Popular movies week 25 December 1904

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 25/December - 31/December - 1904. Do you remember The Moonshiner by Wallace McCutcheon or Louis XIV starring Vincenzo Denizot, Gabriel Moreau, Camille Bardou ?

Speed Test W.K. Vanderbilt, Jr.'s 'Tarantula'

The Moonshiner

Directed by: Wallace McCutcheon

Starring: Wallace McCutcheon, Harold Vosburgh

Louis XIV

Directed by: Vincent Lorant-Heilbronn

Starring: Vincenzo Denizot, Gabriel Moreau, Camille Bardou

Ein Eisenbahn-Überfall in Mexiko

Burglars at Work

Fencing Contest Between Japanese Soldiers, Manchuria

Indians and Cowboys

Dogs and Cats

What else happened in that week of 1904?

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