Popular movies week 2 August 1936

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/August - 08/August - 1936. Do you remember Lenochka i vinograd by Antonina Kudryavtseva or Everyman's Law starring Johnny Mack Brown, Beth Marion, Frank Campeau, Roger Gray ?

Lenochka i vinograd

Directed by: Antonina Kudryavtseva

Starring: Boris Chirkov, Inna Fyodorova, Aleksandr Kurkov, Yanina Zheymo

Everyman's Law

Directed by: Albert Ray

Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Beth Marion, Frank Campeau, Roger Gray

Roamin' Wild

Directed by: Bernard B. Ray

Starring: Tom Tyler, Carol Wyndham, Al Ferguson, George Chesebro

Till We Meet Again

Directed by: Robert Florey

Starring: Herbert Marshall, Gertrude Michael, Lionel Atwill, Rod La Rocque

The Final Hour

Directed by: D. Ross Lederman

Starring: Ralph Bellamy, Marguerite Churchill, John Gallaudet, George McKay

Custer's Last Stand

Directed by: Elmer Clifton

Starring: Rex Lease, Nancy Caswell, Reed Howes, Frank McGlynn Jr.

I Married a Doctor

Directed by: Archie Mayo

Starring: Pat O'Brien, Josephine Hutchinson, Ross Alexander, Guy Kibbee

The Bride Walks Out

Directed by: Leigh Jason

Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Raymond, Robert Young, Ned Sparks

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