How old am I if I was born on February 22nd, 1926?

If your birthday is on February 22nd, 1926 you are:

95 years 7 months and 25 days

or 1147 months and 25 days

or 4990 weeks and 6 days

or 34936 days


You belong to the Silent Generation.

On your day of birth it was Monday, (see February 1926 calendar). Planets were aligned according to February 22nd, 1926 zodiac chart.

You share your birthday with some famous people such as:

  • Drew Barrymore

    American actress and noted family, the daughter of John Drew Barrymore and Idelko Jaid who bears the name of an acting f...

  • Steve Irwin

    Australian television personality and environmentalist, he is arguably best known as a crocodile handler.

  • Kyle MacLachlan

    American actor, best known for his performance as a small town innocent in "Blue Velvet," 1986.

  • Jeri Ryan

    American actress

  • Thomas Jane

    American actor director and producer.

In 1926 the most popular girl names were: Mary, Dorothy, and Betty and boy names were Robert, John, and James.

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