Popular movies week 10 July 1932

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 10/July - 16/July - 1932. Do you remember Cock of the Air by Tom Buckingham or Roar of the Dragon starring Richard Dix, Gwili Andre, Edward Everett Horton, Arline Judge ?

Cock of the Air

Directed by: Tom Buckingham

Starring: Chester Morris, Billie Dove, Matt Moore, Walter Catlett

Roar of the Dragon

Directed by: Wesley Ruggles

Starring: Richard Dix, Gwili Andre, Edward Everett Horton, Arline Judge

Manshû musume

Directed by: Shintarô Watanabe

Starring: Shinobu Araki, Kenji Asada, Manshu Fukuda, Hidekatsu Maki

Kreuzer Emden

Directed by: Louis Ralph

Starring: Louis Ralph, Renée Stobrawa, Hans Schlenck, Toni Forster-Larrinaga

Lovers Courageous

Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Starring: Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, Roland Young, Frederick Kerr

Man Wanted

Directed by: William Dieterle

Starring: Kay Francis, David Manners, Una Merkel, Andy Devine


Directed by: Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Starring: Brigitte Helm, Pierre Blanchar, Tela Tchaï, Georges Tourreil

A Woman Commands

Directed by: Paul L. Stein, Harry Joe Brown, Horace Jackson, Val Paul

Starring: Pola Negri, Roland Young, Basil Rathbone, H.B. Warner

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