1926: On This Year


1926 (MCMXXVI in Roman Numerals) was the year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1926th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations.

Is 1926 a year special to you? If so you may like to discover what 1926 was famous for, who won the Oscars and the Nobel Prizes in 1926, who was Time's Person of the Year in 1926, which books, music and movies were top of the charts in 1926, what Chinese zodiac sign is associated to 1926, what babynames were most popular that year, what was the World population on that year and what happend in 1926.

On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about 1926 to help you enjoy your trip down memory lane.


What was 1926 known for ?

  • One might say that the Space Age began in 1926. It was this year that Robert Goddard launched the first successful liquid-fueled rocket into flight.
  • This scientific development would ultimately make it possible to launch objects, and eventually humans, into space. So Goddard is justifiably credited with being the man to usher in the Space Age with his work on rockets.
  • In the Soviet Union, a major political development occurred with the expulsion of Leon Trotskyfrom the Soviet Politburo, the highest policy-making authority in the Soviet Union’s Communist Party. This paved the way for Joseph Stalin to solidify his control in the Soviet Union and the exile would also go on to have a profound effect upon Western politics as well. This was particularly the case in the United States; as ex-Trotsky supporters would go on to have a profound influence on the “neoconservatives,” a group that would re-shape American conservatism in the 20th century.
  • In an important media development, the American broadcasting network, NBC, opened as a radio network. It would not be long before the network expanded to television programming, which it is mostly known for at the time of this writing.
  • This was the year that the famous American entertainer, Bing Crosby, made his first recording, singing “I’ve Got the Girl.” As one star rose, though, another faded. 1926 was the year that the great magician, Harry Houdini, died.
  • 1926 was also a notable year for film and literature. In the field of literature, A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh was published; creating a world that would delight children for generations, especially after Disney took ownership in the 1960’s. In film, Aloma of the South Seas was the highest grossing film that year, and would go on to inspire a remake of the same title in 1941. What Price Glory? would also make a strong showing, and would also inspire a remake in 1951. This was the year that American actor, John Wayne, made his on-screen debut in an un-credited role as a Yale University football player in Brown of Harvard.

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1926: What were the most popular books published that year?

The most popular and best selling books in 1926 were:

Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim


Jim, a young British seaman, abandons a ship full of pilgrims, but the passengers are later saved, leading to his public censure. Joseph Conrad, a Polish author who wrote in English, is regarded as one of the greatest novelists of …

The Day Of The Jackal by Frederick Forsyth

The Day Of The Jackal


THE CLASSIC THRILLER FROM #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR FREDERICK FOSTER"The Day of the Jackal makes comparable books like The Manchurian Candidate or The Spy Who Came in From the Cold look like Hardy Boy mysteries The

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being by Milan Kundera

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being


Milan Kundera's The Unbearable lightness of Being tells the story about a young woman who falls in love with a man who is unable to choose between his love for her or his incorrigible womanizing.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

The Secret History


Donna Tartt won the Pulitzer Prize 2014 for her novel The Goldfinch. She established herself as an important talent with The Secret History which is now a modern classic.

The Dead Zone by Stephen King

The Dead Zone



Tiger chinese zodiac sign

1926: What was the Chinese Zodiac sign associated with the year 1926?

According to the Chinese Zodiac and Astrology 1926 was the Year of the Tiger.

Discover Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Personality Traits of people born under the Tiger sign.

Nobel Prize

1926: Nobel Prize Winners of the Year

world population

1926: What were the most popular baby names in the USA that year ?

The 3 most popular baby names in 1926 were Robert, John and James for boys and Mary, Dorothy and Betty for girls according to the US Census Bureau historical records.

1926: What were the Top #10 male names given to baby boys that year?

The Top # 10 male names given to baby boys in 1926 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • Robert
  • John
  • James
  • William
  • Charles
  • George
  • Richard
  • Joseph
  • Donald
  • Edward

1926: What were the Top #10 female names given to baby girls that year?

The Top # 10 female names given to baby girls in 1926 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • Mary
  • Dorothy
  • Betty
  • Helen
  • Margaret
  • Ruth
  • Doris
  • Virginia
  • Mildred
  • Frances

vinyl songs

1926: What was the number 1 song in the USA that year?

The number 1 song in the USA in 1926, i.e. the best selling and most popular song of tha year, was I'm Sitting on Top of the World by Al Jolson

1926: What was the music chart in the USA that year?

The Music Chart in the USA in 1926 with the top 10 most popular songs, was:

  1. I'm Sitting on Top of the World by Al Jolson
  2. Breezin' Along with the Breeze by Johnny Marvin
  3. When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along by Al Jolson
  4. Dinah by Revelers
  5. Just a Cottage Small by John McCormack
  6. I Wonder Where My Baby is To-night? by Henry Burr & Billy Murray
  7. Muskrat Ramble by Louis Armstrong
  8. I Never Knew by Gene Austin
  9. Sorry and Blue by Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra

1926: What were the most popular movies that year ?

The most popular movies and box office hits in 1926 were:

The Son of the Sheik

Release year: 1926

Directed by: George Fitzmaurice

Starring: Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Bánky, George Fawcett, Montagu Love

Country: United States of America

The Black Pirate

Release year: 1926

Directed by: Albert Parker

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Billie Dove, Tempe Pigott, Donald Crisp

Country: United States of America

Don Juan

Release year: 1926

Directed by: Alan Crosland

Starring: Jane Winton, John Roche, Warner Oland, Estelle Taylor

Country: United States of America

Beau Geste

Release year: 1926

Directed by: Herbert Brenon

Starring: Ronald Colman, Neil Hamilton, Ralph Forbes, Alice Joyce

Country: United States of America

Brown of Harvard

Release year: 1926

Directed by: Jack Conway

Starring: William Haines, Jack Pickford, Mary Brian, Francis X. Bushman Jr.

Country: United States of America


What happened in 1926?

Here's what happened in 1926:

  • Jan 1, 1926: Flood in Rhine strikes Cologne, Germany.
  • Jan 3, 1926: Theodoros Pangalos declares himself dictator in Greece.
  • Jan 4, 1926: Theodorus Pangalos resigns as Greek dictator.
  • Jan 5, 1926: James Cox of Ford Motors announces 8 hour day and $5 daily minimum wage
  • Jan 6, 1926: Kees Boeke opens first comprehensive school in Holland.
  • Jan 12, 1926: The two-man comedy series "Sam 'n' Henry" debuts on Chicago's WGN radio station. The creators and the stars of the new radio program are Freeman Gosden and Charles Carrell.
  • Jan 16, 1926: A ''BBC'' radio play about a worker's revolution causes a panic in London.
  • Jan 17, 1926: George Burns marries Gracie Allen
  • Jan 21, 1926: The Belgian Parliament accepts the Locarno treaties.
  • Jan 22, 1926: Belgian chief of staff General Maglinse quits.
  • Jan 26, 1926: Television first demonstrated (John L Baird, London England).
  • Jan 27, 1926: 1st public demonstration of television, John L Baird, London
  • Jan 29, 1926: Eugene O'Neill's ''The Great God Brown'' opens at the Greenwich Theatre.
  • Jan 31, 1926: British and Belgian troops leave Cologne.
  • Feb 1, 1926: Kirghiz Autonomous Region in RSFSR becomes Kirghiz ASSR.
  • Feb 4, 1926: Austrian chancellor Seipel wants to join Germany.
  • Feb 6, 1926: St. Louis Browns acquire catcher Wally Schang from New York Yankees
  • Feb 8, 1926: German Reichstag decides to apply for League of Nations membership.
  • Feb 9, 1926: Teaching theory of evolution is forbidden in Atlanta, Georgia, USA schools.
  • Feb 10, 1926: Building of Olympian Stadium Amsterdam, begins
  • Feb 11, 1926: Tokelau (Union) islands in south Pacific transfers to New Zealand.
  • Feb 12, 1926: Barendrecht soccer team forms
  • Feb 15, 1926: Brooks Atkinson Theater opens at 256 W 47th St, New York City
  • Feb 16, 1926: Suzanne Lenglen defeats Helen Wills in Tennis at Cannes France
  • Feb 17, 1926: Avalanche buries 75 people in Sap Gulch in Bingham, Utah, USA; 40 die.
  • Feb 20, 1926: Berlin International Green Week in Berlin starts for its first time
  • Feb 25, 1926: Kwo-Min-Tang (Guomindang) declares war on government / warlords
  • Feb 26, 1926: Dark Street in the Bronx renamed Lustre Street
  • Mar 3, 1926: International Greyhound Racing Association formed (Miami, Florida).
  • Mar 4, 1926: De Geer government in the Netherlands takes office
  • Mar 6, 1926: China asks for a seat in the League of Nations Security council.
  • Mar 7, 1926: First transatlantic telephone call (London - New York).
  • Mar 9, 1926: Bertha Landes elected 1st woman Mayor of Seattle
  • Mar 10, 1926: Run on Belgian banks.
  • Mar 11, 1926: Eamon da Valera ends leadership of Sinn Fein.
  • Mar 12, 1926: Pope Pius XI names J E van Roey archbishop of Malines, Belgium.
  • Mar 15, 1926: The dictator Theodoros Pangalos is elected President of Greece without opposition.
  • Mar 16, 1926: History of Rocketry: Robert Goddard launched the first liquid-fueled rocket, at Auburn, Massachusetts.
  • Mar 17, 1926: Dutch Calvinists oust Reverend J G Geelkerken over Genesis 3.
  • Mar 23, 1926: NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens outscore Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-4 in two games.
  • Mar 24, 1926: The Beehive in the Hague opens 1st escalator in the Netherlands
  • Mar 26, 1926: The 1st lip-reading tournament held in America
  • Mar 31, 1926: German Special Court of Justice for state security disbands.
  • Apr 1, 1926: Halsteren Soccer team forms in Halsteren
  • Apr 2, 1926: Riots between Muslims and Hindus in Calcutta, India.
  • Apr 3, 1926: Italy establishes corp of force in order to break powerful unions.
  • Apr 4, 1926: Greek dictator Theodoros Pangalos is elected president.
  • Apr 6, 1926: Varney Airlines makes its first commercial flight (Varney is the root company of United Airlines).
  • Apr 7, 1926: Forest fire burns 900 acres and kills two (San Luis Obispo, California, USA).
  • Apr 11, 1926: Flemish Economic Covenant (VEV) forms in Ghent.
  • Apr 12, 1926: Dutch Catholic Radio Broadcast (KRO) forms.
  • Apr 13, 1926: Bicyclists without bicycle-tax-stamp rounded up in Amsterdam
  • Apr 16, 1926: Book of the Month Club sends out its first selections Lolly Willowes and Loving Huntsman by Sylvia Townsend Warner.
  • Apr 18, 1926: Rhein Stadium opens in Dusseldorf Germany
  • Apr 19, 1926: 30th Boston Marathon won by Johnny Miles of Canada in 2:25:40.4.
  • Apr 20, 1926: Western Electric and Warner Bros. announce Vitaphone, a process to add sound to film.
  • Apr 22, 1926: Persia, Turkey and Afghanistan sign treaties of security.
  • Apr 24, 1926: The Treaty of Berlin is signed. Germany and the Soviet Union each pledge neutrality in the event of an attack on the other by a third party for the next five years.
  • Apr 25, 1926: Persian cossack officer Reza Chan crowns himself Shah Palawi.
  • Apr 26, 1926: Germany and Russia sign neutrality / peace treaty
  • Apr 29, 1926: France and US reach accord on repayment of WWI.
  • Apr 30, 1926: African-American pilot Bessie Coleman is killed after falling from an airplane.
  • May 1, 1926: Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Braves deadlock at 1-1 in 26 innings
  • May 2, 1926: US military intervenes in Nicaragua
  • May 3, 1926: Pulitzer prize awarded to Sinclair Lewis (Arrowsmith)
  • May 4, 1926: General strike hits Britain
  • May 5, 1926: Geldrop soccer team forms
  • May 8, 1926: 1st flight over North Pole (Bennett & Byrd)
  • May 9, 1926: Admiral Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett claim to have flown over the North Pole (later discovery of Byrd's diary seems to indicate that this did not happen).
  • May 10, 1926: 52nd Preakness: John Maiben aboard Display wins in 1:59.8.
  • May 11, 1926: Airship Norge leaves Spitsbergen for 1st air crossing of Arctic O
  • May 12, 1926: Airship Norge is 1st vessel to fly over North Pole
  • May 15, 1926: British general strike ends, but mine workers go on strike.
  • May 17, 1926: German Government of Wilhelm Marx takes power.
  • May 18, 1926: Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson vanished in Venice California She showed up a month later and said she had been kidnapped
  • May 19, 1926: French air force bombs Damascus, Syria.
  • May 20, 1926: Railway Labor Act became law.
  • May 22, 1926: Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue by Gene Austin hits #1
  • May 23, 1926: Lebanese constitution is established under French mandate.
  • May 24, 1926: Paavo Nurmi runs world record 3000 metres (8:25.4).
  • May 25, 1926: Sholom Schwartzbard assassinates Symon Petliura, the head of the Paris-based government-in-exile of Ukrainian People's Republic.
  • May 26, 1926: Lebanon adopts constitution.
  • May 28, 1926: US Customs Court created by Congress.
  • May 31, 1926: Sesquicentennial Exposition opens in Philadelphia
  • Jun 1, 1926: Ignacy Mocicki elected President of Poland
  • Jun 4, 1926: Ignacy Moscicki becomes president of Poland.
  • Jun 5, 1926: Indians triple-play Yankees and win 15-3
  • Jun 6, 1926: Egyptian government of Adly Pasha forms
  • Jun 7, 1926: Swedish government of Ekman forms
  • Jun 10, 1926: Phillies Russ Wrightstone hits for the cycle
  • Jun 12, 1926: 58th Belmont: Albert Johnson aboard Crusader wins in 2:32.2
  • Jun 14, 1926: 2nd French Womens Tennis: Suzanne Lenglen beats Mary K Browne (61 60)
  • Jun 15, 1926: 7th French government of Briand falls
  • Jun 18, 1926: Theodor Lessing laid-off because he is a Jew in Hanover
  • Jun 19, 1926: DeFord Bailey is the first African-American to perform on Nashville's Grand Ole Opry.
  • Jun 20, 1926: Mordecai W Johnson becomes 1st black President of Howard University
  • Jun 22, 1926: Cardinals pick up 39-year-old Grover Alexander on waivers from Cubs
  • Jun 23, 1926: 8th government of Briand van France forms
  • Jun 25, 1926: 61st British Golf Open: Bobby Jones shoots a 291 at Royal Lytham
  • Jun 29, 1926: Carter Woodson wins Springarn Medal for research of Black history
  • Jul 1, 1926: Canada restores gold standard
  • Jul 2, 1926: US Army Air Corps created; Distinguish Flying Cross authorized.
  • Jul 3, 1926: A Caudron C-61 aircraft operated by Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne crashes in Czechoslovakia.
  • Jul 4, 1926: Baronie soccer team forms in Breda Neth
  • Jul 9, 1926: Chiang Kai-shek appointed to national-revolutionary Supreme Commander
  • Jul 10, 1926: 30th US Golf Open: Bobby Jones shoots a 293 at Scioto Country Club - Ohio
  • Jul 12, 1926: Guomindangleger draws against warlord Wu Peifu
  • Jul 13, 1926: Paavo Nurmi runs world record 3000m (8:20.4)
  • Jul 15, 1926: VPRO (Free thinking Protestant Radio Broadcast) forms
  • Jul 16, 1926: Jaspar government asks authority to save Belgian franc
  • Jul 17, 1926: Paavo Nurmi walks world record 4x1500m (16:11.4)
  • Jul 19, 1926: 2nd French government of Herriot, forms
  • Jul 20, 1926: A convention of the Southern Methodist Church votes to allow women to become ministers.
  • Jul 22, 1926: 108 degrees F (42 degrees C), Troy, New York (state record).
  • Jul 23, 1926: Belgian NMBS / SNCFB forms
  • Jul 26, 1926: Philippines government asks US to plebiscite for independence
  • Jul 28, 1926: US and Panamanian pact about safeguard of Panama Canal
  • Jul 30, 1926: Albanian boundaries deduced
  • Aug 1, 1926: Battles between Druzen and French in Damascus
  • Aug 3, 1926: Traffic lights installed on Piccadilly Circus
  • Aug 5, 1926: 1st talkie movie Don Juan at Warner Theatre, New York
  • Aug 6, 1926: Don Juan with John Barrymore shown
  • Aug 10, 1926: Italian-Spanish peace treaty signed
  • Aug 11, 1926: Cleveland Indians' Tris Speaker hits his 700th MLB double.
  • Aug 17, 1926: Greek-Serbian / Croatian / Slavs peace treaty signed
  • Aug 18, 1926: Weather map televised for 1st time
  • Aug 20, 1926: Uprising against Reza Shah Pahlawi in Persia
  • Aug 22, 1926: Gold is discovered in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Aug 23, 1926: 40th US Womens Tennis: Molla B Mallory beats Elizabeth Ryan (46 64 97)
  • Aug 25, 1926: Pavlos Koundouris becomes President of Greece
  • Aug 28, 1926: Indian Emil Levsen pitches complete doubleheader victory (Red Sox)
  • Sep 1, 1926: British Columbia Rugby Football Union forms
  • Sep 2, 1926: Italy signs treaty with Yemen
  • Sep 8, 1926: League of Nations Assembly voted unanimously to admit Germany
  • Sep 9, 1926: Train disaster at Wassenaar Neth, 4 die
  • Sep 10, 1926: Allies-German treaty of Koblenz drawn
  • Sep 11, 1926: 21st Davis Cup: USA beats France in Philadelphia (4-1)
  • Sep 14, 1926: Guido Companions birthplace as a museum opens
  • Sep 15, 1926: Failed attempt on Mussolini
  • Sep 16, 1926: Italian-Romanian peace treaty signed
  • Sep 17, 1926: Hurricane hits Miami and Palm Beach Florida; about 450 die
  • Sep 18, 1926: 46th US Mens Tennis: Rene Lacoste beats Jean Borotra (64 60 64)
  • Sep 19, 1926: 80,000 demonstrate for democratic peace in Hague
  • Sep 20, 1926: Twelve blue cars full of gangsters open fire at the Hawthorne Inn, Al Capone's Chicago headquarters. Only one of Capone's men is wounded.
  • Sep 22, 1926: Belgian crown Prince Leopold and Swedish Princess Astrid get engaged
  • Sep 23, 1926: The League of Nations Slavery Convention abolishes all types of slavery.
  • Sep 24, 1926: Cardinals clinch NL pennant by beating Giants 6-4
  • Sep 25, 1926: 9th PGA Championship: Walter Hagen at Salisbury Golf Club - Westbury, New York
  • Sep 26, 1926: Shortest double header, New York Yankees lose 6-1 in 72 minutes and lose again 6-2 in 55 minutes to the Saint Louis Browns. New York Yankees had already clinched pennant.
  • Sep 28, 1926: Russia and Latvia treaty of neutrality signed
  • Sep 29, 1926: Norma Shearer wed Irving Thalberg
  • Sep 30, 1926: German / French / Belgian / Luxembourg steel cartel closes
  • Oct 2, 1926: Bert Gibb of Hamilton Tigers kicks 9 singles in a NFL football game.
  • Oct 3, 1926: 1st Congress of Paneuropabeweging opens in Vienna
  • Oct 4, 1926: Dahlia is officially designated as SF city flower
  • Oct 6, 1926: Babe Ruth hits three home runs in a world series game, New York Yankees beat Saint Louis Cardinals 10-5 (World Series #23).
  • Oct 7, 1926: Actress Theo Mann-Master resigns from stage
  • Oct 9, 1926: Dutch Queen Wilhelmina opens Royal Colonial Institution
  • Oct 12, 1926: British miners agree to end their strike.
  • Oct 14, 1926: Walter Johnson retires, signs 2-year contract to manage Newark
  • Oct 15, 1926: Austria government of Seipel, forms
  • Oct 16, 1926: Mohammed Nadir Khan begins coup in Afghanistan, 1200 killed
  • Oct 18, 1926: Frankfurter Zeitung publishes Lenins political testament
  • Oct 19, 1926: John C Garand patents semi-automatic rifle
  • Oct 20, 1926: Hurricane in Cuba, kills 600
  • Oct 22, 1926: Student Wallace Whitehead repeatedly punches magician Harry Houdini in the abdomen, after asking if he had strong muscles, and receiving permission to punch him.
  • Oct 24, 1926: Magician Harry Houdini performs in Detroit, Michigan, but collapses during intermissions from stomach pain.
  • Oct 25, 1926: Harry Houdini is operated on in Detroit, Michigan, and is found to have a gangrenous ruptured appendix. Doctors realize he will die soon.
  • Oct 26, 1926: Belgium stabilizes current value of franc (5 franc becomes 1 Belga)
  • Oct 31, 1926: Erich Weiss, better known as magician Harry Houdini, dies in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
  • Nov 1, 1926: Air Commerce Act passes
  • Nov 3, 1926: 15th party Congress CPSU ends / 5 year plan begins
  • Nov 10, 1926: Belgium crown Prince Leopold weds Princess Astrid Bernadotte of Sweden
  • Nov 11, 1926: Eddie Collins is released as White Sox manager
  • Nov 13, 1926: Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) uprising in Bantam West Java
  • Nov 15, 1926: 1st formal radio network, RCA takes over AT&T 25 station Network (NBC)
  • Nov 16, 1926: New York Rangers' first game, beat Montreal Maroons 1-0.
  • Nov 18, 1926: Pope Pius XI issues encyclical "On the persecution of the Church in Mexico".
  • Nov 19, 1926: British mine strikes after 28 weeks ends
  • Nov 22, 1926: Imperial Conference ends-giving autonomy inside Brit Commonwealth
  • Nov 24, 1926: KVI-AM in Seattle Washington begins radio transmissions
  • Nov 25, 1926: The deadliest November tornado outbreak in U.S. history strikes on Thanksgiving day. 27 twisters of great strength are reported in the Midwest, including the strongest November tornado, an estimated F4, that devastates Heber Springs, Arkansas. There are 51 deaths in Arkansas alone, 76 deaths and over 400 injuries in all.
  • Nov 26, 1926: All Italian Communist deputies are arrested.
  • Nov 27, 1926: Italian and Albania sign peace treaty
  • Nov 29, 1926: Tris Speaker resigns as Indians manager
  • Dec 2, 1926: British prime minister Stanley Baldwin ends the martial law that had been declared due to general strike.
  • Dec 3, 1926: Manchester Guardian (German Reichswehr / Red Army work together)
  • Dec 7, 1926: Gas refrigerator patented.
  • Dec 10, 1926: 1st radio broadcast in the Sprinfield area (WCBS)
  • Dec 11, 1926: Josephine Baker goes up in Amsterdam
  • Dec 14, 1926: Danish Madsen government forms.
  • Dec 15, 1926: Facist national symbol elevated in Italy.
  • Dec 16, 1926: Darius Milhauds opera Le Pauvre Matelot, premieres in Paris
  • Dec 17, 1926: KYA-AM in San Francisco CA begins radio transmissions
  • Dec 18, 1926: Turkey converts to the Gregorian calendar, making 'tomorrow' January 1 1927
  • Dec 20, 1926: Pope Pius XI convicts fascist pursuit in Italy
  • Dec 21, 1926: Soccer team DOS Struggle forms
  • Dec 23, 1926: KEX-AM in Portland OR begins radio transmissions
  • Dec 25, 1926: Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan, succeeding the Taisho Emperor.
  • Dec 26, 1926: Prince-regent Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan
  • Dec 27, 1926: Depot Square in Bronx renamed Botanical Square
  • Dec 28, 1926: Victoria all out for 1107 against NSW at the MCG Crowd 22,348
  • Dec 29, 1926: Victoria (1107) beat New South Wales (221 and 230) in cricket by an innings 656 runs.
  • Dec 30, 1926: Chicago Tribune reports the Tigers threw a 4-game series to the White Sox in 1917 to help Chicago win the pennant (never substaniated)
  • Jan 8, 1926: Crown Prince Nguyễn Phúc Vĩnh Thuỵ is crowned emperor of Vietnam, the country's last monarch.


What does the year 1926 refer to in the Gregorian calendar?

The year 1926 refers to a specific year in the Gregorian calendar, which is commonly used internationally. It is the 27th year of the 20th century and the 6th year of the 1920s decade. In the Gregorian calendar, it follows 1925 and precedes 1927.

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