Financial news on April 30, 2019

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As Trade Talks Continue, China Is Unlikely to Yield on Control of Data

Negotiations appear to have done little to resolve an emerging rivalry over data that the tech industry says is key to industries of the future. Read more..

By Ana Swanson - The New York Times

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Tops the List of Hedge Fund Manager Compensation

Mr. Dalio, who sounded an alarm this year over rising income inequality, earned an estimated $2 billion in 2018. Read more..

By Andrew Ross Sorkin - The New York Times

Eric Schmidt to Leave Alphabet Board, Ending an Era That Defined Google

The former chief executive’s departure is part of broader shake up of Alphabet’s board, which is the target of a shareholder lawsuit. Read more..

By Daisuke Wakabayashi - The New York Times

Eurozone Growth Rebounds Despite Trade War, Brexit and Other Fears

The monetary bloc grew 0.4 percent in the first quarter compared with the last quarter of 2018, a surprise given the dark clouds looming over the economy. Read more..

By Jack Ewing - The New York Times

Facebook Unveils Redesign as It Tries to Move Past Privacy Scandals

The social network rolled out a redesign, in the most visible signal of how it is starting to emphasize private communications. Read more..

By Mike Isaac - The New York Times

Fed Likely to Leave Interest Rates Unchanged as Trump Calls for Cut

The president wants the Fed to cut rates and stimulate the economy. But the Fed appears poised to continue its patient stance at its meeting that ends Wednesday. Read more..

By Jeanna Smialek - The New York Times

Jussie Smollett’s Future on ‘Empire’ Is in Doubt

Though it did not shut the door, Fox said on Tuesday that there were no plans to bring back Smollett, who was accused of faking a hate crime attack before charges were dropped. Read more..

By John Koblin - The New York Times

Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York. Read more..

By Zach Wichter - The New York Times

Tesla Looks to Regain Its Luster in Solar Energy by Slashing Prices

The company said it would slash the cost of solar energy by up to 41 percent by standardizing systems and asking customers to take on more responsibilities. Read more..

By Ivan Penn and Peter Eavis - The New York Times

The Obamas and Netflix Just Revealed the Shows and Films They’re Working On

Former President Barack Obama has a multiyear deal with Netflix in which he and the former first lady, Michelle Obama, will produce shows and films for the streaming service. Read more..

By John Koblin - The New York Times

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