Financial news on March 20th, 2010

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British Airways Strike Begins, Threatening a Weak Economy

A three-day strike by some employees of the airline began Saturday after talks collapsed between the airline and the Unite trade union. Read more..

By JULIA WERDIGIER - The New York Times

Consumers Slow to Embrace the Age of Genomics

One problem is that DNA scanning is often unable to offer meaningful predictions about a person’s risk for a disease. Read more..

By ANDREW POLLACK - The New York Times

I.M.F. Chief Calls for ‘Fire Brigade’ to Aid European Banks

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s proposed European Resolution Authority would be supported by funds from governments and the private sector to deal with failures of large banks. Read more..


Is a DNA Scan a Medical Test or Just Informational? Views Differ

Navigenics is aiming its DNA testing as a health-related service; 23andMe considers it informational. In a business sense, those are major differences. Read more..

By ANDREW POLLACK - The New York Times

Official Calls for European Solution to Greece’s Woes

The European Commission president called for Germany and other governments that use the euro to put up a package of loans to assist Greece. Read more..


Retail Sales in Canada Rose in January

Canadian retail sales rose in January, as consumers stocked up on home improvement supplies before a federal tax credit expired. Read more..

By BLOOMBERG NEWS - The New York Times

Rio Tinto and Chinalco in Deal for Iron Project

A joint venture in a mine in the West African nation of Guinea suggests that tension between Australia and China may be easing. Read more..

By BETTINA WASSENER - The New York Times

Stressful but Vital: Picking a Nursing Home

Finding a good one takes research and perseverance, but unfortunately, the typical search is made under duress and with little time available. Read more..

By WALECIA KONRAD - The New York Times

When Not to Pay Down a Mortgage

If you’ve locked in a rock-bottom rate, does it still make sense to make extra payments to reduce your mortgage? It depends. Read more..

By RON LIEBER - The New York Times

World’s High-Speed Train Makers Set Sights on U.S.

Companies will compete for a share of the $8 billion that President Obama has granted for 13 high-speed corridors across the United States. Read more..

By CHRIS COOPER OF BLOOMBERG NEWS - International Herald Tribune

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