January 17: Zodiac, Trivia, Birthdays and Holidays

January 17th marks the 17th day of the Gregorian calendar year. There are 348 days remaining until the end of the year (or 349 days in case of leap years). People born on this day are under the sign of Capricorn. Famous birthdays on this day include Michelle Obama (1964), Jim Carrey (1962) and Françoise Hardy (1944).
But much more happened on January 17 over the years: find out below

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January 17th Famous Birthdays

Who was born on January 17th? Here’s a shortlist of celebrities born on this day

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January 17th Famous Deaths

Who died on January 17th? Here’s a shortlist of celebrities died on this day

  • Pluto was discovered by an American Astronomer and Academic (d. 1997).

  • American politician, attorney and educator featured on Time magazine's cover as one 12 Women of the Year in 1/05/1976.

  • He is a minor actor from Scotland, writer, and mountaineer.

  • Actress (Maggie, 3rd Key, Long Arm).

  • British-Indian author, best known for his multiple-volume chronicles about King Arthur and his court.

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Trivia and Events

What happened on January 17th in history? Here’s the historical highlights:

  • Jan 17th, 2019 2019 Bogota car bombing. A suicide car bomb attack on the General Santander National Police Academy, Bogota, Colombia kills at most 20 people and injures over 50 more.
  • Jan 17th, 2018 Unknown gunmen kidnap two Americans and two Canadians in Kaduna State (Nigeria). After engaging in a fight with the abductors, two police officers are shot and killed.
  • Jan 17th, 2017 Boko Haram insurgency. A Nigerian Air Force plane mistakenly bombs a refugee settlement in Borno State near the border to Cameroon. At least 90 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. According to reports, the pilot believed that he was attacking Boko Haram militants.
  • Jan 17th, 2016 2016 Jakarta attacks: Eight people have been confirmed killed in the attacks.
  • Jan 17th, 2015 Terrorism in Yemen - Gunmen kidnap the chief of staff of Yemen's president in Sana'a, the capital. It is not clear if Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak was kidnapped by Shiite Houthi rebels, or al-Qaeda militants.
  • Jan 17th, 2014 2013-14 Thai political crisis (CNN),
  • Jan 17th, 2013 According to an Algerian official, a group of hostages escaped from the natural-gas complex that was overthrown by Islamist militants. According to reports, 20 hostages escaped, which includes Americans.
  • Jan 17th, 2012 2012 Afar Region Tourist Attack: Unknown assailants attack 2 Hungarians in northeastern Ethiopia, 2 Germans, and 1 Austrian.
  • Jan 17th, 2011 A blast destroys a bus in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, killing 18.
  • Jan 17th, 2010 At least 200 people are killed when rioting breaks out between Christian and Muslim groups in Jos, Nigeria.
  • Jan 17th, 2009 North Korea claims to have ampquotweaponizedampquot 30.8 kilograms of plutonium, enough for four to five nuclear warheads.
  • Jan 17th, 2008 British Airways Flight 38 crashes just short of London Heathrow Airport, England. There are no fatalities. This is the first time a Boeing 777 has suffered a complete hull collapse.

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January 17th Day of the Year and Calendars

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