Popular movies week 11 January 1925

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 11/January - 17/January - 1925. Do you remember Winner Take All by W.S. Van Dyke or Gee Whiz, Genevieve starring Will Rogers, Marie Mosquini, Ena Gregory, Laura Roessing ?

Winner Take All

Directed by: W.S. Van Dyke

Starring: Buck Jones, Peggy Shaw, Edward Hearn, Lilyan Tashman

Gee Whiz, Genevieve

Directed by: J.A. Howe

Starring: Will Rogers, Marie Mosquini, Ena Gregory, Laura Roessing

The Dark Swan

Directed by: Millard Webb

Starring: Marie Prevost, Monte Blue, Helene Chadwick, John Patrick

The Lighthouse by the Sea

Directed by: Malcolm St. Clair

Starring: William Collier Jr., Rin Tin Tin, Louise Fazenda, Charles Hill Mailes

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Black Magic

Directed by: Ho Meng-hua

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An Eyeful

Directed by: Ernst Laemmle

Starring: Billy Sullivan, Lola Todd, Florence Lee

Flirting with Love

Directed by: John Francis Dillon

Starring: Colleen Moore, Conway Tearle, Winifred Bryson, Frances Raymond

The Pied Piper

Directed by: Walter Lantz

Starring: Walter Lantz

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