1910: On This Year


1910 (MCMX in Roman Numerals) was the year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1910th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations.

Is 1910 a year special to you? If so you may like to discover what 1910 was famous for, who won the Oscars and the Nobel Prizes in 1910, who was Time's Person of the Year in 1910, which books, music and movies were top of the charts in 1910, what Chinese zodiac sign is associated to 1910, what babynames were most popular that year, what was the World population on that year and what happend in 1910.

On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about 1910 to help you enjoy your trip down memory lane.


What was 1910 known for ?

  • A ballet called ‘The Firebird’ by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky opened in Paris earning worldwide fame. In May of 1910, astronomers predicted the end of the world, as we know with a prediction that the earth was to pass through the tail of Halley’s Comet and poisonous gasses would wipe out the population.
  • It was in 1910 that the Mexican revolution started, ending the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. The revolution was of many groups led by revolutionaries including, Francisco Madero, Pancho Villa, Pascual Orozco and Emiliano Zapata. These revolutionaries steered Mexico through the conflict that lasted into the 1930s. In 1917, a constitution was drafted and formalized and took into account the reforms of the various groups in the revolution.
  • On October 21, a bomb exploded in the Los Angeles times building killing 21 people and left scores injured. The then publisher of the LA Times, Harrison Otis who was opposed to workers unions had a conviction that one of the unions in LA was responsible for the bombing. He hired one of the best private detective, William J. Burns. Burns secured evidence pitting the treasurer of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers Union, John J. McNamara as being responsible for the bombing.
  • Four days later, on 25 October 1910, the first African-American heavyweight-boxing champion was defeated in a car race by Barney Oldfield. No fighter would challenge Johnson for his title, and so he had turned to car racing. The race took longer than expected due to bad weather and that the American Auto Association had refused to issue licenses to black drivers.
  • As the year ended, a plague resembling pneumonia swept through China and wiped out over 40, 000 of the nation’s population. It was also in this year that Henry Ford sold 10,000 vehicles.

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Dog chinese zodiac sign

1910: What was the Chinese Zodiac sign associated with the year 1910?

According to the Chinese Zodiac and Astrology 1910 was the Year of the Dog.

Discover Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Personality Traits of people born under the Dog sign.

Nobel Prize

1910: Nobel Prize Winners of the Year

1910: Who won the Nobel Prize in None ?

In 1910 the Nobel Prize in None was awarded to:
  • Johannes Diderik van der Waals

1910: Who won the Nobel Prize in None ?

In 1910 the Nobel Prize in None was awarded to:
  • Otto Wallach

1910: Who won the Nobel Prize in None ?

In 1910 the Nobel Prize in None was awarded to:
  • Albrecht Kossel

1910: Who won the Nobel Prize in None ?

In 1910 the Nobel Prize in None was awarded to:
  • Paul Heyse

1910: Who won the Nobel Prize in None ?

In 1910 the Nobel Prize in None was awarded to:
  • International Peace Bureau
world population

1910: What were the most popular baby names in the USA that year ?

The 3 most popular baby names in 1910 were John, James and William for boys and Mary, Helen and Margaret for girls according to the US Census Bureau historical records.

1910: What were the Top #10 male names given to baby boys that year?

The Top # 10 male names given to baby boys in 1910 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • John
  • James
  • William
  • Robert
  • George
  • Joseph
  • Charles
  • Frank
  • Edward
  • Henry

1910: What were the Top #10 female names given to baby girls that year?

The Top # 10 female names given to baby girls in 1910 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • Mary
  • Helen
  • Margaret
  • Dorothy
  • Ruth
  • Anna
  • Elizabeth
  • Mildred
  • Marie
  • Alice

vinyl songs

1910: What was the number 1 song in the USA that year?

The number 1 song in the USA in 1910, i.e. the best selling and most popular song of tha year, was Killarney by John McCormack

1910: What was the music chart in the USA that year?

The Music Chart in the USA in 1910 with the top 10 most popular songs, was:

  1. Killarney by John McCormack
  2. Silver Bell by Stanley & Burr
  3. We Parted on the Shore by Harry Lauder
  4. Overture 1812 by Prince's Orchestra
  5. Come Back to Erin by John McCormack
  6. The Bounding Bounder, Or On the Bounding Sea by Harry Lauder

1910: What were the most popular movies that year ?

The most popular movies and box office hits in 1910 were:

The Abyss

The Abyss

Release year: 1910

Directed by: James Cameron

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Release year: 1910

Directed by: J. Searle Dawley, Charles Kent, Ashley Miller

Starring: Marc McDermott, Charles Ogle, William Bechtel, Viola Dana

The Actor's Children

The Actor's Children

Release year: 1910

Directed by: Barry O'Neil

Starring: Orrilla Smith, Yale Boss, Frank Hall Crane, Nicholas Jordan

Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle

Release year: 1910

Directed by: Will Vinton

The Winter's Tale

The Winter's Tale

Release year: 1910

Directed by: Theodore Marston, Barry O'Neil

Starring: Anna Rosemond, Martin Faust, Frank Hall Crane, Amelie Barleon


What happened in 1910?

Here's what happened in 1910:

  • Jan 1, 1910: Simpson-Hayward (England) takes 6-43 on debut with underarm lobs.
  • Jan 3, 1910: British miners strike for 8 hour working day.
  • Jan 6, 1910: The Great White Fleet passes through the Suez Canal, the largest group of ships to pass through up to that time.
  • Jan 7, 1910: Stanley Cup: Ottawa Senators sweep Galt (Ont) in 2 games
  • Jan 10, 1910: Lunt-Fontanne Theater (Globe) opens at 205 W 46th Steet New York City, New York.
  • Jan 13, 1910: The first public radio broadcast takes place; a live performance of the opera Cavalleria rusticana is sent out over the airwaves from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.
  • Jan 15, 1910: Construction ends on the Buffalo Bill Dam in Wyoming, United States, which was the highest dam in the world at the time, at 99 m (325 ft).
  • Jan 19, 1910: Germany and Bolivia ends commerce / friendship treaty
  • Jan 20, 1910: Ottawa Senators sweep Edmonton in two for the Stanley Cup (second of 1910).
  • Jan 21, 1910: British-Russian military intervention in Persia.
  • Jan 22, 1910: Opera Germania, premieres in New York City
  • Jan 25, 1910: Children initiate idea of planting trees in Jerusalem.
  • Jan 26, 1910: Heavy rains cause floods in Paris.
  • Feb 1, 1910: Dragoumis government forms in Greece.
  • Feb 8, 1910: Boy Scouts of America incorporated and chartered (William D Boyce-Chicago).
  • Feb 20, 1910: Boutros Ghali, the first native-born prime minister of Egypt, is assassinated.
  • Feb 25, 1910: Dali Lama flees Tibet from Chinese troop to British-Indies.
  • Mar 1, 1910: An avalanche of snow hits two trains stranded for seven days outside the Cascade Tunnel below Stevens Pass, near Wellington, Washington, USA, killing 96. Deadliest avalanche in US history.
  • Mar 2, 1910: 2 trains crash in snow storm in Wellington Washington, 118 die
  • Mar 5, 1910: Stanley Cup: MontrTal Wanderers beat Ottawa Senators, 3-1.
  • Mar 8, 1910: Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of Paris France becomes first licensed female pilot.
  • Mar 9, 1910: The Westmoreland County Coal Strike, involving 15,000 coal miners represented by the United Mine Workers, begins.
  • Mar 10, 1910: Pittsburgh Courier, begins publishing.
  • Mar 11, 1910: Jack Hobbs first Test ton (187 versus South Africa), his only Test hit wicket.
  • Mar 12, 1910: Stanley Cup: MontrTal Wanderers beat Berlin (Kitchener), 7-3.
  • Mar 14, 1910: Lakeview Gusher, the largest U.S. oil well gusher near Bakersfield, California, vented to atmosphere.
  • Mar 16, 1910: Barney Oldfield sets land speed record of 131.7 mph at Daytona.
  • Mar 17, 1910: DHC soccer team forms in Delft Netherlands.
  • Mar 26, 1910: US forbid immigration to criminals, anarchists, paupers and the sick.
  • Mar 27, 1910: A fire during a barn-dance in Okoritofulpos, Hungary, kills 312.
  • Mar 28, 1910: 1st seaplane, takes off from water at Martinques France
  • Mar 30, 1910: The Mississippi Legislature founds The University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Mar 31, 1910: Six North Staffordshire Pottery towns federate to form modern Stoke-on-Trent.
  • Apr 1, 1910: Dumitru Dan (Romania) completed a 62,137 mile (100,000 m) walk.
  • Apr 12, 1910: SMS , one of the last pre-dreadnought battleships built by the Austro-Hungarian Navy, is launched.
  • Apr 14, 1910: President Taft begins tradition of throwing out ball on opening day
  • Apr 19, 1910: 14th Boston Marathon won by Fred Cameron of Canada in 2:28:52.4.
  • Apr 20, 1910: Cleveland Indians Addie Joss second no-hitter, beats Chicago, 1-0.
  • Apr 21, 1910: Cleveland Naps play first game at League Park, lose to Detroit Tigers 5-0.
  • Apr 23, 1910: International Exhibition opens in Brussels.
  • Apr 24, 1910: German Catholic youth movement Quickborn forms.
  • Apr 27, 1910: Belgian parliament rejects socialist motion for general voting rights.
  • Apr 29, 1910: Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt visits Amsterdam.
  • Apr 30, 1910: Cleveland Indians pitcher Addie Joss wins second no-hitter beating Chicago White Sox.
  • May 4, 1910: Canadian parliament accept creation of Royal Canadian Navy.
  • May 6, 1910: King George V ascends to British throne.
  • May 7, 1910: 35th Preakness: R Estep aboard Layminster wins in 1:40.6.
  • May 10, 1910: 36th Kentucky Derby: Fred Herbert aboard Donau wins in 2:06.4.
  • May 11, 1910: US President William Taft signs a bill into law establishing Glacier National Park, the nation's 10th national park.
  • May 12, 1910: 2nd NAACP conference (NYC)
  • May 14, 1910: Canada authorizes issuing of silver dollar coins.
  • May 16, 1910: US Bureau of Mines forms.
  • May 17, 1910: Canada sets the designs for the 1- through 50-cent coins.
  • May 18, 1910: The earth passes through the tail of Comet Halley.
  • May 19, 1910: Cleveland Indian Cy Young gets his 500th win, beats Washington 5-4 in 11 innings.
  • May 30, 1910: 44th Belmont Stakes: James Butwell aboard Sweep wins in 2:22.
  • May 31, 1910: Cape of Good Hope becomes part of the Union of South Africa.
  • Jun 1, 1910: SC Enschede soccer team forms in Enschede
  • Jun 2, 1910: Pygmies discovered in Dutch New Guinea.
  • Jun 9, 1910: Passenger on SS Arawatta throws bottle with note overboard (found June 6, 1983 in Queensland)
  • Jun 12, 1910: PEC soccer team forms in Zwolle
  • Jun 13, 1910: William D Crum, a South Carolina physician, appointed minister to Liberia.
  • Jun 17, 1910: Aurel Vlaicu performed the first flight of A. Vlaicu nr. 1.
  • Jun 19, 1910: 1st airship in service Germany
  • Jun 22, 1910: The DELAG Zeppelin dirigible, ''Deutschland'', makes the first commercial passenger flight from Friedrichshafen to Düsseldorf in Germany. The flight takes nine hours.
  • Jun 24, 1910: 50th British Golf Open: James Braid shoots a 299 at St. Andrews Scot
  • Jun 25, 1910: Mann Act passed (no women across state lines for immoral purposes)
  • Jun 26, 1910: 24th US Womens Tennis: H Hotchkiss Wightman beats L Hammond (64 62)
  • Jun 30, 1910: Russia absorbs Finland
  • Jul 1, 1910: White Sox Park (Comiskey Park) opens with 2-0 loss to Browns
  • Jul 4, 1910: Jack Johnson KOs James J Jeffries in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
  • Jul 9, 1910: Walter Brookins becomes first to pilot an airplane to one mile altitude.
  • Jul 10, 1910: Chicago White Sox Comiskey Park opens, visiting Saint Louis Browns win 2-0.
  • Jul 19, 1910: Cy Young registers his 500th career victory
  • Jul 20, 1910: Former Dutch Premier Abraham Kuyper acquitted of corruption
  • Jul 22, 1910: A wireless telegraph sent from the results in the identification, arrest and execution of murderer Dr. Hawley Crippen.
  • Jul 24, 1910: Matador Juan Belmonte (18) kills his 1st bull
  • Jul 29, 1910: JWEL Hilgers is 1st Dutchman to fly above Dutch territory
  • Jul 31, 1910: Clement van Maasdijk gives flying demonstration
  • Aug 6, 1910: New York City Mayor Wm J Gaynor seriously wounded during assassination attempt
  • Aug 8, 1910: The US Army installs the first tricycle landing gear on the Army's Wright Flyer.
  • Aug 9, 1910: Alva Fisher patents electric washing machine
  • Aug 14, 1910: 6th International Congress of Esperantists held in Washington, DC.
  • Aug 20, 1910: US supported opposition brings down Madriz in Nicaragua
  • Aug 22, 1910: Korea is annexed by Japan with the signing of the Japan : Korea Annexation Treaty, beginning a period of Japanese rule of Korea that lasted until the end of World War II.
  • Aug 23, 1910: Fred Clarke makes a record 4 outfield assists for Pittsburgh
  • Aug 25, 1910: 30th US Mens Tennis: Wm Larned beats Thomas Bundy (61 57 60 68 61)
  • Aug 27, 1910: Using 20,137,000 candlepower arc lights, 2 amateur baseball teams play a night game at White Sox Park
  • Aug 28, 1910: Montenegro is proclaimed an independent kingdom under Nicholas I.
  • Aug 29, 1910: Japan changes Korea's name to Chosen and appoints a governor-general to rule its new colony.
  • Sep 1, 1910: The Vatican introduces a compulsory oath against modernism, to be taken by all priests upon ordination.
  • Sep 5, 1910: Jack Coombs begins a record streak of 53 shutout innings
  • Sep 6, 1910: Saskatchewan (then Regina) Roughriders football club formed.
  • Sep 10, 1910: Great Idaho Fire destroys three million acres of timber.
  • Sep 12, 1910: Gustav Mahlers 8th Symphony premieres in Munich with 1028 musicians
  • Sep 13, 1910: Regina Rugby Club forms
  • Sep 15, 1910: Boers and Afrikaners win 1st general elections in Union of South-Africa
  • Sep 18, 1910: 25,000 demonstrate in Amsterdam for general male / female suffrage
  • Sep 22, 1910: Saskatchewan Rugby Football Union forms
  • Oct 1, 1910: Explosion at LA Times kills 21
  • Oct 2, 1910: Henry Wijnmalen flies to 2,800m altitude (world record)
  • Oct 4, 1910: Portugal becomes a republic, King Manuel II flees to England.
  • Oct 5, 1910: Portugal overthrows its monarchy and declares itself a republic.
  • Oct 6, 1910: Braves beat Philadelphia Phillies 20-7.
  • Oct 11, 1910: Former President Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first U.S. president to fly in an airplane. He flew for four minutes with Arch Hoxsey in a plane built by the Wright Brothers at Kinloch Field (Lambert-St. Louis International Airport), St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Oct 14, 1910: The English aviator Claude Grahame-White lands his Farman Aircraft biplane on Executive Avenue near the White House in Washington, D.C..
  • Oct 15, 1910: Airship America launched from New Jersey in the first attempt to cross the Atlantic by a powered aircraft.
  • Oct 18, 1910: Edward Forster publishes Howards End
  • Oct 20, 1910: Soccer team KFC forms in Alkmaar
  • Oct 22, 1910: Dr. Crippen is convicted at the Old Bailey of poisoning his wife and is subsequently hanged at Pentonville Prison in London.
  • Oct 23, 1910: Blanche Scott became 1st woman solo a public airplane flight
  • Oct 29, 1910: Bob Simpson of Hamilton Tigers kicks record 11 singles in a game.
  • Nov 6, 1910: SDAP / NVV initiate campaign for general males / female suffrage
  • Nov 7, 1910: The first air freight shipment (from Dayton, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio) is undertaken by the Wright Brothers and department store owner Max Moorehouse.
  • Nov 10, 1910: The date of Thomas A. Davis' opening of the San Diego Army and Navy Academy, although the official founding date is November 23, 1910.
  • Nov 14, 1910: 1st airplane flight from deck of a ship, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Nov 20, 1910: Revolution breaks out in Mexico, led by Francisco I Madero.
  • Nov 21, 1910: Sailors onboard Brazil's most powerful military units, including the brand-new warships Minas Geraes, Sao Paulo, and Bahia, violently rebel in what is now known as the Revolta da Chibata (Revolt of the Lash).
  • Nov 22, 1910: Arthur Knight patents steel shaft golf clubs.
  • Nov 23, 1910: Johan Alfred Ander becomes the last person to be executed in Sweden.
  • Nov 26, 1910: 2nd CFL Grey Cup: University of Toronto defeats Hamilton Tigers, 16-7
  • Nov 28, 1910: Eleftherios Venizelos, leader of the Liberal Party, wins the Greek elections again.
  • Nov 29, 1910: The first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system is issued to Ernest E. Sirrine.
  • Dec 3, 1910: Neon lights, first publically seen (Paris Auto Show).
  • Dec 9, 1910: French troops occupy Morrocan harbor city Agadir.
  • Dec 10, 1910: JD Van de Waals wins Nobel Prize for physics.
  • Dec 21, 1910: Explosion in coal mine in Hulton England, 344 mine workers dies.
  • Dec 22, 1910: US postal savings stamps first issued.
  • Dec 31, 1910: US tobacco industry produced 9 billion cigarettes in 1910
  • Feb 8, 1910: The Boy Scouts of America is incorporated by William D. Boyce.[35]


What does the year 1910 refer to in the Gregorian calendar?

The year 1910 refers to a specific year in the Gregorian calendar, which is commonly used internationally. It is the 11th year of the 20th century and the 0th year of the 1910s decade. In the Gregorian calendar, it follows 1909 and precedes 1911.

calendars for year 1910

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February 1910
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