Popular movies week 7 November 1943

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 07/November - 13/November - 1943. Do you remember Hi Diddle Diddle by Andrew L. Stone or L'éternel retour starring Madeleine Sologne, Jean Marais, Jean Murat, Junie Astor ?

Hi Diddle Diddle

Directed by: Andrew L. Stone

Starring: Adolphe Menjou, Martha Scott, Pola Negri, Dennis O'Keefe

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L'éternel retour

Directed by: Jean Delannoy

Starring: Madeleine Sologne, Jean Marais, Jean Murat, Junie Astor

Spy Train

Directed by: Harold Young

Starring: Richard Travis, Catherine Craig, Chick Chandler, Thelma White

They Met in the Dark

Directed by: Karel Lamac

Starring: James Mason, Joyce Howard, Tom Walls, Phyllis Stanley

Wilder Urlaub

Directed by: Franz Schnyder

Starring: Robert Trösch, Adolf Manz, Sylva Denzler, Johannes Steiner

Casa de muñecas

Directed by: Ernesto Arancibia

Starring: Delia Garcés, George Rigaud, Sebastián Chiola, Orestes Caviglia

The Falcon in Danger

Directed by: William Clemens

Starring: Tom Conway, Jean Brooks, Elaine Shepard, Amelita Ward

Country: United States

Submarine Base

Directed by: Albert H. Kelley

Starring: John Litel, Alan Baxter, Eric Blore, Georges Metaxa

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