February 5

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened throughout history on February 5. From 1900 until now. February 5 is under the sign of Aquarius. Famous birthdays on this day include Cristiano Ronaldo (1985), Cristiano Ronaldo (1985) and Anti-Christ (1962). Several movies were released around February 5 over the years, such as Legion of Super-Heroes in 2023 directed by Jeff Wamester and Among the Beasts in 2023 directed by Matthew Newton.
But much more happened on February 5 over the years: find out below

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Which were the most popular Movies released around February 5 over the years?
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Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Jeff Wamester

Starring: Jensen Ackles, Matt Bomer, Darin De Paul, Ben Diskin

Among the Beasts

Among the Beasts

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Matthew Newton

Starring: Tory Kittles, Libe Barer, Sarunas J. Jackson, Jon Bass

Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Jim Mendrinos, John P. Rigores

The Exchange

The Exchange

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Dan Mazer

This Is Going to Hurt

This Is Going to Hurt

Release year: 2022


Historical Events

Which were the important events of February 5?


  • Kashmir Day observes as public holiday in Pakistan.
  • Catholicism - Feast day of Saint Agatha of Sicily, patron saint of firework makers and glass blowers.
  • Saint Bertolf


  • 2019 Syrian Civil War: Ben Wallace, the United Kingdom Minister of Security, stated that he believes John Cantlie, a British photojournalist, is still alive and being held hostage in Syria by Islamic State militants.
  • 2018 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: 2018 Ariel stabbing: A Palestinian rabbi is killed by an Israeli Arab outside of the Israeli-occupied West Bank settlement at Ariel.
  • 2017 In Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, heavy snowfall and avalanches have killed dozens of people. Kabul International Airport has been closed due to snow and/or ice. (BBC),
  • 2016 Syrian Civil War: The Syrian Army, along with its allies, capture Ataman near Daraa. (Reuters)Fifteen thousand Syrians converge on the border with Turkey in response to the offensive by the Syrian Government in the Aleppo Governorate.
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Famous Birthday

Who was born on February 5?

Famous Deaths

vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in that special week of February 5 over the years?

Top #1 songs in the USA

  • 2018 - God's Plan
  • 2017 - Bad And Boujee
  • 2016 - Sorry
  • 2015 - Uptown Funk!
  • 2014 - Timber
  • 2013 - Thrift Shop
  • 2012 - Set Fire To The Rain
  • 2011 - Grenadeyoutube
  • 2010 - TiK ToKyoutube
  • 2009 - Just Dance
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Top #1 Rock songs

  • 2018 - Thunder
  • 2017 - Heathens
  • 2016 - Stressed Out
  • 2015 - Take Me To Church
  • 2014 - Let Her Go
  • 2013 - Ho Hey
  • 2012 - Lonely Boy
  • 2011 - Tighten Up
  • 2010 - Break


Which were the most popular books released around February 5 over the years?
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The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit by Sloan Wilson

The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit

Year: 1956


The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit was a classic that captured the spirit of a generation. It was first published in 1955. Its title, like Fahrenheit 451 and Catch-22, has been a part America's cultural vocabulary.

Everything But Money by Sam Levenson

Everything But Money

Year: 1967


Autobiography, New York City Studies and Sociology

Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz

Princess Daisy

Year: 1980


She was born Princess Marguerite Alexandrovna Valensky. Everyone called her Daisy. She was a beautiful blonde beauty who lived in the world of aristocrats, and many wealthy people. Her father was a Russian nobleman and prince.

Sh*T My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

Sh*T My Dad Says

Year: 2011


After being dumped by his longtime girlfriend, twenty-eight-year-old Justin Halpern found himself living at home with his seventy-three-year-old dad. Sam Halpern is "like Socrates but angrier and has worse hair,"

Blindsight by Robin Cook


Year: 1992


Robin Cook returns with a shocking tale of medical conspiracy. Organ transplants are a common miracle of science today. If the demand is not met, how far can the supply be?

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