Popular movies week 2 July 1950

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/July - 08/July - 1950. Do you remember Appointment with Danger by Lewis Allen or So Long at the Fair starring Jean Simmons, Dirk Bogarde, David Tomlinson, Marcel Poncin ?

Appointment with Danger

Directed by: Lewis Allen

Starring: Alan Ladd, Phyllis Calvert, Paul Stewart, Jan Sterling

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So Long at the Fair

Directed by: Antony Darnborough, Terence Fisher

Starring: Jean Simmons, Dirk Bogarde, David Tomlinson, Marcel Poncin

Captive Girl

Directed by: William Berke

Starring: Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Crabbe, Anita Lhoest, Rick Vallin

When Willie Comes Marching Home

Directed by: John Ford

Starring: Dan Dailey, Corinne Calvet, Colleen Townsend, William Demarest

The Eagle and the Hawk

Directed by: Lewis R. Foster

Starring: John Payne, Rhonda Fleming, Dennis O'Keefe, Thomas Gomez

The Avengers

Directed by: John H. Auer

Starring: John Carroll, Adele Mara, Mona Maris, Roberto Airaldi

The Damned Don't Cry

Directed by: Vincent Sherman

Starring: Joan Crawford, David Brian, Steve Cochran, Kent Smith

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Hollywood Varieties

Directed by: Paul Landres

Starring: Robert Alda, The Hoosier Hotshots, Ken Trietsch, Paul Trietsch

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