Popular movies week 11 January 1925

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 11/January - 17/January - 1925. Do you remember Christine of the Hungry Heart by George Archainbaud or The Race starring Earle Foxe, Florence Gilbert, Frank Beal ?

Christine of the Hungry Heart

Directed by: George Archainbaud

Starring: Florence Vidor, Clive Brook, Ian Keith, Warner Baxter

The Race

Directed by: George Marshall

Starring: Earle Foxe, Florence Gilbert, Frank Beal

The Dark Swan

Directed by: Millard Webb

Starring: Marie Prevost, Monte Blue, Helene Chadwick, John Patrick

Galloping Bungalows

Directed by: Edward F. Cline

Starring: Billy Bevan, Sidney Smith, Natalie Kingston, John J. Richardson

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Directed by: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Starring: Walter Slezak, Max Auzinger, Nora Gregor, Robert Garrison

Country: United States

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What an Eye

Directed by: Edward Ludwig

Starring: Buddy Messinger, Hilliard Karr

Coyote Fangs

Directed by: Harry S. Webb

Starring: Jack Perrin, Josephine Hill, Lew Meehan

The Pied Piper

Directed by: Walter Lantz

Starring: Walter Lantz

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