October 13

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened throughout history on October 13. From 1900 until now. October 13 is under the sign of Libra. Famous birthdays on this day include Margaret Thatcher (1925), Sacha Baron Cohen (1971) and Yves Montand (1921). Several movies were released around October 13 over the years, such as The Great Dictator in 1940 directed by Charles Chaplin and Le cercle rouge in 1970 directed by Jean-Pierre Melville.
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Which were the most popular Movies released around October 13 over the years?
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The Great Dictator

The Great Dictator

Release year: 1940

Directed by: Charles Chaplin

Starring: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie, Reginald Gardiner

Country: United States of America

Le cercle rouge

Le cercle rouge

Release year: 1970

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Melville

Starring: Alain Delon, Bourvil, Gian Maria Volontè, Yves Montand

Country: United States of America

Dances with Wolves

Dances with Wolves

Release year: 1990

Directed by: Kevin Costner

Starring: Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, Rodney A. Grant

Country: United States of America

Shoot the Piano Player

Shoot the Piano Player

Release year: 1960

Directed by: François Truffaut

Starring: Charles Aznavour, Marie Dubois, Nicole Berger, Michèle Mercier

Country: United States of America



Release year: 1950

Directed by: Alberto Gout

Starring: Ninón Sevilla, Tito Junco, Andrea Palma, Rubén Rojo


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  • RC Saints - translation (1163) of Saint Edward the Confessor; memorial of Saint Gerald of Aurillac
  • Roman festivals - Fontanalia: festival dedicated to Fontus
  • French Republican Calendar - POche (Peach) Day, twenty-second day in the Month of VendTmiaire
  • Also see October 13 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
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  • 2018 War in Afghanistan: A motorcycle rigged with explosives is detonated at an election rally in northeastern Afghanistan, killing at least 14 people, including civilians and security forces. (ABC News)
  • 2017 Human rights in the Philippines: A group of civil society organizations, "among them groups working on human rights, youth and drug policy reform," have demanded that Apple Inc. remove from its App Store games it said violated the tech firm's guidelines and promoted violence and killings commonplace in the Philippine Drug War. (Reuters)
  • 2016 Yemeni Crisis (2011–present): The U.S. military launches Tomahawk cruise missiles from the USS Nitze against Houthi-controlled radar sites in Yemen following two incidents in which, according to U.S. military, missiles were fired on United States Navy vessels in the Red Sea. (Reuters), (NBC News)
  • 2015 Syrian Civil War, Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil War: Two shells hit the Russian embassy in Syria's capital Damascus, as hundreds of pro-government supporters rallied outside in support of Russian airstrikes. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the shelling as "a terrorist act." (BBC)
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Which were the most popular books released around October 13 over the years?
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Nothing Like It In The World by Stephen E. Ambrose

Nothing Like It In The World

Year: 2000


Nothing Like It in the World gives the account of an unprecedented feat of engineering, vision, and courage. It is the story of the men who built the transcontinental railroad—the investors

Bag of Bones by Stephen King

Bag of Bones

Year: 1998


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephen King, a powerful tale of grief, of love's enduring bonds, and the haunting secrets of the past.Four years after the sudden death of his wife, forty-year-old bestselling novelist Mike Noonan is still …

W Is For Wasted by Sue Grafton

W Is For Wasted

Year: 2013


The first victim was a local PI of suspect reputation who’d been gunned down near the beach at Santa Teresa. The other body was found on the beach six weeks later—a

The Passions Of The Mind by Irving Stone

The Passions Of The Mind

Year: 1971


Compelling portrait of the Viennese neurologist, focuses on the intense, agonized years of research which resulted in his discovery of the science of psychoanalysis

The Great Shark Hunt by Hunter S. Thompson

The Great Shark Hunt

Year: 1979


The first volume in Hunter S. Thompson’s bestselling Gonzo Papers offers brilliant commentary and outrageous humor, in his signature style.Originally published in 1979, the first volume of the bestselling "Gonzo Papers"

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