Popular movies week 23 February 1913

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 23/February - 01/March - 1913. Do you remember The Wrong Bottle by Anthony O'Sullivan or The Altar of Death starring Harold Lockwood, Ann Little, Francis Ford ?

The Wrong Bottle

Directed by: Anthony O'Sullivan

Starring: Claire McDowell, Charles Hill Mailes, Pearl Sindelar, Charles West

The Altar of Death

Directed by: Thomas H. Ince

Starring: Harold Lockwood, Ann Little, Francis Ford


Directed by: Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset

Starring: Lucien Bataille, Camille Bardou, Henri Gouget, Madeleine Grandjean

When Joey Was on Time

Directed by: Charles M. Seay

Starring: Arthur Housman, William Bechtel, Edna May Weick, Gertrude Clarke

He Must Have a Wife

Directed by: Mack Sennett

Starring: Gus Pixley, William J. Butler, Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling

Die Hand des Schicksals

Directed by: Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers, Carl Wilhelm

Starring: Leopoldine Konstantin

Le nègre blanc

Directed by: Abel Gance

Starring: Abel Gance, Mathilde Thizeau, Jean Toulout

The Farm Bully

Directed by: Kenean Buel

Starring: Guy Coombs, Hal Clements, Anna Q. Nilsson, Miriam Cooper

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