: 1st Jewish worship service at White House
  • Jun 30, 1969: Derek Clayton of Australia sets marathon record at 2:08:34.
  • Jul 1, 1969: John andYoko are hospitalized after a car crash
  • Jul 2, 1969: Ireland bowl out WI for 25 at Londonderry, win by 9 wkts
  • Jul 3, 1969: 78,000 attend Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Jul 4, 1969: Give Peace a Chance by Plastic Ono Band is released in the UK
  • Jul 5, 1969: 83rd Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Rod Laver beats J Newcombe (64 57 64 64)
  • Jul 6, 1969: Filming begins on Ned Kelly starring Mick Jagger
  • Jul 7, 1969: In Canada, the Official Languages Act is adopted making the French language equal to the English language throughout the Federal government.
  • Jul 8, 1969: Thor Heyerdahl and reed raft Ra II land in Barbados 57 days from Morocco
  • Jul 9, 1969: The United States Postal Service announces a stamp to commemorate the first landing on the Moon. A record 8,743,070 requests are received for first day covers.
  • Jul 10, 1969: Chilean Association of Librarians created
  • Jul 11, 1969: Rolling Stones release Honky Tonk Woman
  • Jul 12, 1969: 98th British Golf Open: Tony Jacklin shoots a 280 at Royal Lytham
  • Jul 13, 1969: Russia launches unmanned Luna 15 to Moon
  • Jul 14, 1969: Soccer war - Salvador-Honduras (1000 dead)
  • Jul 15, 1969: Cincinnati Reds' Lee May hits four home runs in a doubleheader.
  • Jul 16, 1969: Apollo 11, carrying 1st men to land on Moon, launched
  • Jul 17, 1969: The New York Times publicly takes back the ridicule of the rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard published in 13 Jan 1920 that spaceflight is impossible.ref name=quotastronauticsnow_com-indexquotRobert H. Goddard. ''The New York Times''. astronauticsnow.com/history/goddard/index.html 090118 astronauticsnow.com
  • Jul 18, 1969: Joe Namath agrees to sell interest in Bachelors 3, to stay in NFL
  • Jul 19, 1969: Apollo 11 goes into Moon orbit
  • Jul 20, 1969: 1st men on Moon, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Apollo 11
  • Jul 21, 1969: Neil Armstrong and Edwin ''Buzz'' Aldrin become the first men to walk on the Moon, during the Apollo 11 mission.
  • Jul 22, 1969: Aretha Franklin arrested for disturbing peace in Detroit
  • Jul 23, 1969: 40th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 9-3 at RFK Memorial, Washington DC
  • Jul 24, 1969: Muhammad Ali is convicted for refusing induction in US Army on appeal
  • Jul 25, 1969: 1st performance of Crosby, Stills, Nash andYoung (Fillmore East, NY)
  • Jul 26, 1969: Sharon Sites Adams, 39, becomes 1st lady to solo sail the Pacific
  • Jul 27, 1969: 15th LPGA Championship won by Betsy Rawls
  • Jul 29, 1969: Mariner 6 begins transmitting far-encounter photos of Mars.
  • Jul 30, 1969: Astros Denis Menke and Jim Wynn hit grandslams in 9th inn vs. Mets
  • Jul 31, 1969: KWIH TV channel 44 in Winona, MN (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Aug 1, 1969: 36th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: New York Jets 26, All-Stars 24 (74,208)
  • Aug 2, 1969: Bob Dylan makes surprise appearance at Hibbing HS Minn 10th reunion
  • Aug 3, 1969: Reds beats Phillies 19-17
  • Aug 4, 1969: Willie Stargell is first to hit a home run outside of Dodger Stadium.
  • Aug 5, 1969: Mariner 7 flies past Mars
  • Aug 6, 1969: Baltimore Orioles pull their third triple play (5-4-3 versus Kansas City Royals).
  • Aug 9, 1969: Zorba closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 305 performances
  • Aug 10, 1969: Don Sutton breaks his 13-game losing streak to Cubs with a 4-2 win
  • Aug 11, 1969: Don Drysdale retires because of damage to his right shoulder
  • Aug 12, 1969: Boston Celtics team sold for an NBA record $6 million.
  • Aug 13, 1969: Temp Commissioner Bowie Kuhn elected for 7-year term by unanimous vote
  • Aug 14, 1969: British troops intervene militarily in Northern Ireland.
  • Aug 15, 1969: Woodstock Music and Art Fair opens in New York State (Max Yasgur's Dairy Farm).
  • Aug 16, 1969: WATL TV channel 36 in Atlanta, Georgia begins broadcasting
  • Aug 17, 1969: 51st PGA Championship: Ray Floyd shoots a 276 at NCR Golf Club - Dayton, Ohio
  • Aug 18, 1969: Mick Jagger accidentally shot while filming Ned Kelly
  • Aug 19, 1969: Chicago Cubs' Ken Holtzman no-hits Atlanta Braves, 3-0.
  • Aug 20, 1969: 69 cm rainfall in Nelson Co., Virginia (state record)
  • Aug 21, 1969: Fire in Al-Aksa-mosque in Jerusalem
  • Aug 22, 1969: Beatles record a video for Long & Winding Road
  • Aug 23, 1969: Audrey McElmory (US) wins World Cycling Championships, Brno, Czechoslovakia (first American to win cycling race title since 1912).
  • Aug 24, 1969: Carol Mann wins LPGA Tournament of Champs Golf Tournament
  • Aug 27, 1969: Mike Procter hits six consecutive sixes (across two overs)
  • Aug 29, 1969: Joe Pepitone quits Yanks after being fined $500 for leaving the bench
  • Aug 30, 1969: 69th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Steve Melnyk
  • Aug 31, 1969: 25,000 attend New Orleans Pop Festival.
  • Sep 1, 1969: Libyan revolution, Colonel Moammar Gadhafi deposes King Idris.
  • Sep 2, 1969: New York Yankee Joe Pepitone is reinstated
  • Sep 5, 1969: Frente Obrero wins Dutch Antilles national elections
  • Sep 6, 1969: Cabaret closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 1166 performances
  • Sep 7, 1969: 83rd US Womens Tennis: Margaret Smith Court beats Nancy Richey (62 62)
  • Sep 8, 1969: 89th US Mens Tennis: Rodney G Laver beats Tony Roche (79 61 62 62)
  • Sep 9, 1969: Seaplane crashes at Indianapolis, kills 83
  • Sep 10, 1969: US performs nuclear test at Grand Valley, Colorado
  • Sep 13, 1969: Baltimore Orioles, win earliest AL Eastern division title
  • Sep 14, 1969: Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Wendell-West Golf Open
  • Sep 18, 1969: Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky get engaged
  • Sep 20, 1969: 18th Ryder Cup: Draw, 16-16 at Royal Birkdale, England
  • Sep 21, 1969: 58th Davis Cup: USA beats Romania in Cleveland (5-0)
  • Sep 22, 1969: Music Scene debuts on ABC-TV
  • Sep 23, 1969: 1st broadcast of Marcus Welby MD on ABC-TV
  • Sep 24, 1969: 1st Elvis convention, 2500 fans attend in Cincinnati
  • Sep 25, 1969: Organisation of the Islamic Conference founded.
  • Sep 26, 1969: Beatles release Abbey Road album
  • Sep 28, 1969: Minnesota vs. Baltimore, gains 530 yards passing!
  • Sep 29, 1969: Bright Promise, TV Daytime Soap
  • Oct 1, 1969: Concorde 001 test flight breaks sound barrier
  • Oct 2, 1969: Seattle Pilots play last game in Seattle, Washington, defeated by the Oakland Athletics' 3-1 for their 98th loss of year. The American League's newest franchise attracts only 677, 944 fans for the season and will play in Milwaukee as the Brewers next season.
  • Oct 4, 1969: Last wooden passenger subway cars retired at Brooklyn Myrtle Beach el
  • Oct 5, 1969: Carol Mann wins LPGA Mickey Wright Golf Invitational
  • Oct 6, 1969: WMPB TV channel 67 in Baltimore, Maryland (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 7, 1969: WJMN TV channel 3 in Escanaba, MI (ABC / NBC) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 8, 1969: The opening rally of the Days of Rage occurs, organized by the Weather Underground in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Oct 11, 1969: Blues artist Muddy Waters involved in a car crash that kills 3
  • Oct 12, 1969: 1st time 5 people in space
  • Oct 13, 1969: Billy Martin (97-65) is fired as manager of AL West-winning Twins
  • Oct 14, 1969: Palme government forms in Sweden
  • Oct 15, 1969: Bank of America World Headquarters (555 California) dedicated
  • Oct 16, 1969: 100-1 shot New York Mets beat Orioles 5-3 and win 66th World Series in 5
  • Oct 17, 1969: Soyuz 7 returns to Earth.
  • Oct 18, 1969: Rod Stewart joins Small Faces
  • Oct 19, 1969: J Bock and S Harnicks musical Rothschilds, premieres in New York City
  • Oct 20, 1969: WKYH (now WYMT) TV channel 57 in Hazard, KY (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 21, 1969: Bloodless coup in Somalia (National Day)
  • Oct 22, 1969: KAPN-AM in Santa Barbara CA changes call letters to KDB-AM
  • Oct 23, 1969: Jimmy opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 84 performances
  • Oct 26, 1969: Carol Mann wins LPGA Corpus Christi Civitan Golf Open
  • Oct 27, 1969: Nobel prize for economy awarded to John Tinbergen
  • Oct 29, 1969: Supreme Court orders end to all school desegregation at once
  • Oct 30, 1969: WXPO (now WNDS) TV channel 50 in Manchester, NH (IND) 1st broadcast
  • Oct 31, 1969: Race riot in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Nov 2, 1969: NFL record of 12 passing touchdowns, New Orleans Saints' Billy Kramer and Saint Louis Rams' Charlie Johnson pass for six touchdowns each.
  • Nov 3, 1969: Congo President Mobutu visits Belgium
  • Nov 6, 1969: 1st Cy Young Award tie (Mike Cuellar, Baltimore & Denny McLain, Det)
  • Nov 7, 1969: John andYoko release their 2nd album Wedding Album in the UK
  • Nov 9, 1969: A group of Amerindians, led by Richard Oakes, seizes Alcatraz Island for 19 months, inspiring a wave of renewed Indian pride and government reform.
  • Nov 10, 1969: Sesame Street premieres on PBS TV
  • Nov 11, 1969: Beatles with Billy Preston release Get Back in the UK
  • Nov 12, 1969: Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn expelled from Soviet Writers Union
  • Nov 13, 1969: US Vice President Spiro T Agnew accuses network TV news depths of bias and distortion.
  • Nov 14, 1969: 2nd Vietnam Moratorium Day in US
  • Nov 15, 1969: 1st commercial ad on English TV: Birds-Eye Peas on ATV (Midland)
  • Nov 16, 1969: 1968 massacre of civilians at Mylai South Vietnam, by US is 1st reported
  • Nov 17, 1969: SALT-discussions open in Helsinki Finland
  • Nov 19, 1969: WENY TV channel 36 in Elmira, New York (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Nov 20, 1969: Alcatraz Island off SF, is seized by militant Native Americans
  • Nov 21, 1969: KXIX (now KVCT) TV channel 19 in Victoria, TX (ABC) 1st broadcast
  • Nov 22, 1969: Isolation of single gene announced by scientists at Harvard University
  • Nov 24, 1969: Lt William L Calley, charged with massacre of over 100 civilians in My Lai Vietnam in March 1968, ordered to stand trial by court martial
  • Nov 25, 1969: Kansas City outfielder Lou Piniella is voted AL Rookie of Year
  • Nov 26, 1969: 35th Heisman Trophy Award: Steve Owens, Oklahoma (RB)
  • Nov 28, 1969: Ted Sizemore becomes 7th Dodger to win NL Rookie of Year
  • Nov 30, 1969: 57th CFL Grey Cup: Ottawa Rough Riders defeats Saskatchewan, 29-11
  • Dec 1, 1969: US government holds its first draft lottery since WWII.
  • Dec 2, 1969: Buck White opens at George Abbott Theater NYC for 7 performances
  • Dec 3, 1969: John Lennon is offered role of Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Dec 4, 1969: Black Panther Party members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark are shot and killed in their sleep during a raid by 14 Chicago police officers.
  • Dec 5, 1969: US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
  • Dec 6, 1969: Buck White closes at George Abbott Theater NYC after 7 performances
  • Dec 8, 1969: Police surprise attack on Black-Panthers in LA
  • Dec 11, 1969: Libya adopts constitution.
  • Dec 12, 1969: Hello Dolly with Barbra Striesand premieres
  • Dec 14, 1969: La Strada opens / closes at Lunt Fontanne NYC for 1 performance
  • Dec 15, 1969: San Francisco Fire Department replaces leather helmets with plastic ones
  • Dec 16, 1969: War is Over! If You Want It, Happy Christmas from John andYoko posters begin appearing
  • Dec 17, 1969: 50m TV viewers saw singer Tiny Tim marry Miss Vicky, on Tonight Show
  • Dec 18, 1969: Coco opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 333 performances
  • Dec 21, 1969: Diana Ross final TV appearance as a Supreme (Ed Sullivan Show)
  • Dec 22, 1969: Pete Marovich sets NCAA record of hitting 30 of 31 foul shots.
  • Dec 25, 1969: India all out for 163 at Madras versus Australia, Ashley Mallett 5-91.
  • Dec 28, 1969: Dallas Cowboys' kicker Mike Clark, attempting an on-side kick against Cleveland Browns, misses the ball.
  • Dec 29, 1969: New York Times reports Curt Flood will sue baseball and challenge the reserve clause
  • Dec 30, 1969: The Linwood bank robbery leaves two police officers dead.
  • Dec 31, 1969: The date you are commonly given when a computer's time is set to 0 in seconds. Start of the Unix Epoch.
  • Jan 5, 1969: The Venera 5 space probe is launched at 06:28:08 UTC[24] from Baikonur.[25]


What does the year 1969 refer to in the Gregorian calendar?

The year 1969 refers to a specific year in the Gregorian calendar, which is commonly used internationally. It is the 70th year of the 20th century and the 9th year of the 1960s decade. In the Gregorian calendar, it follows 1968 and precedes 1970.

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