Popular movies week 8 December 1912

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 08/December - 14/December - 1912. Do you remember La vida de Jose Rizal by Edward M. Gross or The Gambler and the Girl starring Francis Ford, Ethel Grandin ?

La vida de Jose Rizal

Directed by: Edward M. Gross

Starring: Robert Henderson-Bland, Gene Gauntier, Montague Sidney

Country: United States

The Combination of the Safe

The Gambler and the Girl

Directed by: Thomas H. Ince

Starring: Francis Ford, Ethel Grandin

Seine Vergangenheit

The General's Children

Directed by: Urban Gad

Starring: Asta Nielsen, Max Laurence, Fritz Sterler, Frau Gude


Directed by: Kai Hansen

Starring: Vera Pashennaya, Nikolai Vasilyev

Oliver Twist

Directed by: Thomas Bentley

Starring: Ivy Millais, John McMahon, Harry Royston, Alma Taylor

Country: United States

A Grocery Clerk's Romance

Directed by: Mack Sennett

Starring: Ford Sterling, James C. Morton, Gus Pixley, Lincoln Plumer

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