Financial news on July 15, 2007

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China Blocks Some Imports of U.S. Chicken and Pork

China said it was suspending imports of some chicken and pork after inspectors found shipments that were contaminated with chemicals or bacteria. Read more..

By DAVID BARBOZA - The New York Times

The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age

Today’s titans often see themselves as pillars of a new age of prosperity, one in which their successes and philanthropy have made government less important. Read more..

By LOUIS UCHITELLE - The New York Times

Veoh’s Vexing Visitor Numbers

Video sharing site says that its number of visitors has risen more than two-fold since February. If some television network executives are correct, it may be because the company is less aggressive than rivals in keeping copyrighted content from its site. Read more..

By BRAD STONE - The New York Times

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