1939: On This Year


1939 (MCMXXXIX in Roman Numerals) was the year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1939th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations.

Is 1939 a year special to you? If so you may like to discover what 1939 was famous for, who won the Oscars and the Nobel Prizes in 1939, who was Time's Person of the Year in 1939, which books, music and movies were top of the charts in 1939, what Chinese zodiac sign is associated to 1939, what babynames were most popular that year, what was the World population on that year and what happend in 1939.

On this page we will address all your questions and curiosities about 1939 to help you enjoy your trip down memory lane.


What was 1939 known for ?

  • The year 1939 marked the beginnings of World War Two and another year in the twelve-year presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • In these twelve months, world censuses estimated a world population of roughly 2.3 billion. This number continued to grow throughout the year. The names chosen most often by new parents happened to be Robert and Mary. Included amongst this year’s newborns were famous actor, Ian McKellen; famous fashion designer, Ralph Lauren; well-known assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald; and well-known songstress, Tina Turner.
  • Those that passed from the mortal coil in 1939 included Amelia Earhart, Pope Pius XI, Sigmund Freud, and Howard Carter. These 365 days saw changes to warfare, wartime alliances, and European diplomatic relationships. The most popular novels happened to be Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Christie’s And Then There Were None. For people who preferred popcorn munching to page turning, cinemas saw popular premieres of movies such as Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. For a more in-depth view of what exactly made 1939 unique, keep on reading.
  • People cognizant of happenings in these twelve months saw many firsts. These included the first rocket test, the first female dean of a US graduate school, the first nylon stocking, the first US food stamp issued, and the first animal (a rabbit) conceived via artificial insemination. In addition, patents were filed for the helicopter and electron microscope.
  • DC debuted its Superman and Batman comics to the delight of nerds the world over. Overseas, Paris witnessed its last execution via guillotine. All this progress existed beneath the growing shadow of World War II. This world watched as Germany established a short-lived alliance with Russia and Italy. Britain saw the horrors of the first Luftwaffe airstrike. The US maintained its neutrality as Canada and other nations declared war against the Nazis. A failed request for peace by Pope Pius XII signaled one thing: World War II was there to stay.
  • If you’re currently clad in Batman-centric pajamas, or use a microscope every time you go to work, you need to toss a salute at 1939.

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1939: Oscar Winners of the Year

In 1939, during the 12th Academy Awards Cerimony, held on 29/02/1940 the following movies, actors, actresses and directors were awarded with the Oscar in 5 categories honoring the films released in 1939:

What movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 1939?

Gone with the Wind
The Oscar for Best Movie went to Gone with the Wind, directed by Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood, starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Director Oscar in 1939?

Gone With The Wind
The Oscar for Best Director went to Victor Fleming, for the movie Gone With The Wind, starring produced in the .

Who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1939?

Goodbye, Mr. Chips
The Oscar for Best Actor went to Robert Donat, for the movie Goodbye, Mr. Chips, starring Robert Donat, Greer Garson, Terry Kilburn, John Mills produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Actress Oscar in 1939?

Gone with the Wind
The Oscar for Best Actress went to Vivien Leigh, for the movie Gone with the Wind, starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil produced in the United States of America.

Who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1939?

Gone with the Wind
The Oscar for Best Supporting Actress went to Hattie McDaniel, for the movie Gone with the Wind, starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil produced in the United States of America.
world population

1939: Who was Time's Person of the Year?

Joseph Stalin
In 1939, Joseph Stalin was named by TIME magazine as Person of the Year. In 1939, Stalin was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and de facto leader of the Soviet Union. He oversaw the signing of a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany before invading eastern Poland.
Rabbit chinese zodiac sign

1939: What was the Chinese Zodiac sign associated with the year 1939?

According to the Chinese Zodiac and Astrology 1939 was the Year of the Rabbit.

Discover Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Personality Traits of people born under the Rabbit sign.

Nobel Prize

1939: Nobel Prize Winners of the Year

1939: Who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ?

In 1939 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to:
  • Gerhard Domagk
world population

1939: What were the most popular baby names in the USA that year ?

The 3 most popular baby names in 1939 were Robert, James and John for boys and Mary, Barbara and Patricia for girls according to the US Census Bureau historical records.

1939: What were the Top #10 male names given to baby boys that year?

The Top # 10 male names given to baby boys in 1939 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • Robert
  • James
  • John
  • William
  • Richard
  • Charles
  • David
  • Donald
  • Thomas
  • Ronald

1939: What were the Top #10 female names given to baby girls that year?

The Top # 10 female names given to baby girls in 1939 in the USA according to the US Census Bureau historical records were:

  • Mary
  • Barbara
  • Patricia
  • Betty
  • Shirley
  • Carol
  • Nancy
  • Judith
  • Dorothy
  • Margaret

vinyl songs

1939: What was the number 1 song in the USA that year?

The number 1 song in the USA in 1939, i.e. the best selling and most popular song of tha year, was In the Mood by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra

1939: What was the music chart in the USA that year?

The Music Chart in the USA in 1939 with the top 10 most popular songs, was:

  1. In the Mood by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
  2. Yodelin' Jive by Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters
  3. Careless by Dick Jurgens & His Orchestra
  4. Tuxedo Junction by Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra

1939: What were the most popular movies that year ?

The most popular movies and box office hits in 1939 were:

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Release year: 1939

Directed by: Frank Capra

Starring: James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Claude Rains, Edward Arnold

Country: United States of America



Release year: 1939

Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch

Starring: Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas, Ina Claire, Bela Lugosi

Country: United States of America



Release year: 1939

Directed by: John Ford

Starring: John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, John Carradine

Country: United States of America

The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Release year: 1939

Directed by: Raoul Walsh

Starring: James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Priscilla Lane, Gladys George

Country: United States of America

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Release year: 1939

Directed by: William Dieterle

Starring: Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara, Cedric Hardwicke, Thomas Mitchell

Country: United States of America


What happened in 1939?

Here's what happened in 1939:

  • Jan 1, 1939: William Hewlett and David Packard found Hewlett-Packard in the USA.
  • Jan 3, 1939: Gene Cox becomes 1st girl page in US House of Representatives
  • Jan 4, 1939: Frieda Wunderlich elected 1st woman Dean of a US graduate school
  • Jan 5, 1939: Felix Frankfurter is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Frankfurter had been born in Vienna, Austria and immigrated to the U.S. with his family at age 12.
  • Jan 6, 1939: ''Naturwissenschaften'' publishes evidence that nuclear fission has been achieved by Otto Hahn.
  • Jan 7, 1939: US workers' union leader Tom Mooney freed (jailed since 1916).
  • Jan 13, 1939: Belgian premier signs Burgos-treaty for trade relations with Franco.
  • Jan 14, 1939: All commercial ferry service to East Bay ends
  • Jan 15, 1939: Municipal Railway and Market St. RR begin service to Transbay Terminal
  • Jan 16, 1939: Comic strip Superman debuts in the USA.
  • Jan 17, 1939: Ed Barrow is elected New York Yankees president succeeding deceased J Ruppert.
  • Jan 19, 1939: Ernest Hausen of Wisconsin, USA sets chicken-plucking record-4.4 seconds.
  • Jan 21, 1939: US female Figure Skating championship won by Joan Tozzer.
  • Jan 22, 1939: Aquatic Park, near Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco California, is dedicated.
  • Jan 23, 1939: quotDutch War Scarequot: Admiral Wilhelm Canaris of the ''Abwehr'' leaks misinformation to the effect that Germany plans to invade the Netherlands in February, with the aim of using Dutch air-fields to launch a strategic bombing offensive against Britain. The quotDutch War Scarequot leads to a major change in British policies towards Europe.
  • Jan 24, 1939: 30,000 killed by earthquake in Concepcion Chile.
  • Jan 25, 1939: Joe Louis knocks out John Henry Lewis in one round for heavyweight boxing title.
  • Jan 26, 1939: Filming begins on Gone With the Wind
  • Jan 27, 1939: First flight of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning.
  • Jan 30, 1939: Hitler calls for extermination of European Jews
  • Feb 2, 1939: Hungary joins the Anti-Comintern Pact.
  • Feb 4, 1939: Glenn Cunningham (top miler) says 4-minute mile beyond human effort.
  • Feb 5, 1939: Generalisimo Francisco Franco becomes the 68th ''Caudillo de Espana'', or Leader of Spain.
  • Feb 6, 1939: Spanish government flees to France.
  • Feb 9, 1939: Belgian Spaak government falls.
  • Feb 10, 1939: Spanish Nationalists complete their offensive in Catalonia.
  • Feb 11, 1939: A Lockheed XP-38 flies from California to New York in 7 hours 2 minutes.
  • Feb 14, 1939: Victor Fleming replaces George Cukor as Director of Gone With the Wind
  • Feb 15, 1939: German battleship Bismarck was launched
  • Feb 17, 1939: Katwijk soccer team forms.
  • Feb 18, 1939: Golden Gate International Exposition opens on Treasure Island, San Francisco, California.
  • Feb 21, 1939: Belgian government of Pierlot forms.
  • Feb 22, 1939: Netherlands recognizes Franco-regime in Spain.
  • Feb 23, 1939: Lou Thesz beats E Marshall in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA to become wrestling champion.
  • Feb 27, 1939: US Supreme Court outlaws sit-down strikes.
  • Feb 28, 1939: The erroneous word ''dord'' is discovered in the Webster's New International Dictionary, Second Edition, prompting an investigation.
  • Mar 1, 1939: An Imperial Japanese Army ammunition dump explodes at Hirakata, Osaka, Japan, killing 94.
  • Mar 2, 1939: Massachusetts Legislature votes to ratify the Bill of Rights; 147 years late.
  • Mar 3, 1939: In Bombay, Mohandas Gandhi begins a hunger strike in protest at the autocratic rule in British India.
  • Mar 7, 1939: Glamour magazine begins publishing
  • Mar 12, 1939: Pope Pius XII crowned in Vatican ceremonies.
  • Mar 14, 1939: Nazi Germany dissolves Republic of Czechoslovakia
  • Mar 15, 1939: Hitler occupies Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia); Slovakia independ
  • Mar 16, 1939: Germany occupies Czechoslovakia
  • Mar 17, 1939: Second Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Nanchang between the Kuomintang and Japan begins,
  • Mar 18, 1939: American President Franklin Roosevelt imposes punitive tariffs on imports from Germany.
  • Mar 19, 1939: Hitler sends a registered letter to the government of Lithuania stating that Germany intends to annex the port of Memel.
  • Mar 20, 1939: 7,000 Jews flee German occupied Memel Lithuania.
  • Mar 21, 1939: Nazi-Germany demands Gdansk (Danzig) from Poland
  • Mar 22, 1939: Lithuania state, forced to give Memel territory to Germany
  • Mar 23, 1939: The Hungarian air force attacks the headquarters of Slovak air force in the city of Spisska Nova Ves, kills 13 people and began the Slovak : Hungarian War.
  • Mar 24, 1939: Marks the seventh successive year of the world wide boycott of all German exports initiated by front page declarations in Britain and the U.S. 'Judea declares war on Germany'
  • Mar 25, 1939: Billboard Magazine introduces hillbilly (country) music chart.
  • Mar 28, 1939: Dutch hunter shoots English bombers down.
  • Mar 30, 1939: The Heinkel He 100 fighter sets a world airspeed record of 463 mph (745 km/h).
  • Mar 31, 1939: Britain and France agree to support Poland if invaded by Germany
  • Apr 1, 1939: US recognizes Franco government in Spain at end of Spanish civil war.
  • Apr 2, 1939: 6th Golf Masters Championship: Ralph Guldahl wins, shooting a 279.
  • Apr 3, 1939: Adolf Hitler orders the German military to start planning for Fall Weiss, the codename for the invasion of Poland.
  • Apr 5, 1939: Membership in Hitler Youth becomes obligatory in Germany.
  • Apr 6, 1939: Great Britain and Poland sign military pact.
  • Apr 7, 1939: World War II: Italy invades Albania.
  • Apr 8, 1939: King Zog I of Albania, flees
  • Apr 9, 1939: Marian Anderson sings at the Lincoln Memorial, after having been refused the right to sing at the Daughters of the American Revolution's Constitution Hall.
  • Apr 10, 1939: Grens mobilization due to Italian invasion in Albania
  • Apr 11, 1939: Hungary leaves League of Nations.
  • Apr 13, 1939: Britain offers a quotguaranteequot to Romania and Greece.
  • Apr 14, 1939: John Steinbeck novel The Grapes of Wrath published
  • Apr 15, 1939: Albert Lebrun elected President of France.
  • Apr 16, 1939: Stanley Cup: Boston Bruins beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 games to 1.
  • Apr 17, 1939: Joe Louis knocks out Jack Roper in one for heavyweight boxing title.
  • Apr 18, 1939: Franz von Papen becomes German ambassador in Turkey.
  • Apr 19, 1939: Connecticut finally approves Bill of Rights (148 years late).
  • Apr 20, 1939: New York World's Fair opens.
  • Apr 23, 1939: Boston Red Sox Ted Williams hits his 1st HR
  • Apr 25, 1939: The Federal Security Agency (FSA) is founded in the USA, along with the Civilian Conservation Corps and Public Health Service.
  • Apr 27, 1939: Ely Racecourse in Cardiff closes.
  • Apr 28, 1939: Hitler claims German-Polish non-attack treaty still in effect
  • Apr 29, 1939: Whitestone Bridge connecting Bronx and Queens opens (New York).
  • Apr 30, 1939: Tropicana ballet of Havana, Cuba forms.
  • May 1, 1939: Batman comics hit street
  • May 2, 1939: Vyacheslav Molotov succeeds Maxim Litvinov as Soviet Foreign Commissar.
  • May 3, 1939: The All India Forward Bloc is formed by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
  • May 5, 1939: Flash floods kill 75 in Northeast Kentucky, USA.
  • May 6, 1939: 65th Kentucky Derby: James Stout aboard Johnstown wins in 2:03.4.
  • May 7, 1939: Germany and Italy announce an alliance known as the Rome-Berlin Axis.
  • May 9, 1939: Catholic church beatifies the first Native American, Kateri Tekakwitha.
  • May 13, 1939: SS St. Louis departs Hamburg with 937 Jews fugitives
  • May 14, 1939: Lina Medina, a 5-year old Peruvian girl, gives birth to a baby boy, becoming the youngest confirmed mother in medical history.
  • May 16, 1939: 1st AL night game, Philadelphia Shribe Park (Indians 8, Athletics 3 in 10)
  • May 17, 1939: The Columbia Lions and the Princeton Tigers play in the United States' first televised sporting event, a collegiate baseball game in New York City.
  • May 20, 1939: 3 Little Fishies, by Kay Kyser hits #1
  • May 21, 1939: The Canadian National War Memorial is unveiled by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • May 22, 1939: Hitler and Mussolini sign Pact of Steel
  • May 23, 1939: Dmitri Shostakovitch appointed Professor at Conservatory of Leningrad
  • May 25, 1939: Carl Storck becomes the second NFL president.
  • May 29, 1939: Albanian fascist leader Tefik Mborja is appointed as member of the Italian Chamber of Fasces and Corporations.
  • Jun 1, 1939: 1st boxing match to be televised, Lon Nova defeats Max Baer
  • Jun 3, 1939: 71st Belmont: James Stout aboard Johnstown wins in 2:29.6
  • Jun 4, 1939: The Holocaust: The MS , a ship carrying 963 German Jewish refugees, is denied permission to land in Florida, in the United States, after already being turned away from Cuba. Forced to return to Europe, more than 200 of its passengers later die in Nazi concentration camps.
  • Jun 6, 1939: New York Giants beat Reds 17-3, with 5 HRs in 4th inning
  • Jun 7, 1939: Cleveland Indians set American League record of 16-inning game without striking out, however lose game 5-4 to New York Yankees.
  • Jun 8, 1939: British King George VI visits US
  • Jun 10, 1939: Barney Bear, cartoon character, by MGM, debuts
  • Jun 11, 1939: King and Queen of England taste first "hot dogs" at US President Franklin Roosevelt's party.
  • Jun 12, 1939: 43rd US Golf Open: Byron Nelson shoots a 284 at Philadelphia Country Club
  • Jun 14, 1939: Tientsin Incident: The Japanese blockade the British concession in Tianjin, China, beginning a crisis which almost causes an Anglo-Japanese war in the summer of 1939.
  • Jun 17, 1939: Last public guillotining in France: Eugen Weidmann, a convicted murderer, is guillotined in Versailles outside the Saint-Pierre prison.
  • Jun 20, 1939: Test flight of first rocket plane using liquid propellants.
  • Jun 21, 1939: Doctors reveal Lou Gehrig has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • Jun 22, 1939: Future Queen Elizabeth of England meets future husband Philip
  • Jun 23, 1939: Bronko Nagurski beats Lou Thesz in Houston, to become wrestling champ
  • Jun 24, 1939: Siam is renamed to Thailand by Plaek Pibulsonggram, the country's third prime minister.
  • Jun 27, 1939: Brooklyn Dodgers tie Boston Braves, 2-2, in 23 innings
  • Jun 28, 1939: Joe Louis TKOs Tony Galent in 4 for heavyweight boxing title
  • Jun 29, 1939: 4th Dutch government of Colijn falls
  • Jul 2, 1939: The 1st World Science Fiction Convention opens in New York City.
  • Jul 3, 1939: Lou Gehrig day; baseball player Gehrig makes "luckiest man" speech.
  • Jul 4, 1939: Lou Gehrig, recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, tells a crowd at Yankee Stadium that he considers himself ''The luckiest man on the face of the earth'' as he announces his retirement from major league baseball.
  • Jul 6, 1939: Holocaust: the last remaining Jewish enterprises in Germany are closed.
  • Jul 7, 1939: 52nd Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Alice Marble beats Kay Stammers (62 60)
  • Jul 8, 1939: 59th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Bobby Riggs beats E Cooke (26 86 36 63 62)
  • Jul 11, 1939: 7th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 3-1 at Yankee Stadium, New York New York Yankee / AL maanager Joe McCarthy starts 6 Yankees
  • Jul 13, 1939: Frank Sinatra made his recording debut
  • Jul 15, 1939: Clara Adams (NYC) is 1st woman to complete round world flight
  • Jul 17, 1939: 22nd PGA Championship: Henry Picard at Pomonok Country Club - Flushing, New York
  • Jul 19, 1939: Dr Roy P Scholz is 1st surgeon to use fiberglass sutures
  • Jul 22, 1939: 1st black woman judge (Jane Matilda Bolin-NYC)
  • Jul 23, 1939: Mahatma Gandhi the spiritual leader from India writes a personal letter to Adolf Hitler addressing him quotMy friendquot, requesting to prevent any possible war.
  • Jul 25, 1939: 5th and last Dutch government of Colijn, forms
  • Jul 26, 1939: Yankee catcher Bill Dickey hits 3 consecutive HRs
  • Jul 27, 1939: The first recorded snowfall in Auckland, New Zealand since records began in 1853.
  • Jul 28, 1939: 5th Dutch government of Colijn falls
  • Aug 2, 1939: Hatch Act prohibits political activity by federal workers.
  • Aug 3, 1939: Jean Genets Ondine, premieres in Paris
  • Aug 4, 1939: Neville Chamberlain dismisses Parliament until October 3.
  • Aug 6, 1939: 1st broadcast of Dinah Shore Show on NBC-radio
  • Aug 10, 1939: 2nd Dutch De Geer government forms (1st with Social Democrats)
  • Aug 11, 1939: Sergei Rachmaninovs last appearance in Europe
  • Aug 13, 1939: Sabotage suspected in crash of the City of San Francisco which fell into the Humboldt River killing 24. (Elko, Nevada).
  • Aug 15, 1939: In 1st night game at Comiskey Park, Sox beat Browns 5-2
  • Aug 17, 1939: The Wizard of Oz movie opens at Loew's Capitol Theater in New York.
  • Aug 19, 1939: 37.6 cm rainfall at Tuckerton, New Jersey (state record)
  • Aug 20, 1939: 1st black bowling league formed (National Bowling Association)
  • Aug 22, 1939: Dutch border guards take positions for German invasion
  • Aug 23, 1939: John Cobb (Britain) drives 365.85 mph (593.48 km/h) at Bonneville Flats
  • Aug 24, 1939: Germany and the USSR sign 10-year non-aggression pact
  • Aug 25, 1939: The United Kingdom and Poland form a military alliance in which the UK promises to defend Poland in case of invasion by a foreign power.
  • Aug 26, 1939: 1st major league baseball telecast-Reds beat Brooklyn Dodgers (W2XBS NY)
  • Aug 27, 1939: Erich Warsitz makes 1st jet-propelled flight (in a Heinkel He-178)
  • Aug 28, 1939: Monty becomes Commandant of 3rd Iron Infantry division
  • Aug 29, 1939: Chaim Weizmann informs England that Palestine Jews will fight in war.
  • Aug 30, 1939: 6th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: New York Giants 9, All-Stars 0 (81,456)
  • Aug 31, 1939: Japanese invasion army driven out of Mongolia
  • Sep 1, 1939: Hitler orders extermination of mentally ill
  • Sep 2, 1939: The German-American League for Culture in Cleveland, Ohio, representing 103,000 German-Americans, issues a resolution calling on German people to rise up and defeat Adolf Hitler.
  • Sep 3, 1939: Britain declares war on Germany. France follows 6 hours later quickly joined by Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada
  • Sep 4, 1939: German submarine U-30 sinks British passenger ship Athenia
  • Sep 5, 1939: 34th Davis Cup: Australia beats USA in Haverford (3-2)
  • Sep 6, 1939: 1st German air attack on Great-Britain in WWII
  • Sep 7, 1939: Radio New York Worldwide-WRUL begins radio transmission
  • Sep 8, 1939: FDR declares limited national emergency due to war in Europe
  • Sep 9, 1939: Nazi army reaches Warsaw
  • Sep 10, 1939: In WWII, Canada declared war on Germany
  • Sep 11, 1939: Battle of Kutno-pocket: Germans advance to Warsaw
  • Sep 13, 1939: Igor Stravinsky invents 1st helicopter
  • Sep 14, 1939: British fleet attacks German U-39 boat
  • Sep 15, 1939: WWII: Diverse elements of the German Wehrmacht surround Warsaw and demand its surrender. The Poles refuse and the siege begins in earnest.
  • Sep 16, 1939: 53rd US Womens Tennis: Alice Marble beats Helen Hull Jacobs (60 810 64)
  • Sep 17, 1939: German U-29 sinks British aircraft carrier Courageous, 519 die
  • Sep 18, 1939: Polish government of Moscicki flees to Romania
  • Sep 19, 1939: British Expeditionary Force reaches France
  • Sep 20, 1939: British fleet takes German U-27 boat
  • Sep 21, 1939: Reinhard Heydrich meets in Berlin to discuss final solution of Jews
  • Sep 22, 1939: Joint victory parade of Wehrmacht and Red Army in Brest-Litovsk at the end of the Invasion of Poland.
  • Sep 23, 1939: Cookie Lavagetto goes 6 for 6; Brooklyn Dodgers get 27 hits and beat Philadelphia Phillies 22-4.
  • Sep 25, 1939: German Luftwaffe strikes Warsaw with (fire)bombs
  • Sep 26, 1939: German seaplane shoots KLM-aircraft (1 killed)
  • Sep 27, 1939: Warsaw Poland, surrenders to Germans after 19 days of resistance
  • Sep 28, 1939: Estonia accepts Soviet military bases
  • Sep 29, 1939: Gerald J. Cox, speaking at an American Water Works Association meeting, becomes the first person to publicly propose the fluoridation of public water supplies in the United States.
  • Sep 30, 1939: 41 U-boats sunk this month (153,000 ton)
  • Oct 1, 1939: Churchill calls Soviets riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma
  • Oct 2, 1939: Birdbaths installed in Union Square, San Francisco
  • Oct 3, 1939: Lemmer-Urk Dike closes
  • Oct 4, 1939: Last Polish troops surrender
  • Oct 6, 1939: Adolf Hitler denies he intends to go to war against France and Britain
  • Oct 7, 1939: HALL airship Binnendijk runs up German my
  • Oct 8, 1939: New York Yankees sweep Cincinnati Reds in 36th World Series, fourth straight World Series win.
  • Oct 11, 1939: Albert Einstein informs FDR of possibilities of atomic bomb
  • Oct 14, 1939: BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) formed
  • Oct 15, 1939: Yeshiva of Mir closes after 124 years
  • Oct 16, 1939: Sugar rationing begins in the Netherlands
  • Oct 18, 1939: R Rodgers and Lorenz Harts Too Many Girls, premieres in New York City
  • Oct 20, 1939: All the Things You Are recorded by Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
  • Oct 22, 1939: 1st TV NFL game-Eagles vs. Dodgers
  • Oct 24, 1939: Joe DiMaggio wins AL MVP, Jimmie Foxx is runner-up
  • Oct 25, 1939: Nylon stockings go on sale in US for 1st time
  • Oct 26, 1939: Polish Jewish forced into obligatory work service
  • Oct 28, 1939: Anti-German demonstrations / strikes in Czechoslovakia
  • Oct 29, 1939: NHL Babe Seibert Memorial Game: All-Stars beat Montreal 5-3
  • Oct 30, 1939: German U-boat fails on attack of English battleship Nelson with Winston Churchill, Dudley Pound and Charles Forbes aboard
  • Oct 31, 1939: 27 U-boats sunk this month (135,000 ton)
  • Nov 1, 1939: Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Sertum laetitiae
  • Nov 4, 1939: US allows cash & carry arms sales during WWII
  • Nov 6, 1939: WRGB TV channel 6 in Schenectady-Alby-Troy, New York (CBS) 1st broadcast
  • Nov 8, 1939: In Munich, Adolf Hitler narrowly escapes the assassination attempt of Georg Elser while celebrating the 16th anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch.
  • Nov 9, 1939: Ninotchka, with Greta Garbo premieres
  • Nov 11, 1939: Kate Smith first sings Irving Berlin's "God Bless America".
  • Nov 14, 1939: Oil refinery fire kills 500 and destroys Lagunillas, Venezuela.
  • Nov 15, 1939: Anti-German demonstrations in Czechoslovakia
  • Nov 16, 1939: Al Capone freed from Alcatraz jail
  • Nov 17, 1939: German U-boat torpedoes passenger ship
  • Nov 18, 1939: Netherlands KNSM passenger ship Simon Bolivar hits German mine, 86 die
  • Nov 19, 1939: Don Lash wins 6th straight Amateur Athletic Union cross-country 10km championship.
  • Nov 23, 1939: Nazi Gov of Poland Hans Frank requires Jews to wear a blue star
  • Nov 26, 1939: 4 soviet soldiers killed on Finnish-Russian border
  • Nov 28, 1939: Nazi Governor-General of Poland, Hans Frank organizes Judenrat
  • Nov 29, 1939: Cor Klint swims world record 200 m backstroke
  • Nov 30, 1939: 21 U-boats sunk this month (52,000 ton)
  • Dec 2, 1939: New York's La Guardia Airport begins operations as an airliner from Chicago lands, one minute after midnight.
  • Dec 4, 1939: World War II: HMS Nelson is struck by a mine (laid by U-31) off the Scottish coast and is laid up for repairs until August 1940.
  • Dec 6, 1939: 5th Heisman Trophy Award: Nile Kinnick, Iowa (HB).
  • Dec 9, 1939: Russian air raid on Helsinki, Finland.
  • Dec 10, 1939: Green Bay Packers win NFL championship, beat the New York Giants 27-0
  • Dec 12, 1939: Russ Indigirka capsizes in blizzard off Japanese coast; 750 die
  • Dec 13, 1939: Battle at La Plata - 3 British cruisers vs. German Graf Spee
  • Dec 14, 1939: Soviet Union attacks Finland-League of Nations drops Soviet Union
  • Dec 15, 1939: Gone with the Wind receives its premiere at Loew's Grand Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Dec 17, 1939: German pocket battleship Graf Spee scuttled by its crew off Uruguay
  • Dec 19, 1939: Russian air and ground attack against Finnish positions near Summa.
  • Dec 20, 1939: Radio Australia begins overseas short-wave service.
  • Dec 22, 1939: 99 die in 2nd wreck at Friedrichshafen Germany
  • Dec 23, 1939: South Australia score 7-821 against Queensland in cricket.
  • Dec 24, 1939: World War II: Pope Pius XII makes a Christmas Eve appeal for peace.
  • Dec 25, 1939: Montgomery Ward introduces Rudolph the 9th reindeer.
  • Dec 26, 1939: Earthquake in East Anatolia Turkey
  • Dec 27, 1939: Between 20,000 and 40,000 die in magnitude 8 quake (Erzincam Turkey)
  • Dec 28, 1939: The Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber prototype first flies.
  • Dec 29, 1939: First flight of the Consolidated B-24.
  • Dec 31, 1939: 25 U-boats sunk this month (81,000 ton)
  • Jan 24, 1939: The deadliest earthquake in Chilean history strikes Chillán, killing approximately 28,000 people.


What does the year 1939 refer to in the Gregorian calendar?

The year 1939 refers to a specific year in the Gregorian calendar, which is commonly used internationally. It is the 40th year of the 20th century and the 9th year of the 1930s decade. In the Gregorian calendar, it follows 1938 and precedes 1940.

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