August 2: Zodiac, Trivia, Birthdays and Holidays

August 2nd marks the 214th day of the Gregorian calendar year (or the 215th in case of leap years). There are 151 days remaining until the end of the year. People born on this day are under the sign of Leo. Famous birthdays on this day include Muriel Robin (1955), Mary-Louise Parker (1964) and Peter O'Toole (1932).
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Which were the most popular Movies released around August 2 over the years?
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Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love

Release year: 2022

Directed by: Corentin Charron, Lise Corriol, Manon Marsal, Simon Popot, Aurelien Revelli



Release year: 2022

Directed by: Kannan



Release year: 2020

Directed by: Megan Griffiths

Crazy Bitches

Crazy Bitches

Release year: 2019

Directed by: Jane Clark

Black Wake

Black Wake

Release year: 2018

Directed by: Jeremiah Kipp

Starring: Nana Gouvea, Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Jonny Beauchamp


Historical Events

Which were the important events of August 2?


  • St. Etheldritha/Alfrida
  • St. Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri
  • St. Stephen
  • Roman Catholicism - the feasts of at least 4 saints: St. Peter Julian Eymard
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  • 2018 Saudi Arabian-led intervention, Battle of Al Hudaydah in Yemen: At least 20 people were killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in Al Hudaydah (Yemen). Saudi Arabia's spokesperson denied that its jets were present in the area, but blamed rebels.
  • 2017 Two American soldiers are killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan's War on Terror. The Taliban claim responsibility.
  • 2016 Syrian Civil War: A volunteer search and rescue team from the Syria Civil Defence says that 33 people were injured by toxic gas dropped from an unmanned helicopter onto Saraqeb, rebel-held Idlib Governorate.
  • 2015 Saudi Arabian-led intervention is in Yemen: A projectile from Yemen strikes Najran killing a Saudi Arabian citizen.
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Music charts

Which were the top hits in that special week of August 2 over the years?

Top #1 songs in the USA

  • 2017 - Despacito
  • 2016 - Cheap Thrills
  • 2015 - Cheerleader
  • 2014 - Rude
  • 2013 - Blurred Lines
  • 2012 - Call Me Maybe
  • 2011 - Party Rock Anthem
  • 2010 - Love The Way You Lie
  • 2009 - I Gotta Feelingyoutube
  • 2008 - I Kissed A Girl
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Top #1 Rock songs

  • 2017 - Believer
  • 2016 - Ride
  • 2015 - Shut Up And Dance
  • 2014 - Ain't It Fun
  • 2013 - Radioactive
  • 2012 - Oh Love
  • 2011 - The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
  • 2010 - The Crow & The Butterfly
  • 2009 - New Divide


Which were the most popular books released around August 2 over the years?
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Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Living History

Year: 2003


Author of the Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller "What Happened the Phenomenal #1 Worldwide BestselleraEUR".

A House Is Not A Home by Polly Adler

A House Is Not A Home

Year: 1953


Polly Adler's house, the brothel that gave her best-selling 1953 autobiography the title, was a key site for New York City's underworld activity between the 1920s and the 1940s.

The Confessions of Nat Turner by William Styron

The Confessions of Nat Turner

Year: 1968


The only lasting, effective revolt against American Negroslavy took place in the late summer 1831 in remote Virginia...

The Big Short by Michael Lewis

The Big Short

Year: 2010


The true story of the crash started in strange feeder markets, where the sun doesn’t shine and the SEC doesn’t dare or bother to tread: the bond derivative and real estate derivative

The Lexus And The Olive Tree by Thomas L. Friedman

The Lexus And The Olive Tree

Year: 1999


Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree offers an engaging look at the new international system, which is changing the world. Globalization has replaced Cold War with the integration and transfer of capital, technology, information, across national borders.

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