Financial news on January 21, 2019

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An Effort to Bring Fracking to Britain Hits Pause

Cuadrilla Resources has stopped its hydraulic fracturing in Lancashire and pulled equipment off the site. The future of fracking in Britain remains uncertain. Read more..

By STANLEY REED - The New York Times

China’s Economy, by the Numbers, Is Worse Than It Looks

New figures suggest the economic outlook may be improving but that growth has slowed more than the headline figure shows. Read more..

By KEITH BRADSHER - The New York Times

China Transforms, and a Factory Owner Struggles to Follow

Shao Chunyou rose from the assembly line to the boss’s office. Now the old recipes for success don’t work, and he must reinvent himself again. Read more..

By LI YUAN - The New York Times

Google Is Fined $57 Million Under Europe’s Data Privacy Law

France penalized the company for not properly disclosing to users how data is collected across its services to present personalized advertising. Read more..

By ADAM SATARIANO - The New York Times

These Days, ‘You Practically Need a Ph.D.’ to Figure Out Frequent-Flier Status

Airlines’ most valuable customers — the ones who fly and spend the most — get lots of perks. For everyone else, it has become more complicated to qualify. Read more..

By JULIE WEED - The New York Times

What Made the TV Show ‘You’ a Hit? Netflix

The show drew virtually no audience when it premiered on Lifetime in September. Now that it’s streaming, it’s a different story. Read more..

By JOHN KOBLIN - The New York Times

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