Popular movies week 28 April 1957

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 28/April - 04/May - 1957. Do you remember The Secret Place by Clive Donner or Michael Strogoff starring Curd Jürgens, Geneviève Page, Jacques Dacqmine, Sylva Koscina ?

The Secret Place

Directed by: Clive Donner

Starring: Belinda Lee, Ronald Lewis, Michael Brooke, Michael Gwynn

Michael Strogoff

Directed by: Carmine Gallone

Starring: Curd Jürgens, Geneviève Page, Jacques Dacqmine, Sylva Koscina

The Big Fun Carnival

Directed by: Marc Daniels, Shamus Culhane, Hans Fischerkoesen, Dave Fleischer, John A. Haeseler, George Pal

Starring: Marian Stafford, Jared Reed, Bunin's Puppets, Mae Questel


Directed by: Aleksandr Ivanov

Starring: Vsevolod Safonov, Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy, Tamara Loginova, Leonid Kmit

8 X 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements

Directed by: Jean Cocteau, Hans Richter

Starring: Jean Arp, Paul Bowles, Ceal Bryson, Alexander Calder

Rock All Night

Directed by: Roger Corman

Starring: Dick Miller, Russell Johnson, Abby Dalton, Jeanne Cooper

The Girl in the Kremlin

Directed by: Russell Birdwell

Starring: Lex Barker, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jeffrey Stone, Maurice Manson

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Directed by: John Huston

Starring: Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr

Country: United States

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