Financial news on May 27th, 2006

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A Decade of Soaring and a Month of Stumbling for India's Stocks

From May 10, when the Bombay Stock Exchange 100 index peaked at 6,554.71, through Monday, the index plunged almost 18 percent, to 5,382.22. Read more..

By FLOYD NORRIS - The New York Times

Hoping Soccer Makes 2006 the Cat's Year

Jochen Zeitz, breaking with a long family tradition of pursuing medicine, studied business and took over as Puma's chief executive in 1993 at age 30. Read more..

By JACK BELL - The New York Times

Income Rises, but So Does Inflation

Compared to April of last year, spending just passed the point the Fed considers an acceptable rate of inflation. Read more..

By JEREMY W. PETERS - The New York Times

In Springtime, Talk of Gloom if Not Doom

AN adage on the investment show circuit is, Read more..

By CONRAD de AENLLE - The New York Times

James B. McClatchy, 85, Patriarch of a Newspaper Family, Is Dead

The McClatchy Company, which in March became the second-largest newspaper chain after Gannett, was founded by James B. McClatchy's great-grandfather. Read more..

By MELANIE WARNER - The New York Times

Packing and Wondering Where Bags Will Land

The amount of lost luggage increased 23 percent from 2004 to 2005, translating to six lost bags for each 1,000 passengers. Read more..

By ALINA TUGEND - The New York Times

Publicly Debating Privacy

Wired News published sealed documents last week showing how AT&T helped the government monitor Internet traffic. Read more..

By DAN MITCHELL - The New York Times

The Board Wore Chicken Suits

Thursday morning, Robert L. Nardelli and the Home Depot board let the world know exactly how it feels about the people for whom they are supposed to work. Read more..

By JOE NOCERA - The New York Times

Times of London to Print Daily U.S. Edition

The newspaper will be the only general-interest British publication to be printed daily in the United States. Read more..

By ERIC PFANNER - The New York Times

Tough Justice for Executives in Enron Era

The tactics employed in the Enron trial show a transformation has occurred in the investigation and prosecution of white-collar crime. Read more..


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