December 1908 calendar

December 1908

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in December 1908.
The US president was Theodore Roosevelt (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was H. H. Asquith (Liberal), Pope Pius X was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of December 1908?


  • 02 Dec 1908 Child Emperor Pu Yi ascends the Chinese throne at the age of two
  • 25 Dec 1908 Jack Johnson KO Tommy Burns and becomes first black heavyweight champion.
  • 26 Dec 1908 Jack Johnson becomes the first African American heavyweight boxing champion by defeating Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia.
  • 28 Dec 1908 Messina, Italy struck by an earthquake (nearly 80,000 died).
  • 29 Dec 1908 Patent granted for a 4-wheel automobile brake, Clintonville Wisconsin.
  • 30 Dec 1908 Stanley Cup: MontrTal Wanderers outscore Edmonton, 13-10 in two game series.
  • 02 Dec 1908 Puyi becomes Emperor of China at the age of two.
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Music charts

Which were the top hits in December 1908?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - If You Cared for Me
  2. - Rainbow
  3. - The Herd Girl's Dream
  4. - There's No Moon Like the Honeymoon
  5. - I'm Glad I'm Married


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?