Financial news on September 30, 2006

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A Statistic That Shortens the Distance to Europe

The differences in the employment rate between Europe and the U.S. are narrowing, if not vanishing, for those in the prime working ages. Read more..

By FLOYD NORRIS - The New York Times

Better Mood at the Gas Pump. What About the Voting Booth?

Gas prices have dropped by nearly 25 percent since mid-July, putting the issue at the forefront of the midterm elections. Read more..

By JAD MOUAWAD - The New York Times

Hedge Fund With Big Loss Says It Will Close

The founder of Amaranth Advisors told investors that it was suspending all redemptions so that the fund could be liquidated. Read more..

By JENNY ANDERSON - The New York Times

H.P. Read Messages of Reporter

Hewlett-Packard’s spying operation included monitoring an employee’s instant-messaging exchanges with a reporter at The Wall Street Journal. Read more..

By MIGUEL HELFT - The New York Times

Jones Apparel Hires Designer to Revamp Anne Klein Line

The company is continuing to move its Anne Klein division upscale by hiring the designer Isabel Toledo as its new creative director. Read more..

By ERIC WILSON - The New York Times

Spending Fell in August as Income Growth Lagged

Americans were more frugal in their spending in August as their incomes rose at a slower pace. Read more..

By JEREMY W. PETERS - The New York Times

Study Says Airbus Super Jet Poses Airport Traffic Problem

The study said that Airbus’ A380 jet could slow traffic at heavily congested airports, casting another shadow over the European plane maker’s flagship project. Read more..

By JAMES KANTER and DON PHILLIPS<br> International Herald Tribune - The New York Times

That&#8217;s Why They Call It Work

More than half of all employees say they have “high levels of stress,” extreme fatigue and/or feel out of control. Read more..

By PAUL B. BROWN - The New York Times

The Focus Stays on Putting the Clips First

Chad Hurley, the chief executive of YouTube, spoke about how the rapidly growing video Web site will cope with advertising, copyright law and other challenges brought on by its success. Read more..

By SAUL HANSELL - The New York Times

The Green Flag’s Out for Bold, Fast and Highly Styled

Carmakers displaying their wares at the Paris Motor Show are pushing bold, aggressive designs, even on their smallest models. Read more..


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