Popular movies week 2 August 1936

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/August - 08/August - 1936. Do you remember Public Enemy's Wife by Nick Grinde or The Road to Glory starring Fredric March, Warner Baxter, Lionel Barrymore, June Lang ?

Public Enemy's Wife

Directed by: Nick Grinde

Starring: Pat O'Brien, Margaret Lindsay, Robert Armstrong, Cesar Romero

The Road to Glory

Directed by: Howard Hawks

Starring: Fredric March, Warner Baxter, Lionel Barrymore, June Lang

Sky Parade

Directed by: Otho Lovering

Starring: Jimmie Allen, William Gargan, Katherine DeMille, Kent Taylor

Snowed Under

Directed by: Ray Enright

Starring: George Brent, Genevieve Tobin, Glenda Farrell, Patricia Ellis

Between Two Worlds

Directed by: Goffredo Alessandrini

Starring: Isa Miranda, Mario Ferrari, Giulio Donadio, Vasa Prihoda

The Crimson Circle

Directed by: Reginald Denham

Starring: Hugh Wakefield, Alfred Drayton, Niall MacGinnis, June Duprez

Absolute Quiet

Directed by: George B. Seitz

Starring: Lionel Atwill, Irene Hervey, Raymond Walburn, Stuart Erwin

The Interrupted Honeymoon

Directed by: Leslie S. Hiscott

Starring: Jane Carr, Helen Haye, Jack Hobbs, David Horne

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