Popular movies week 7 November 1943

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 07/November - 13/November - 1943. Do you remember Best Foot Forward by Edward Buzzell or Paris After Dark starring George Sanders, Philip Dorn, Brenda Marshall, Madeleine Lebeau ?

Best Foot Forward

Directed by: Edward Buzzell

Starring: Lucille Ball, William Gaxton, Virginia Weidler, Tommy Dix

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Paris After Dark

Directed by: Léonide Moguy

Starring: George Sanders, Philip Dorn, Brenda Marshall, Madeleine Lebeau

Good Luck, Mr. Yates

Directed by: Ray Enright

Starring: Claire Trevor, Jess Barker, Edgar Buchanan, Tom Neal

My Kingdom for a Cook

Directed by: Richard Wallace

Starring: Charles Coburn, Marguerite Chapman, Bill Carter, Isobel Elsom

Casa de muñecas

Directed by: Ernesto Arancibia

Starring: Delia Garcés, George Rigaud, Sebastián Chiola, Orestes Caviglia

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler

Directed by: James P. Hogan

Starring: Ludwig Donath, Gale Sondergaard, George Dolenz, Fritz Kortner

The Stranger from Pecos

Directed by: Lambert Hillyer

Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Kirby Grant, Christine McIntyre

Sarong Girl

Directed by: Arthur Dreifuss

Starring: Ann Corio, Tim Ryan, Irene Ryan, Mantan Moreland

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