At the start of 1922, the British Empire was at its largest, with a quarter of the world and one in every four people under its rule.


Whirled into Happiness, the London production opened at the Lyric Theater and ran for a record 246 performances. It is also the year that Pope Benedict XV became the 259th Pope of the Catholic Church.

Leonard Thompson, a 14-year old became the first person to receive an insulin injection. Before January 23, doctors urged diabetes patients to eat a diet low in carbohydrates, fat, protein, and sugar. This type of diabetes control would add a year to the victim. By 1923, insulin had become widely available and was saving many lives.

In the Valley of Kings in Egypt, British archeologists Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter became the first people to go intoKing Tutankhamen’s tomb in over three millennia. Inside, the archaeologists found a wide selection of valuable items, among them a golden coffin containing the mummified remains of the teenage king. King Tutankhamen and other Amarna kings records went missing in the 13th century B.C. until the find, which was on November 26.

On September 13, 1922, El Aziza, Libya reported a recording of 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The record had stood for 90 years before a team of atmospheric scientists invalidated it. The inexperience of the weather observation team and use of the antiquated instrumentation were the errors cited, and El Aziza lost the title in 2012. With a record of 134 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 57 degrees Celsius on July 10 Death Valley regained its status of the hottest temperature recorded.

The construction of the famous Yankee Stadium commenced at The Bronx area of New York. The USSR had also gone ahead to prosecute its opposition and had eight priests, two laymen, and a woman got a death sentence for their opposition to the government. A typhoon hit Shantou in China killing over 5,000 people.

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Nobel Prize

Nobel Prizes

All Nobel Prize winners of 1922

Peace Prize

  • Fridtjof Nansen


  • Jacinto Benavente


  • Niels Bohr


  • Francis William Aston

Physiology or Medicine

  • Archibald Hill
  • Otto Fritz Meyerhof
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Directed by: F.W. Murnau

Starring: Max Schreck, Alexander Granach, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schröder

Country: United States of America

Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler

Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler

Directed by: Fritz Lang

Starring: Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Aud Egede-Nissen, Gertrude Welcker, Alfred Abel

Country: United States of America

Beyond the Rocks

Beyond the Rocks

Directed by: Sam Wood

Starring: Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino, Edythe Chapman, Alec B. Francis

Country: United States of America

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Directed by: Allan Dwan

Starring: Wallace Beery, Sam De Grasse, Enid Bennett, Paul Dickey

Country: United States of America

Tess of the Storm Country

Tess of the Storm Country

Directed by: John S. Robertson

Starring: Mary Pickford, Lloyd Hughes, Gloria Hope, David Torrence

Country: United States of America

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of 1922?


  • 09 Jan KQV-AM in Pittsburgh PA begins radio transmissions
  • 10 Jan Arthur Griffith is elected President of the Irish Free State.
  • 11 Jan First use of insulin to treat diabetes in a human patient.
  • 12 Jan The British government releases the remaining Irish prisoners captured in the War of Independence.
  • 13 Jan WHA-AM in Madison WI begins radio transmissions
  • 15 Jan Irish Free State forms; Michael Collins becomes first premier.
  • 19 Jan Geological survey says US oil supply would be depleted in 20 years.
  • 24 Jan Lehman Caves National Monument established.
  • 26 Jan Italian forces occupy Misrata in Libya. The reconquest of Libya begins.
  • 28 Jan J E Clair turns Green Bay franchise back to NFL.
  • 29 Jan Union of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador dissolved.
  • 30 Jan World Law Day, first celebrated.
  • 02 Feb It was 2:22:22 on 2 / 2 / 22
  • 04 Feb WGY-AM in Schenectady New York begins radio transmissions
  • 05 Feb Pope Pius XI (Achille Ratti) succeeds Pope Benedict XV as the 259th pope.
  • 06 Feb US, UK, France, Italy and Japan sign Washington naval arms limitation
  • 08 Feb Radio arrives at the White House
  • 09 Feb Snow on Mauna Loa, Hawaii.
  • 11 Feb US intervention army leaves Honduras.
  • 15 Feb Marconi begins regular broadcasting transmissions from Essex.
  • 18 Feb WOC-AM in Davenport IA begins radio transmissions
  • 19 Feb Ed Wynn becomes first talent to sign as a radio entertainer.
  • 20 Feb WOR-AM in New York City begins radio transmissions
  • 21 Feb WHK-AM in Cleveland OH begins radio transmissions
  • 22 Feb Following intense nationalist agitation after World War I, Great Britain proclaims Egypt formally independent but continues to occupy the country militarily and control its politics.
  • 25 Feb Murderer Henri Désiré Landru is beheaded by the guillotine.
  • 27 Feb Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover convenes first National Radio Conference.
  • 28 Feb KHQ-AM in Spokane WA begins radio transmissions
  • 02 Mar WLW-AM in Cincinnati OH begins radio transmissions
  • 03 Mar WWJ-AM in Detroit MI begins radio transmissions
  • 04 Mar The movie Nosferatu was released.
  • 06 Mar Babe Ruth signs three years at $52,000 a year New York Yankees contract.
  • 07 Mar US Ladies Figure Skating Championship won by Theresa Weld Blanchard.
  • 09 Mar KJR-AM in Seattle Washington begins radio transmissions
  • 10 Mar KLZ-AM in Denver CO begins radio transmissions
  • 11 Mar Western Hockey Championship: Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) sweep Regina Capitals, in two games.
  • 12 Mar Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan formed The Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic
  • 13 Mar WRR-AM in Dallas TX begins radio transmissions
  • 14 Mar KGU-AM in Honolulu HI begins radio transmissions
  • 15 Mar 1st southern radio station begins (WSB, Atlanta Georgia)
  • 16 Mar WKY-AM in Oklahoma City OK begins radio transmissions
  • 18 Mar WBT-AM in Charlotte NC begins radio transmissions
  • 20 Mar WIP-AM in Philadelphia PA begins radio transmissions
  • 21 Mar KGW-AM in Portland OR begins radio transmissions
  • 22 Mar British court sentences Mahatma Gandhi to six years in prison.
  • 23 Mar KMJ-AM in Fresno CA begins radio transmissions
  • 24 Mar Grand National at Aintree sees only three horses out of 32 starters finish.
  • 28 Mar Stanley Cup: Toronto Saint Patricks (NHL) beat Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA), three games to 2.
  • 30 Mar KGY-AM in Olympia WA begins radio transmissions
  • 31 Mar KFI-AM in Los Angeles CA begins radio transmissions
  • 01 Apr Six Irish Catholic civilians are shot and beaten-to-death by a gang of policemen in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • 03 Apr Joseph Stalin becomes the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
  • 04 Apr WAAB (Baton Rouge Louisiana) becomes first US radio station with "W" calls.
  • 05 Apr KOB-AM in Albuquerque NM begins radio transmissions
  • 07 Apr Teapot Dome scandal: United States Secretary of the Interior leases Teapot Dome petroleum reserves in Wyoming.
  • 10 Apr The historic Genoa Conference commences in Genoa. The representatives of 34 countries convene to speak about monetary economics in the wake of World War I.
  • 13 Apr The State of Massachusetts opens all public offices to women.
  • 14 Apr Republic rebels occupies four government courts in Dublin.
  • 15 Apr Banting, MacLeod and Best discover insulin
  • 16 Apr German-Russia treaty signed in Italy, Soviet Union recognized.
  • 18 Apr Netherlands soccer team defeats Denmark 2-0.
  • 19 Apr 26th Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Massachusetts in 2:18 10.
  • 20 Apr The Soviet government creates South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast within Georgian SSR.
  • 21 Apr The first Aggie Muster is held as a remembrance for fellow Texas A&M graduates who had died in the previous year.
  • 22 Apr South Ossetian Autonomous Region is established in Georgian SSR.
  • 24 Apr In Barnegat, New Jersey, USA an overhead explosion of comet fragment rocks buildings, shatters windows, and releases clouds of noxious gas.
  • 27 Apr Fritz Langs "Dr Mabuse, der Spieler" premieres in Berlin.
  • 30 Apr Chicago White Sox Charles Robertson perfect games Detroit Tigers, 2-0.
  • 01 May Charlie Robertson of Chicago pitches a perfect no-hit, no-run game.
  • 02 May WBAP-AM begins broadcasting from Fort Worth Texas.
  • 03 May Salt layer find at Winterswijk.
  • 04 May KNX-AM in Los Angeles CA begins radio transmissions
  • 05 May Construction begins on Yankee Stadium (Bronx).
  • 07 May New York Giants Jesse Barnes no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 2-0.
  • 10 May Dr Ivy Williams is 1st woman to be called to the English Bar
  • 11 May Radio station KGU begins broadcasting in Hawaii.
  • 12 May A 20-ton meteorite lands near Blackstone, Virginia, USA.
  • 13 May 48th Preakness: L Morris aboard Pillory wins in 1:51.6
  • 18 May Sergei Diaghilev, James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Proust and Igor Stravinsky dine together in Paris, at the Majestic hotel, their only joint meeting.
  • 19 May The Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union is established.
  • 20 May Babe Ruth and Bob Meusel, suspended on October 16, 1921, by Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, return to the New York lineup and go hitless.
  • 21 May Ruppert buys out Huston interest in Yankees for $15 million
  • 23 May Harry Greb gives Gene Tunney his only professional boxing defeat.
  • 24 May Russian-Italian trade agreement signed.
  • 25 May Babe Ruth suspended one day and fined $200 for throwing dirt on an umpire.
  • 26 May Lenin suffers a stroke.
  • 29 May US Supreme Court rules organized baseball is a sport and not a business and thus not subject to antitrust laws.
  • 30 May Lincoln Memorial dedicated
  • 01 Jun The Royal Ulster Constabulary is founded.
  • 02 Jun Suffy McInnis (first base) ends an errorless string of 1,700 chances.
  • 10 Jun 54th Belmont: C H Miller aboard Pillory wins in 2:18.8
  • 11 Jun U.S. première of Robert J. Flaherty's ''Nanook of the North'', the first commercially successful feature length documentary film.
  • 12 Jun German Reich President Friedrich Ebert visits Munich
  • 13 Jun Longest attack of hiccups begins Charlie Osborne, 98 hiccupped over 435 million times before it stops, He dies 11 months after it stops
  • 14 Jun 5th PGA Championship: Gene Sarazen at Oakmont Country Club - Oakmont, Pennsylvania
  • 16 Jun Henry Berliner demonstrates his helicopter to US Bureau of Aeronautics.
  • 19 Jun Paavo Nurmi runs world record 5000m (14:28.2)
  • 22 Jun Herrin massacre: 19 strikebreakers and 2 union miners are killed in Herrin, Illinois.
  • 23 Jun 57th British Golf Open: Walter Hagen shoots a 300 at Royal St. George
  • 24 Jun AFPA changes name to NFL, Chicago Staleys become Chicago Bears.
  • 26 Jun Louis Honoré Charles Antoine Grimaldi becomes Reigning Prince Louis II of Monaco.
  • 27 Jun Newberry Medal 1st presented for kids literature (Hendrik Van Loon)
  • 28 Jun The Irish Civil War begins with the shelling of the Four Courts in Dublin by Free State forces.
  • 01 Jul Congress extends national bank charters by 99 years.
  • 05 Jul 1st general election in the Netherlands
  • 06 Jul Dutch auto / airplane manufacturer Trompenburg declares bankruptcy
  • 08 Jul 35th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Suzanne Lenglen beats M Mallory (62 60)
  • 09 Jul Johnny Weissmuller swims the 100 meters freestyle in 58.6 seconds breaking the world swimming record and the 'minute barrier'.
  • 11 Jul The Hollywood Bowl opens.
  • 15 Jul 26th US Golf Open: Gene Sarazen shoots a 288 at Skokie Country Club - Illinois
  • 17 Jul Curacao harbor workers begin strike under Felix Chacuto
  • 20 Jul Togo made a mandate of the League of Nations.
  • 22 Jul Cards enter 1st place, marks 1st time both St. Louis teams are on top
  • 25 Jul AT&T begins broadcasting on WBAY (NYC-later WEAF, WNBC, WRCA & WFAN)
  • 27 Jul International Geographical Union forms in Brussels
  • 01 Aug Hendrikus Colijn becomes political editor-in-chief of The Standard
  • 02 Aug China, hit by a typhoon; about 60,000 die
  • 04 Aug Female 1st baseman Lizzie Murphy plays on AL all-star team
  • 08 Aug Italian general strike broken by fascist terror
  • 14 Aug 1st old time musicians broadcasted on radio (Jenkins-WSB Atlanta)
  • 16 Aug AT&T radio station WBAY becomes WEAF (NYC)
  • 19 Aug 36th US Womens Tennis: Molla B Mallory beats Helen Wills Moody (63 61)
  • 20 Aug 1st world championship athletics for women, held in Paris
  • 21 Aug Curly Lambeau and Green Bay Football Club granted NFL franchise.
  • 22 Aug General Michael Collins is assassinated in West Cork.
  • 24 Aug 1st Phillie to hit for cycle (Cy Williams)
  • 26 Aug Japanese cruiser Niitaka leaves in storm at Kamchatka, 300 killed
  • 27 Aug Paavo Nurmi runs world record 3000m (8:28.6)
  • 28 Aug 1st Walker Cup: US beats England 8-4
  • 30 Aug Babe Ruth is thrown out of a game for 5th time in 1922
  • 01 Sep New York City law requires all "pool" rooms to change name to "billards".
  • 04 Sep Paavo Nurmi runs world record 2000m (5:26.3)
  • 05 Sep 17th Davis Cup: USA beats Australasia in New York (4-1)
  • 06 Sep 42nd US Mens Tennis: Wm T Tilden beats Wm M Johnston 46 36 62 63 64)
  • 07 Sep In Aydin, Turkey, independence of Aydin, from Greek occupation.
  • 09 Sep Turkish troops conquer Smyrna / murder Greek citizens
  • 10 Sep Largest Polo Grounds crowd Meusel, Ruth and Gehrig consecutive home runs.
  • 11 Sep Yankees play their farewell home game in Polo Grounds win doubleheader
  • 12 Sep Paavo Nurmi runs world record 5000m (14:35.4)
  • 13 Sep The temperature (in the shade) at Al 'Aziziyah, Libya reaches a world record 57.8 ?C (136.0 ?F).
  • 15 Sep Catcher Butch Henline is 1st NLer to hit 3 HRs in a game since 1897
  • 16 Sep 42nd US Mens Tennis: Bill Tilden beats W M Johnston (46 36 62 63 64)
  • 17 Sep Bicyclist Piet Moeskops becomes world sprint champ
  • 18 Sep 2nd government of Ruys de Beerenbrouck installed in Neth
  • 20 Sep Rogers Hornsby ends hitting streak of 33 games
  • 21 Sep President Warren G Harding signs a joint resolution of approval to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
  • 23 Sep B Brechts Drum in the Night, premieres in Germany
  • 24 Sep Neurenberg fusion Congress USDP-SPD; picks Karl Kautsky
  • 27 Sep King Constantine I of Greece abdicates his throne in favor of his eldest son, King George II.
  • 28 Sep Mussolini marches on Rome.
  • 29 Sep Mussolini ask Vatican for support of fascist party program
  • 30 Sep Government of Alexandros Zaimis forms in Greece
  • 01 Oct Former Chicago Staleys play first NFL game as Chicago Bears, win 6-0.
  • 03 Oct Rebecca Felton of Georgia becomes 1st woman in Senate
  • 04 Oct For 1st time, entire World Series broadcast over radio (WJZ & WGY)
  • 05 Oct Yanks and Giants play an infamous 3-3 tie World Series game
  • 06 Oct Schwebla replaces Benes government in Czechoslavakia
  • 07 Oct Landis insists Game 4 of World Series be played despite heavy rain
  • 08 Oct New York Giants beat New York Yankees, 4 games to 0, with a tie in 19th World Series.
  • 09 Oct Sir William Horwood, London Metropolitan Police Service commissioner, is poisoned by arsenic-filled chocolates.
  • 11 Oct 1st woman FBI special investigator appointed (Alaska Davidson)
  • 14 Oct 1st Thom McAn shoe store opens, on Third Avenue, New York City
  • 17 Oct Scottish worker begins hunger march from Glasgow on London
  • 18 Oct British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) established.
  • 20 Oct Kennelworth in the Bronx renamed Dwight Place.
  • 22 Oct Lucerne Street in the Bronx named.
  • 23 Oct Conservative A Bonar forms new government in England
  • 24 Oct German parliament mandates Ebert President until July 1925
  • 25 Oct The Third Dáil enacts the Constitution of the Irish Free State.
  • 26 Oct Italian government resigns under pressure from fascists and Benito Mussolini
  • 27 Oct Dutch 2nd Chamber votes for child labor laws
  • 29 Oct The King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III, appoints Benito Mussolini as Prime Minister.
  • 30 Oct Anxious to compete with the Yankees, the New York Giants pay $65,000 and 3 players for Jack Bentley (hits .349 and is 13-1 as pitcher in 1922)
  • 01 Nov Queen Wilhelmina opens Dutch Historical Maritime museum in Amsterdam
  • 02 Nov Allies deliberate over German mark
  • 03 Nov Greek parliament bans Prince Andreas for life
  • 04 Nov Howard Carter discovers tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt
  • 05 Nov Demonstration for a Dutch University in Ghent
  • 06 Nov King George V proclaims Irish Free state
  • 13 Nov Black Renaissance begins Harlem, New York
  • 14 Nov BBC begins domestic radio service from 2LO at Marconi House
  • 15 Nov British Conservative wins election / Labour 2nd party
  • 16 Nov Pope Pius XI calls on Belgian people to unite
  • 17 Nov Turkish Sultan Mehmed VI flees to Malta on British warship
  • 19 Nov Demonstration for a French Language University in Ghent
  • 21 Nov Rebecca L Felton (Ga) sworn in as 1st female US Senator
  • 22 Nov British Labour party selects Ramsay MacDonald as leader
  • 24 Nov Italian parliament gives Mussolini dictatorial powers for 1 year
  • 25 Nov Japanese crown Prince Hirohito appointed prince-regent
  • 28 Nov 6 old minsters in Greece, executed
  • 30 Nov 1st speed test of 1st genuine Japanese aircraft carrier Hosho
  • 01 Dec Polish state chief marshal Jozef Pilsudski, resigns.
  • 04 Dec Lucille Atcherson, becomes 1st woman legation sect-US foreign service
  • 05 Dec The British Parliament enacts the Irish Free State Constitution Act, by which it legally sanctions the new Constitution of the Irish Free State.
  • 06 Dec One year to the day after the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the Irish Free State comes into existence.
  • 09 Dec Gabriel Narutowicz is announced the first president of Poland.
  • 10 Dec Pete Henry makes longest known NFL drop-kicked field goal, 45 yards.
  • 11 Dec End of the trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson at the Old Bailey. Both found guilty and sentenced to death.
  • 15 Dec IVVV (association) peace congress on war forms in Hague.
  • 16 Dec Mutual Association of Eastern Colored Baseball Clubs formally organizes.
  • 17 Dec Last British troops leave Ireland Freestate.
  • 19 Dec Mrs Theres Vaughn, 24, confessed in court to being married 62 times.
  • 20 Dec Polish parliament selects Stanislaw Wojcieckowski as president.
  • 22 Dec Belgian parliament rejects Dutch University in Ghent.
  • 23 Dec Pope Pius XI pleas for peace: encyclical Ubi arcano.
  • 24 Dec BBC sends first British radio play "Truth about Father Christmas".
  • 27 Dec Japanese aircraft carrier Hosho becomes the first purpose built aircraft carrier to be commissioned in the world.
  • 29 Dec Dutch Constitution proclaimed
  • 30 Dec Soviet Union organized as a federation of RSFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Belorussian SSR and Transcaucasian SSR