June 17: Zodiac, Trivia, Birthdays and Holidays

June 17th marks the 168th day of the Gregorian calendar year (or the 169th in case of leap years). There are 197 days remaining until the end of the year. People born on this day are under the sign of Gemini. Famous birthdays on this day include Newt Gingrich (1943), Kendrick Lamar (1987) and Lio (1962). Holidays and observances around the world include: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.
But much more happened on June 17 over the years: find out below

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June 17th Famous Birthdays

Who was born on June 17th? Here’s a shortlist of celebrities born on this day

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June 17th Famous Deaths

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Trivia and Events

What happened on June 17th in history? Here’s the historical highlights:

  • Jun 17th, 2019 Boko Haram, Nigeria: Three suicide bombers from Boko Haram detonate their bombs among football fans in Konduga. The explosions killed 30 and injured 40 others. (BBC).Boko Haram terrorists engage in gunfire with Nigerian soldiers in Nganzai, a local government area of Borno State.
  • Jun 17th, 2018 Boko Haram insurgency: At least 31 people are killed in twin suicide bombings at Damboa, Nigeria. Rockets from outside the town are believed to be following the explosions.
  • Jun 17th, 2017 War in Afghanistan: An "insider attack" on Camp Shaheen in northern Mazar-i-Sharif resulted in at least one Afghan being killed and seven Americans being wounded. The earlier report that Americans were killed was incorrect. The Taliban claim responsibility.
  • Jun 17th, 2016 Iraqi Civil War (2014-2017), Military Intervention against ISIL, Battle of Fallujah (2016) : The Iraqi government retakes the main government building in Fallujah.
  • Jun 17th, 2015 American NBC Network announces Lester Holt will remain host of NBC Nightly News, with Brian Williams returning in an unspecified role.
  • Jun 17th, 2014 North Korean propaganda videos reveal that they have developed a cruise-missile similar to the Russian Kh35 model.
  • Jun 17th, 2013 In Northern Ireland, the 39th G8 summit will be held. The agenda includes the Syrian civil War.
  • Jun 17th, 2012 Multiple bombings have killed at least 12 people in Kaduna, northern Nigeria.
  • Jun 17th, 2011 According to Yonhap, South Korea has launched precision-guided missiles capable o hitting Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.
  • Jun 17th, 2010 Due to the upcoming G20 summit, the United States has issued a warning about travel for Toronto.
  • Jun 17th, 2009 Richard Scrushy, former chief executive of American HealthSouth, is being ordered to pay US$2.9billion after a judge found him guilty of accounting fraud that almost bankrupted the hospital chain.
  • Jun 17th, 2008 The Boston Celtics won a record 17th NBA title by defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in Game Six 131-92.

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June 17th Day of the Year and Calendars

June 17th marks the 167th day of year the Gregorian calendar;

There are 197 days remaining until the end of the year.

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