July 19th: What is special about this date?

July 19th marks the 200th day of the Gregorian calendar year (or the 201st in case of leap years). There are 165 days remaining until the end of the year. Discover famous birthdays on July 19th, celebrities died on this date, the zodiac sign associated to July 19th and what happened on July 19th in history. On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about July 19th.


July 19th: what famous birthdays are on this date?

On July 19th there are the following famous birthdays:

  • Shane Dawson
    Shane Dawson (1988)

    Shane dawson is an american youtube comedian known for his sketch comedy and vlogs, as well as his documentary-style series on conspiracy...

  • Jared Padalecki
    Jared Padalecki (1982)

    Jared padalecki is an american actor known for his role as sam winchester in the tv series supernatural.

  • Abel Ferrara
    Abel Ferrara (1951)

    American screenwriter and producer of director films.

  • Atom Egoyan
    Atom Egoyan (1960)

    Canadian film and stage director.

  • Isabel Jewell
    Isabel Jewell (1907)

    American actress on stage, film and television.

  • Dennis Cole
    Dennis Cole (1940)

    American television and film actor.

  • George Dzundza
    George Dzundza (1945)

    German-american actor.

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards (1962)

    American actor best known for his role in "er", the tv series.

  • Campbell Scott
    Campbell Scott (1961)

    Campbell scott is an american actor known for his roles in movies such as 'singles' and 'the amazing spider-man'.

  • Vinessa Shaw
    Vinessa Shaw (1976)

    Vinessa shaw is an american actress known for her roles in hocus pocus and eyes wide shut.

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How to check someone's birthday?

If you’re looking for a person's birth date, have a look at our Birthday Search Guide


July 19th: who died on this date?

On July 19th the following celebrities died:

  • Rutger Hauer
    Rutger Hauer (2019)

    Dutch actor who excels in the role of villain in films like "blade runner," nighthawks, and "the hitcher.

  • James Garner
    James Garner (2014)

    American actor, and a top star in movies, tv shows and commercials.

  • Cécile Aubry
    Cécile Aubry (2010)

    French actress, author, and dancer.

  • Jack Warden
    Jack Warden (2006)

    American actor (d. 2006).

  • Joe Flynn
    Joe Flynn (1974)

    American comedian, actor and vaudevillian who transitioned into tv and movie.

  • Eddie Quillan
    Eddie Quillan (1990)

    Philadelphia, pennsylvania -- actor ("julia, hell town").

  • Faina Ranevskaya
    Faina Ranevskaya (1984)

    Russian actress (born 1896).

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis (2012)

    American private citizen.

  • Annalysse Winters (2015)

    Influential playwright whose works continue to be performed worldwide.

  • Vandella Frost (2015)

    Pioneering chemist known for her research in nanotechnology.

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July 19th: what zodiac sign is associated with this date?

On July 19th, the zodiac sign associated with this date is Cancer according to the Western Zodiac.

Cancer zodiac sign

July 19th: what is special about the Cancer sign?

The Cancer sign encompasses people born between June 21st and July 22nd.

You can discover Cancer's personality traits and attitude and Cancer's most and least compatible signs.

If you're a Cancer born in July discover why July born are so special.


July 19th: what happened on this date in history?

Here's what happened on July 19th in history:

  • Jul 19, 1900: The first line of the Paris Métro is opened.
  • Jul 19, 1908: Feyenoord soccer team forms in Rotterdam
  • Jul 19, 1909: Cleveland shortstop Neal Ball executes an unassisted triple play
  • Jul 19, 1915: Dutch accidents at sea law enforced
  • Jul 19, 1945: Edwin Schlossberg, husband of Carolyn Kennedy
  • Jul 19, 1952: Paint Your Wagon closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 289 performances
  • Jul 19, 1965: Shooting begins on Star Trek 2nd pilot Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • Jul 19, 1966: 50 year old Frank Sinatra marries 21 year old Mia Farrow in Las Vegas
  • Jul 19, 1981: 110th British Golf Open: Bill Rogers shoots a 276 at Royal St. George
  • Jul 19, 1985: Christa McAuliffe chosen 1st school teacher to fly space shuttle
  • Jul 19, 2002: In the Chinese province Henan, Hail kills 25 people and injures many more.
  • Jul 19, 2014: War in North-West Pakistan -: US drone strikes kill eleven insurgents at a Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan compound, North Waziristan.

What day of the year is July 19th?

July 19th marks the 200th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (or the 201st in case of leap years).

There are 165 days remaining until the end of the year.

July 19th is the 19th day of the month of July.


July 19th: What are the Holidays, Observances and Saints celebrated on that day?